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Spectrum 2


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NIBS Spectrum2 Launch Presentation

Published in: Education, Business
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Spectrum 2

  1. 1. NIBS Spectrum was launched to the Industry in November 2009
  2. 2. The programme has been an overnight success with at present over a 100 active members However…..the best is yet to come!
  3. 3. NIBS Spectrum2 is filled with brand new innovative business initiatives, ground breaking training solutions and self development programmes such as “Fire Walking” and extreme motivation days
  4. 4. A brand new area called “n-gage™” which uses modern multi media technology to help members communicate with one another and offer reward opportunities to their customers
  5. 5. The marketing section has been updated to include the very latest in visual communication, creative 3D design, customer relationship management and brand development
  6. 6. NIBS Spectrum2 has even more dynamic and innovative solutions than ever before Each service has been developed especially for the automotive market
  7. 7. NIBS Communic8 is a text marketing solution specifically designed for the automotive industry Bodyshops can tap into the enormous potential of the 70 million mobile phones in circulation and the 1.4 billion text messages which are now sent every week.
  8. 8. NIBS Media is a video production initiative creating professionally made films to help members engage their customers in ways that photos and text just can’t do. The service provides everything from script writing, filming, editing, animation and broadcasting.
  9. 9. NIBS Protect is a unique insurance initiative which offers members the opportunity to offer specially selected insurance products to their customers and the opportunity of driving work back into the bodyshop and creating a revenue stream through commissions.
  10. 10. NIBS IN3 is a unique personal development tool to enable you to get a detailed insight into an individual’s personal style and how they interact with others, their decision making style, key strengths and weaknesses and suggestions for development.
  11. 11. Brand new dynamic training solutions delivered by our new global partners in areas such as personal self development, sales & marketing, social media & team building
  12. 12. A high powered programme delivered by one of the world’s leading business coaches. Designed for delegates who are happy to have their current ways of thinking about their business challenged on areas such as Vision and Core Values, Strategic Planning, Sales & Marketing and Wealth Building.
  13. 13. A series of high quality, powerful online sales training videos which offer members the opportunity to learn and then share the learning’s with your team. These unique training films can be used as part of your company's overall training plan at very low cost and without losing valuable productive time sending people on courses off-site.
  14. 14. Our totally redesigned marketing suite with cutting edge design and innovative tools is the most dynamic solution in the automotive industry.
  15. 15. Whether it is brand development, web & presentation media or revolutionary solutions such as 3D design & visualisation, NIBS Spectrum offers members the make their voice heard and stand out from the crowd
  16. 16. A new interactive community to share views, communicate and get up to the minute industry information. In addition, Rewards offers members a range of special negotiated offers with recognised UK brands.