Aniline point for petroleum productes


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Aniline point for petroleum productes

  1. 1. Aniline point for petroleum products Prepared by: NIAZ SALIH M.
  2. 2. ANILINE POINTAniline Point "aniline point temperature," Lowesttemperature (°F or °C) at which equal Volumesof fresh aniline (C6H5NH2) and an oil arecompletely miscible(form a single phase).
  3. 3. How we do aniline point test?Equal volumes of aniline and oil are stirredcontinuously in a test tube and heated until the two merge into a homogeneous solution. Heating is stopped and the tube is allowed to cool. The temperature at which the two phases separate out is recorded as aniline point
  4. 4. This method is suitable for transparent liquidsamples having an initial boiling point aboveroom temperature and where the aniline pointis below the bubble point and above thesolidification point of the aniline samplemixture
  5. 5. The equipment covers Method A for transparentsamples, Method B for dark samples, Method C& D for volatile products.
  6. 6. ANILINE POINTThe relative aromatic content of an oil isindicated by its aniline point. Oils having a high aromatic content have a low aniline point,since aniline is an aromatic compound which is dissolved on heating by the aromatics indiesel oil.LIKE DESOLVE LIKE
  7. 7. In homologous series the anilinepoints increase with increasing molecular weightpoint have indicated that oils with a high aromatic content were more detrimental torubber products than those with a low aromatic content.
  8. 8. for an aromatic oil with a 75%aromatic content,the aniline point would be between 32.2° and48.9°C;for a naphthenic type containing 40%aromatic structures, it would be between 65.6°and 76.7°C;and for a paraffinic oil with a15%aromatic content it would be between 93.3°and 126.7°C.
  9. 9. What is aniline
  10. 10. What is aniline ? An organic base belonging to the phenylamines. It may be regarded as ammonia in which onehydrogen atom has been replaced by theradical phenyl. It is a colorless, oily liquid, originally obtainedfrom indigo by distillation, but now largelymanufactured from coal tar or nitrobenzeneas a base from which many brilliant dyes aremade.
  11. 11. High aniline pointThe greater the aniline point, the lower thearomatics in diesel oil.A higher aniline point also indicates ahigher proportion of paraffin.
  12. 12. What is paraffin?paraffin is the common name forthe alkane hydrocarbons with the generalformula CnH2n+2.Paraffin wax refers to the solids with20 ≤ n ≤ 40 .
  13. 13. Aniline point used to determine cetane number and Disel index. Cetane no.=0.72*D.I + 10 aniline po int o F x Degrees API gravity 60 o FDiesel Index 100
  14. 14. Cetane numberCN is a measurement of the combustion qualityof diesel fuel during compression ignition. It is asignificant expression of the quality of a diesel fuel.A number of other measurements determine overalldiesel fuel quality - these other measures of dieselfuel quality include density, lubricity, cold-flowproperties, and sulfur content
  15. 15. Diesel Index The Diesel Index indicates the ignition quality of the fuel. It is found to correlate, approximately, to the cetane number of commercial fuels. It is obtained by the following equation aniline po int o F x Degrees API gravity 60 o FDiesel Index 100 high-quality fuel has a high index number.
  16. 16. We can improvement aniline point by extraction with furfuraldehyde to decrease aromaticcontent in petroleum productes.
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