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Creative economy tool kit ppt 8.2.12


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NH Creative Economy Took Kit - NH Creative Economy

  • Excellent Program for Nation Building for Participatory Development through Creative Economy: Development at the Grass root for Social-Economic Transformation and Culture Empowerment.
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Creative economy tool kit ppt 8.2.12

  1. 1. Creative Economy Toolkit© Powerpoint Resource The Creative Economy Making It Work In Your Community NOTES FOR PRESENTERS BEFORE GIVING THIS PRESENTATION, WE RECOMMEND YOU DO THE FOLLOWING TO MAKE THE BEST USE OF THIS RESOURCE: 1)Think about what you are trying to achieve – funding request? educational outreach? policy/plan approval? 2)Know your audience and customize the presentation appropriately - some slides may not fit with your intended goals – it’s OK to delete or add slides to customize the message for your audience. 3)Research local examples in your community to illustrate the broader concepts, and insert slides at the appropriate points in the presentation that make sense to you. 4)Avoid reading directly from the slides. Keep added text to a minimum. Use local images where possible. 5)Decide if you will take questions during the presentation, or if you would like the audience to hold their questions until you are finished, and communicate this before you begin. 6)Contact Judy Rigmont, Creative Communities Network Coordinator, with questions: 207-439-7523/judebythesea@msn.comA project of the New Hampshire Creative Communities Network
  2. 2. The Creative Economy Making It Work In Your CommunityA project of the New Hampshire Creative Communities Network
  3. 3. Purpose of Today
  4. 4. Defining the Creative Economy
  5. 5. Source: New England Foundation for the Arts
  6. 6. Creative Clusters Businesses & Organizations
  7. 7. Creative Workforce PeopleArtists • Creative Industry Workers • Creative Workers in Businesses
  8. 8. Creative Communities Places
  9. 9. Creative Placemaking – An Emerging Trend
  10. 10. How The Creative Economy Works
  11. 11. Creative Economy and Jobs New Hampshire4,618 arts-related businesses13,111 people employed• Art Schools• Design, Publishing• Film, Radio and TV• Museums• Visual Arts/Photography• Performing Arts
  12. 12. Creative Economy and Jobs New England
  13. 13. Creative Economy in NH – Non-ProfitsHow non-profit spending translates to local communities
  14. 14. Local Creative Economy Successes NOTE: Data includes non-profits only.
  15. 15. Steps to Economic GrowthSource: National Governors Association
  16. 16. How Do We Start Building Creative Communities ?
  17. 17. Keys To Success in Advancing the Creative Economy
  18. 18. How To Become Involved inAdvancing The Creative Economy
  19. 19. Creative Commons License This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit send a letter to Creative Commons, 444 Castro Street, Suite 900, Mountain View, California, 94041, USA.
  20. 20. For more information or to book aCreative Economy presentation or training, please contact: Judy Rigmont, Coordinator NH Creative Communities Network P.O. Box 551, Portsmouth, NH 03802 (207) 439-7523