Event Supporter Session 2: NHSScotland and Scottish Life Sciences Joined at the HIP


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Event Supporter Session 2: NHSScotland and Scottish Life Sciences Joined at the HIP

  1. 1. Health Innovation Partnership (Medical Technologies) NHSScotland and Scottish life sciences – joined at the HIP Scott Johnstone HIP Industry Liaison
  2. 2. Statement Of Intent For Innovation In Health • Health And Wealth In Scotland: Statement Of Intent For Innovation In Health Basis For NHS- Industry Engagement • Launched By Cabinet Secretary for Health in June 2012 at this event • Statement Was Put Together With Extensive Industry Involvement – Government and NHS Reached Out • Early Days – But Already Significant Progress
  3. 3. Statement Of Intent For Innovation In Health 2020 Vision for Health and Care in Scotland: We will have a world-leading healthcare service where everyone is able to live longer and healthier lives at home, or in a homely setting. STATEMENT OF INTENT FOR INNOVATION IN HEALTH Life Sciences Scotland Strategy Our ambition is to double the economic contribution of Life Sciences to the Scottish economy by 2020.
  4. 4. Statement Of Intent For Innovation In Health Achieving the Quality Ambitions and delivering the 20:20 Vision and the Life Sciences Strategy requires innovation and engagement with the life sciences industries to help identify, develop and adopt innovations that address the quality challenges facing the NHS now and in future.
  5. 5. Statement Of Intent For Innovation In Health • NHSScotland will build strategic partnerships with life sciences businesses to make this happen. • NHSScotland will extend its role as a driver for growth in the life sciences and related health industries and the wider economy in Scotland through more effective use of innovation. • NHSScotland will work in concert with others to make sure that ‘Scotland PLC’ is competitive. • Industry and research will pursue innovative solutions that address identified future requirements of NHSScotland.
  6. 6. Health Innovation Partnership (Medical Technologies) Already Starting To Happen •The Health Innovation Partnership (Medical Technologies) •NHS and Industry working together to identify mutual benefits – 11 projects so far •Currently focused upon products at or near market •Will increasingly look at next generation of innovations – the real ‘Win-Wins •Similar partnerships to develop in digital health and medicines
  7. 7. HIP Ambitions •Higher quality care and more effective and efficient interventions •Increased sustainability and efficiency for NHSScotland’s services •Life sciences products that have stronger market potential because they are focussed upon the needs of health services in Scotland and beyond. •Industry and research will pursue innovative solutions that address future requirements of NHSScotland.
  8. 8. HIP Challenges • Defining future needs for NHS and picking priorities • Tackling barriers to adoption and spread of technology • Getting NHS and business to move from current pressures to future opportunities • Interface between NHS and companies • Procurement (NHS does not need every ‘innovative’ product on the market) • Developing evidence on innovation through health technology assessments
  9. 9. Health Innovation Partnership (Medical Technologies) Already some real examples of mutual benefit from HIP (Medical Technologies) • company getting told early by the NHS that its technology idea isn’t needed! • company being told that if its device could do a different task instead of or as well as the initial idea, then it would be much more useful
  10. 10. Health Innovation Partnership (Medical Technologies) But if • a company is told that the NHS really needs its idea; • clinicians then get involved with trials • real partnership evolves as a result that can transform its investment and commercial potential as a business! (as well as deliver a benefit to NHS)
  11. 11. Health Innovation Partnership (Medical Technologies) Company Application Alba BioScience Automated Blood Typing Anacail Ozone based Sterilisation Technology Cytosystems Bladder Cancer Diagnostics Lamellar BioMedical Mimicry of human lamellar bodies Omega Critical Care Invasive Heart Monitor Point-2-Point Genomics Fast PCR Multiplexing Softcell Tissue Monitoring Toshiba (TMVSE) Access to radiological reading rooms Touch Bionics Scottish Evaluation of bionic hand UWI Time sensitive label technology
  12. 12. Health Innovation Partnership (Medical Technologies) Example – Lamellar Biomedical • 3 planned clinical trials with lead product LMS 611 • Working with clinicians at – The Beatson West of Scotland cancer Centre – Vision Sciences at Glasgow Caledonian University – Adult CF clinic at the Gartnavel Hospital • Support of key opinion leaders crucial in raising funds • Possibility exists to create clinical and commercial success in Scotland • NHS Scotland can become a competitive advantage cf the Mayo Clinic, Memorial Sloane Kettering and Fred Hutchinson in the US
  13. 13. Health Innovation Partnership (Medical Technologies) QUESTIONS (for you!)