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Parallel Session 3.1.4 Emerging Technologies - Horizon Scanning


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Parallel Session 3.1.4 Emerging Technologies - Horizon Scanning

  1. 1. Targeted Applications Patient Expectations DevelopmentsBreakthroughs Pharmaceuticals  Medicine / Biomedical Research Molecular Engineering IV DiagnosticsBiology - Bioengineering “Me Too”Chemistry Imaging Biomechanical / Mechanical EngineeringPhysics Bio photonics Procedures BioinformaticsMathematics & Computing Biomedical Devices Electronic,/ Electrical Engineering IT / Computational Engineering IT & Communications Software Engineering Etc etc + Convergence & Complexity TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH Patient Health Medical Pure Applied Product Unmet Safety, Efficacy / Service &Surgical Science Development Need Science Value, Guidance Provider Practice COLLABORATION / INNOVATION ANTICIPATE COLLABORATE APPRAISING/ REGULATING •Trial/ In-Line Evidence Development Horizon Scanning Centre Health Technology •Clinical Outcome Registries Assessment (HTA) •Risk Sharing Deals •Strategic / Aligned procurement NICE (1999) / SMC (2002)
  2. 2. Regional Adoption Procurement Hubs Hubs NHS NP NHS Boards HIS SHTG Adoption HTA NIC Horizon Scanning ProcurementR&D MHRA Benefits demonstrated Evaluation DesignNeed Concept CE mark Supported by and
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  7. 7. •••• these technologies are all, in part, available now – but should be fully integrated and in widespread use by 2020.