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Parallel Session 2.1 Capable, Integrated and Fit for the Future


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Parallel Session 2.1 Capable, Integrated and Fit for the Future

  1. 1. Collective Learning,Change and Improvementin Healthcare Teams NHS Education for Scotland Diane Kelly
  2. 2. Overview• The Past – How I got here – the Learning Practice Inventory• The Present – understanding differences between Primary and Secondary Care• The Future - Learning from revalidation – MSF and working with colleagues
  3. 3. Learning Practice Inventory in General Practice
  4. 4. Collective Learning, change and Improvement in Primary Care• Purpose• General practice, pharmacy, dental teams• Key messages
  5. 5. collective learning happens informally is a powerful team coping mechanism that develops throughexperiential, evolving, and implicit learning processes.
  6. 6. • Learning is relational• Natural tendency towards QI• Teams which have had opportunities to develop their relational awareness are better equipped to use that knowledge to optimise patient care
  7. 7. Collective learning, change and improvement in secondary care• Purpose• Main messages
  8. 8. • What is a team? a contested concept in secondary care• Potential for QI in secondary care inhibited• Reliance on questions
  9. 9. Learning from revalidation- Working with colleagues• Experience gained through developing Multi-source feedback for doctors in primary and secondary care
  10. 10. Conclusions• Collective learning is a relational, informal process necessary for patient care• Providing opportunities to meet and share, work together• Work to reduced systematic barriers