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Penny Clough


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Penny Clough's presentation from when she spoke at the Lets Talk Research Edgewalking Conference on Thursday 15th September

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Penny Clough

  1. 1. Edgewalking
  2. 2. Penny Clough MBE Patron of SafeNet Refuges Ambassador for Paladin
  3. 3. What does MBE stand for ?
  4. 4. Education Enlightenment Effort
  5. 5. Our Motivation
  6. 6. Edgewalkers Innovative Driven Think out of the box
  7. 7. Valuable Others…….. Louise Casey Vera Baird Keir Starmer Andrew Stephenson
  8. 8. Most Important…… The Public.
  9. 9. Achievements….. Janes’ Law CPS Guidelines Janes’ card RASA training centre Funding for Lancashire refuges Workplace DA support policies.
  10. 10. Who can be an edgewalker?
  11. 11. Who can be Domestic Abuse Victim?
  12. 12. Start where you are Use what you have Do what you can Arthur Ashe
  13. 13. Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time…. Thomas A Edison.
  14. 14. It is our choices that show us what we truly are, far more than our abilities. Albus Dumbledore
  15. 15. After Janes’ murder, the justice system expected us to go home and get over it. We had a choice, to sit on our bums and do nothing, or be Edgewalkers……….