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Directors of communications from 15 Swedish county councils visited London to learn more about the health and care system in England.This presentation is from this visit.

NHS Improving Quality planned and hosted the study tour as a result of close links with Jönköping, one of the councils represented in the delegation. Our guests learned about the important role of communications specialists in transforming healthcare in England, and the leading role NHS Improving Quality has taken in engaging and mobilising staff at scale and pace.

During the study tour it became obvious that many of the challenges and opportunities we face in our health and care system mirror those in Sweden, in particular issues such as emergency care, obesity and smoking, patient safety and working with the media. This was a fantastic opportunity for NHS Improving Quality to strengthen alliances at an international level and share ideas and approaches, and we hope to build on this in the future

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AHCM - Association for Heathcare communications and marketing - Richard Hudson

  1. 1. www.ahcm.org.uk
  2. 2. www.ahcm.org.uk The AHCM • Not for profit • Unpaid • Executive committee
  3. 3. www.ahcm.org.uk The AHCM • The AHCM is the primary independent network for people working in healthcare communications, public engagement and marketing for the NHS
  4. 4. www.ahcm.org.uk The AHCM • We are committed to supporting our members - acting as a 'voice' for the many healthcare communications professionals throughout the UK.
  5. 5. www.ahcm.org.uk The AHCM • The AHCM Committee's main objectives are to keep members in touch with what's going on in health communications; support their training and professional development; encourage networking and the sharing of ideas and experience.
  6. 6. www.ahcm.org.uk Our Aim • The AHCM's aim is to support and develop communicators, engagement and marketing professionals in the NHS and the healthcare sector throughout England
  7. 7. www.ahcm.org.uk Our Aim • To facilitate networking amongst AHCM members and other NHS professionals • To provide a national healthcare communications and marketing conference • To deliver learning and development opportunities for NHS communicators and marketers • To share and reward good communications and marketing practice • To collaborate with other organisations and forge new partnerships
  8. 8. www.ahcm.org.uk Networking • Promote networking events, both formal and informal throughout England – Via regular e-newsletter – Local, regional and National networks – Email marketing
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  10. 10. www.ahcm.org.uk AHCM Accredited Training • Affordable • Flexible • NHS communications professionals
  11. 11. www.ahcm.org.uk Module 1 Understanding and communicating with your key audiences • Identifying and understanding your key audience – Overview of the NHS and stakeholders – Understanding a range of different audiences and their needs • Communicating with your key audience – Writing styles for your audience (internal communication; patient communication; media communication) – Editing – Interviewing – Digital communication
  12. 12. www.ahcm.org.uk Module 2 Engaging and managing your audiences • Engaging with your key audience – Stakeholder engagement – Understanding and engaging with the different types of media (including print media and social media) • Managing your key audience – Stakeholder management – Media management
  13. 13. www.ahcm.org.uk Module 3 Crisis management • Planning for a healthcare crisis: – What is a crisis? – Planning for a crisis • Managing a crisis – Managing the media during a crisis – Managing internal issues during a crisis
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