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Digital Primary Care


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How digital health can enable ways of working

Tracey Grainger, Head of Digital Primary Care, NHS England

Published in: Healthcare
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Digital Primary Care

  1. 1. | 3-4 November 2015 | #ehilive Tracey Grainger Head of Digital Primary Care, NHS England
  2. 2. | 3-4 November 2015 | #ehilive NHS England commitments • Easier access to GPs/Primary Care for patients with urgent needs • Strengthening primary care services - releasing time in general practice • Increased patient satisfaction • Harnessing the information revolution NHS England Digital Strategy and NIB (1.1 and 7) • Seven digital capabilities for GP access – PMGP Access Call to Action • Paper free at point of care by 2018 NHS England digital commitments • Five High Impact Changes
  3. 3. | 3-4 November 2015 | #ehilive NHS England’s digital commitments focus on five high impact changes. Leaders are expected to become champions of digital enablement, and set the standard for modern customer service and professional enablement.
  4. 4. | 3-4 November 2015 | #ehilive Book GP & secondary care appointments online Order repeat prescriptions online Access test results electronically Remotely monitor & update long term condition status Have control of a Personal Health Record Engage with health professionals via text, email & webcam/chat Find endorsed pre-approved health and care apps on Have 24 hour access to urgent and emergency care through Digital 111 Access care records remotely to enable provision of care outside GP practice Register online with a GP Transfer medical records electronically Communicate electronically across care settings and professional groups
  5. 5. | 3-4 November 2015 | #ehilive Scanning and attaching ‘Lloyd George’ wallets as historical electronic records Electronic referrals to secondary care All clinical correspondence received electronically and uploaded to patient record Receipt of digital discharge summaries from secondary and social care Receiving test results electronically and attaching them to the patient record Processing and transfer of prescriptions to community pharmacies via the Electronic Prescription Service
  6. 6. | 3-4 November 2015 | #ehilive Brought together, the two cohorts total covering over (1/3 of the country) in over that will benefit from improved access and transformational change at local level. Wave two Wave one
  7. 7. | 3-4 November 2015 | #ehilive
  8. 8. | 3-4 November 2015 | #ehilive Single GP System Technology – No Integration 23 Pilots Urgent Care Integration 18 Pilots 3rd Party Integration Products 13 Pilots Patients Online Services 24 Pilots Integrates 2 GP Systems 8 Pilots Video Consultation 22 Pilots Integrates 3 GP Systems 4 Pilots e-Consultation 13 Pilots Mobile Clinical Access 9 Pilots
  9. 9. | 3-4 November 2015 | #ehilive SelfCareServiceModelAppointment Booking Channels Consultation Channels Telehealth/Pre-referral Sign-posting Wellbeing Record Care Record Practice Based Discrete Hub Central Triage Extra Hours at Practice Web Video Supervised Video Pharmacy Walk-In Telephone Online Telephone Richmond Windsor,Ascot7Maid. Oxfordshire TowerHamlets NewForest Islington Southampton Swindon Lambeth Gloucestershire Bristol Epsom Worthing Knowsley WestLeeds WestCheshire SouthCheshire Gateshead Fleetwood Blackburn Halton Sheffield Barnsley SouthTees Wigan Manchester SouthWorcestershire Coventry Suffolk Cannock Peterborough Stafford&Shropshire Basildon WestEssex MiltonKeynes Leicester South Birmingham
  10. 10. | 3-4 November 2015 | #ehilive
  11. 11. | 3-4 November 2015 | #ehilive • Updated model • Wider list of Business as Usual/Core Services • Newly Retired Services • Financials under review
  12. 12. | 3-4 November 2015 | #ehilive System levers and incentives Enablers and technical disruptors Infrastructure Market opportunities and Value For Money Digital customer interaction Setting the service specification - accountabilities Underpinning Policy – vision & strategic direction Commissioner Development & Support Digital Primary Care Service Assurance & Digital Maturity Financials Digitally Informed Customer Technical Architecture IT Systems of Choice Technologies & Data Analytics
  13. 13. | 3-4 November 2015 | #ehilive calltoaction/pm-ext-access/resources/ #PMGPAccess #DigitalPrimaryCare Join the conversation Join the Digital Primary Care community network Simply email