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SSC2011_Jordan Press and Holly Denniston PPT


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SSC2011_Jordan Press and Holly Denniston PPT

  1. 1. Supportive Housing: Innovations and ApplicationsJordan Press and Holly Denniston September 27th, 2011
  2. 2. Who we are Lending CSH helps communities create permanent Technical housing with Assistance services to and prevent and end Advocacy homelessness. Systems Change
  3. 3. What isSupportive Housing?
  4. 4. Defining Supportive Housing Supportive housing is permanent, affordable housing combined with a range of supportive services that help people with special needs live stable and independent lives.
  5. 5. Essential Features Housing Services Permanent Flexible Affordable Voluntary Independent
  6. 6. Types ofSupportive Single Site Housing ScatteredIntegrated Site
  7. 7. Supportive Housing is a Solution toMultiple Policy Problems  Increases housing stability for people who are Corrections/ Criminal homeless Social Justice Employment • Reduces incarceration rates Services for people with chronic health challenges Housing/ Community Veterans Affairs • Improves family functioning Development Supportive Housing and decreasing child welfare involvement Health/ Aging • Promotes health, wellness, Hospitals and access to recovery- Behavioral Child Welfare oriented services and Health healthcare
  8. 8. The Institutional Circuit ofHomelessness and Crisis Jail Detox Emergency Shelter Residential Program Psychiatric Emergency Hospital Room
  9. 9. Integrated Supportive Housing Model
  10. 10. Spectrum of Models Single Integrated Affordable Tenant Purpose Housing Housing options
  11. 11. Benefits of Integrated Supportive Housing Greater Mixing of Tenant Populations Tap large pipeline of projects New Project Sponsors Multi Agency Cooperation Greater Community Acceptance Reduced Vacancy
  12. 12. Challenges to Integrated SupportiveHousing Establishing Interagency Cooperation Defining Roles and Responsibilities of Partners Long-Term Monitoring of Projects Understanding PSH timeline Financing Complexities and Reporting Must embrace goal of housing stability
  13. 13. Opportunities to Promote IntegratedHousing Housing plans Consolidated plans Qualified Allocation Plans Preservation Pilot Program
  14. 14. Examples ofIntegrated Supportive Housing
  15. 15. Example 1: Michigan’s ThresholdRequirement As of 2009, all projects with allocated tax credits (excluding elderly projects and projects using tax-exempt bond financing) will be required to target ten percent of the total units to Supportive Housing Tenants. All projects applying for tax credits, including preservation projects with expiring tax credits, must reserve 10% of units for supportive housing. Operating subsidies provided via project based housing choice vouchers.
  16. 16. Example 2: The Boyle Hotel, LosAngeles, CA A 51 unit historic rehab developed by East Los Angeles Community Corporation (ELACC). ELACC agreed to set aside 5 units for transition age youth in order to access the Supportive Housing Recovery Fund dollars.
  17. 17. Example 3: Clinton Hills, Newark, NJ HELP USA is constructing a 56-unit integrated supportive housing project with a set-aside of 15 units of permanent supportive housing units for veterans Project is located on an abandoned lot turning an eyesore and source of crime into a community asset The new building will be LEED Gold certified and includes a rooftop vegetable garden HELP USA is using capital financing from, Low Income Housing Tax Credits, NSP through Make It Right, project based vouchers and other sources
  18. 18. Thank you! Jordan Press Holly