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Denver9/28_Jennifer Erixon


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Presentation from Partners in Innovation Policy Forum in Denver, CO on September 28, 2010

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Denver9/28_Jennifer Erixon

  1. 1. Make New Friends (but Keep the Old) Green Approaches to Affordable Housing Preservation
  2. 2. Mercy Housing Founded in 1981 One of the largest providers of affordable housing in the country On any given day, Mercy provides housing and services to over 109,000 people Because we are here, Provides full spectrum of housing from supportive people live in hope. housing to affordable home ownership opportunities
  3. 3. Mercy Housing Community Impact Plan DEFINING STABILITY • Balance people, planet, profit in  accordance with Mercy’s  objective to develop and  operate affordable housing • Decision making tool  APPROACH TO SUSTAINABILITY • Market‐driven, economic,  practical,  common sense solutions • Achieve sustainability through  solid business analyses and  practices
  4. 4. Green Is Smart Business Increased expectations and requirements by partners, clients and funders (Enterprise, HUD, MacArthur Foundation) Public expectations Enhance real estate value Protect the health of our residents, employees and vendors Greater appeal to the investment community Mission
  5. 5. Mercy Housing’s Strategy Development Process: Underwriting and Development Guidelines. Portfolio Operations: Procurement and Operations & Maintenance (O&M) programs, depending on the age and character of the individual asset resulting in decreased operating costs. Incorporation of Environmental Stewardship in operational excellence. Resident Services: Programs will be identified within Mercy Housing’s Resident Services system to further enhance the health and well-being of residents. Corporate & Business Centers: Assessed for optimum ways to integrate sustainability into everyday office activities
  6. 6. 850 Eastwood - Chicago 231 units of housing – 70% currently subsidized At risk of market-rate conversion Financed by Tax-Exempt Bonds, 4% LIHTC and Illinois land donation tax credits; bundled with another deal
  7. 7. Harold Washington- Chicago 71 SRO Units – 1980s moderate rehab Green Elements for Harold Washington and 850 Eastwood: – Hybrid geothermal heating and cooling system – Energy efficient windows – Energy Star appliances – Energy efficient lighting – Low-flow toilets, faucets, and fixtures
  8. 8. Aromor Apartments - Denver 66 furnished efficiency units for formerly homeless Amenities include: Resident lounge Group meeting rooms Case management offices Computer lab Library Flex offices for visiting professionals Laundry room 24-hour front desk clerk
  9. 9. Green Elements • TPO roof membrane (white, reflective membrane decreases need for cooling) • Higher than required roof insulation • Added custom storm windows/reglazed & refurbished existing historic windows • Low flow faucets and toilets • Energy Star appliances and light fixtures • High efficiency boiler • Reused all functional fixtures • Reused all functional doors and tubs • Chose furnishings to minimize the opportunity for bed bugs, thereby decreasing the need for fumigation • Xeriscaped yard area • Contractor employed stringent waste management/recycling/salvage program that allowed us to recycle approximately 50% of project waste
  10. 10. The Aromor ‐ Before
  11. 11. Before
  12. 12. Before
  13. 13. Before
  14. 14. A place from which all things are possible…
  15. 15. Home grounds us, nurtures us, embraces us,  and at the same time liberates us and challenges  our spirits to soar.
  16. 16. Home to stay.
  17. 17. We all live in hope. 
  18. 18. We wake up each morning hoping that today  will be better than yesterday.  
  19. 19. Integrating Green Into Programs Resident Services Programs will:   • Incorporate energy conservation and recycling into out‐of – school time programming for kids, as we have found in  California that children can often influence their parents to  be more green. • Partner with organizations for educational give away items  to residents (light bulbs, reusable shopping bags, etc). • Develop recycling programs that engage all age groups. • Incorporate energy conservation into ongoing financial  literacy/stability classes, include activities such as how to  read and understand utility bills.
  20. 20. Contact: Jennifer Erixon President Mercy Housing Mountain Plains 1999 Broadway, Suite 1000 Denver, CO 80202 t|303.830.3300 c|303.916.6311 Because we are here, people live in hope.