Denver 9/27 Kate Lowe


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Presentation from Partners in Innovation Policy Forum in Denver, CO on September 27, 2010.

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Denver 9/27 Kate Lowe

  1. 1. EQUITY & TRANSIT- ORIENTED DEVELOPMENT LINES, SITES & SYSTEMS Catherine Lowe ■ PhD Candidate City & Regional Planning, Cornell University Presentation at Partners in Innovation: Including Affordable and Workforce Housing within TOD. September 27, 2010 ■ Denver, CO Research team: Rolf Pendall, Juliet Gainsborough, Mai Nguyen & Catherine Lowe. Support from the Support from the John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.
  2. 2. CONTEXT  Ongoing research on fast growth regions’ preparation for future.  Regions  Denver, Houston, Charlotte=major system expansions  Miami=proposed expansion and TOD  Boston corridor=CBO & CDCs secure investment Opportunities and challenges  Lines: Rail investment  Sites: TOD challenges  Systems: Ensuring resources & system equity Importance and potential for advocates and housing community involvement in each
  3. 3. LINES: EQUITABLE RAIL ROUTING CHALLENGES  Today’s projects from yesterday’s planning  Building support for rail investment areas require compromises in complex metros  Happy accidents?
  4. 4. SITES: TOD LAND ASSEMBLY CHALLENGE Talbot Station, Fairmount Line, Boston
  5. 5. SITES: TOD & INDUSTRIAL LAND, HIGHWAYS Belleview Station, Southeast Corridor, Denver
  6. 6. SITES: LIMITS TO AFFORDABLE TOD THROUGH VALUE CAPTURE  Assumption: Transit raises land value that can be recaptured to subsidize housing  Reality: Not that simple  Therefore: Affordability will require more and redirected subsidies
  7. 7. SYSTEMS: SMART GROWTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE  Civil rights and environmental justice goals  “Smart growth” goals driving “equitable TOD”  Reconciliation: Plan systems, not just stations
  8. 8. SYSTEMS: SUPPORT FOR MIXED INCOME TOD PART OF METRO SUPPORT FOR  Public sector commitment  Experienced affordable housing builders Ismael Guerrero, Denver Housing Authority content/uploads/2008/11/080515_pat_mccrory.jpg Denver Housing Authority’s Curtis Park development, a downtown transit-accessible _Norwell_5-10-05_dig.jpg HOPE VI project Boston Mayor Tom Menino at ground- ishingImages/CurtisParkandBean506054.jpg Pat McCrory, breaking for Norwell Charlotte Homes, a project of Mayor, Dorchester Bay EDC’s Dudley Village, with 50 content/uploads/2010/02/DSCN3772.JPG Codman Square NDC on 1995-2009 affordable units and ground floor retail (Boston). the Fairmount Corridor
  9. 9. LESSONS: SITES, LINES & SYSTEMS,  Lines  Ensure transit serves low/moderate income communities  Coalition opportunities  Sites  Challenges of land assembly and supporting amenities  Value capture can’t support all workforce/low-income housing needs  Systems  EJ & smart growth in metro housing & transport system  Support & resources for workforce/low-income housing generally
  10. 10. EQUITY & TRANSIT- ORIENTED DEVELOPMENT LINES, SITES & SYSTEMS Rolf Pendall, The Urban Institute Juliet Gainsborough, Bentley University Mai Nguyen, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Catherine Lowe, Cornell University Support from the John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.