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I am serving as social sector consultant and we are serving in microfinance, health, education, housing, agriculture, livestock, gender issues, women based micro entrepreneurs, human rights and many other fields.

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Gain Profile

  1. 1. Global Associates for Investment Network (GAIN) All social, socio-economic and social investment solutions from one desk All solutions of Individual, NGOs, NPOs, Political Parties, Services are registration, financial planning, documentation, project making, campaign, project operations, monitoring, Impact, project documentation, marketing and funding etc. I invite political persons, Parties, social organizations and businessmen to get our services as I am serving as social sector consultant and we are serving in microfinance, health, education, housing, agriculture, livestock, gender issues, women based micro entrepreneurs, human rights and many other fields.
  2. 2. Number of NGOs  According to Aga khan Development network, there are 10,000 to 12,000 Registered NGO in Pakistan.  If unregistered are considered then the number reaches 60,000.  The breakup is 59% in Punjab, then in Sindh, then in K-P, Then Baluchistan.  But the funded organizations from donors are less than 300
  3. 3. Theoretical coverage by NGOs # Area of theoretical coverage Figure 1 Education (including basic, Primary, adult and informal) 56% 2 Health and women’s development 39% 3 Other areas of focus include early childhood development 15.2% 4 Sports promotion and recreation, art, culture and heritage etc. 12.3% 5 community development 12% 6 Intermediary NGOs and support organizations are also most actively engaged in education 69% 7 women’s issues 56%
  4. 4. Laws of registration 1. The Societies Act (1860) 2. Companies Ordinance (1984) 3. The Trust Act (1882) 4. The Charitable Endowments Act (1890) 5. The Co-operative Act (1925) 6. The Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration and Control) Ordinance (1961)
  5. 5. International Donor Agencies  CIDA, SDC, USAID, DFID, UN, Embassies of Australia, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, International NGOs, Oxfam, Save the Children, Asia Foundation, British Council, Christen Social Services, Action Aid etc., Internal Fund Generation,  In 1998 Pakistanis gave an estimated Rs.41 billion in cash and kind, and another estimated Rs.29 million in different times. Note: As much as 65 percent of all monetary giving went to individuals, two-thirds of which was ‘Zakat’.
  6. 6. • Social sector in Pakistan needs to apply self- sustain programs. • To adopt corporate values, code of conduct, management systems and cost mitigation. • NGOs need to adopt own earning sources and reduce dependency on donor agencies. • Social bodies needs to involve business community/society and earn profits by products and services. • Involve donor agencies by showing their own self-sustain models. • Business/corporate community needs to involve in social sector not only by their CSR fund but also by their projects. These sustain projects will be social business. • They can earn and serve poor and needy by microfinance, housing, food and chain school etc. • GAIN is working for business, corporate and social sector for betterment of poor and more profits for business communities. Nadeem Bhatti Message of Executive Director
  7. 7. General introduction of GAIN  Research and training  Systems designing and Model development (self-generated innovative/replicable models to uplift and reduce poverty index/betterment)  Model application in operations and marketing  Models for NPOs to be financially self-sustained.  Marketing of NGOs/NPOs to donor/partner/Investors.
  8. 8. Vision of GAIN To provide concrete solutions in all aspects to make social sector as an industry and a sector to support our society, its deprived areas and communities. Mission of GAIN We believe all activities under business, community development, political systems and others can be covered by “social sector”. Models of social sector/NGOs/NPOs and GAIN can play a vital character for the real development of our society.
  9. 9. Technical Services  Registration of NGOs/MPOs/trade Unions/Political Parties etc.  System designing of a new NGO/NPO  Standard application in existing NGOs  NGO/NPO establishment of Business companies  NGO/NPO establishment of political parties  Technical services to active NGOs/NPOs  Plans and models for survival of NGO before funding  Team building, lobbing and associates  Development of concepts, proposals, case studies etc.  Third party evaluation  Test or pilot projects  Internal monitoring and evaluation of running project
  10. 10.  International donor/partner organizations  Government led organizations  Government/local government and government institutes  Local donor partners  International organizations have no offices in Pakistan  Organizations operated by Muslims and Pakistani in abroad  Direct oversees Pakistanis  Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)  Participation in business projects directly  Partnerships with business companies  Partnership with investors and joint ventures  Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR)  Banks, Leasing Companies and Investment companies  International joint ventures and collaboration in shape of technology, investment and project sharing
  11. 11. Livestock Solutions  Sharing and non-interest based microfinance livestock programs  Cooling Tank/Chiller. Milk collection network  Backyard poultry Farming  Fattening and meat processing solution
  12. 12. Agricultural Solutions • Seeds, agri related machines, certified seeds and fruit plants are the main issues of agriculture field and for these solutions, we can offer some agri based network in some tested modality by agri malls and non-interest based entrepreneurs. • For any specific issue, there is a good team of agri scientists with us.
  13. 13. Microfinance and Microfinance Banking  Portfolio/product designing, license, models and cash flow and all solutions.  Microfinance projects suits existing NGOs to earn for their expenses.  Microfinance is most successful practice to reduce poverty. It attract donors, business community and government in most successful way.  For business and social business classes, it suits for their investment.  In risk analysis, it is a secure investment in Pakistan. Corporate companies should focus on this opportunity.
  14. 14. Housing and Real Estate  Housing for middleclass and lower middleclass by RASCA (Rotatable Saving and credit Association). It is our own model for Pakistan.  Housing, Labor and skilled persons based colonies and towns. Micro conurbations near to metropolitan and district cities etc.
  15. 15. Legal and Human Rights  Think Tanks comprises social activists, lawyers, intellectuals, media persons, writers, retired bureaucrats, army persons, politicians, minority representatives, artists and businesspersons.  Lawyers, retired policemen and social organizations and mentioned above personal for local Think Tanks.
  16. 16. Women Entrepreneurship  Women shops for women for their specific products like hair removals, under garments, make ups, confectionaries, stationeries, kids garments and common goods of daily use of life without a traditional shop. Facility for one village or an area of a city.  Beauty parlors, garment shops etc.  Women BAZARs and women MALAs etc.  Women can work as a remote salesperson in her areas.  Women can help their husbands/sons by home based entrepreneurs
  17. 17. Country level network NGO/NPO A network (Project of NGO) for uplift, capacity building and trainings of the local level NGOs/CBOs/NPOs and will work as Local Based Think Tank. GAIN will provide and marketing to donors/partners/investors/political parties of its own developed innovative, self-sustained and replicable social business based models. These models will cover agriculture, livestock, women, health and leadership at grass-root level. These projects will also cover issues of human rights, awareness campaigns, literacy and other social issues.
  18. 18. Education and schooling systems  Community education facilities  Standard schooling systems  Chain educational network  Development of all educational projects can be funded by national and international donor agencies
  19. 19. Art, culture and heritage  Theatre especially street theatre  Music, songs and dance  Film, drama, stage  All types of preforming arts  All systems related art, culture and heritage which can be funded by national and international donor agencies, Gov. and CSR fund
  20. 20. Corporate and business sector  Izhar group of companies  Ascent Group of construction and Foundation (Major partner for construction in Kashmir and many projects in all over the world)  NGS Creation and Care cosmetics  Punjab Bar Council  Berytus house of advocates (in eight countries)  Transworld Pvt. Ltd.  Trimax Pvt. Ltd.
  21. 21. NGOs from all over the country Clients and partner NGOs with coverage of all districts of Punjab and some from Sindh Some are mentioned here DASE Foundation Pakistan (Multan), Brook (Bhakar), Kurtain Kall Foundation (Lahore), NICE foundation (Jhung), Help & Development Org (Narowal), Human Freedom Organization (Faisalabad), Patient Welfare Foundation (Bhakar), Rural Development Organization (Toba tek Singh), Social Development Council (Pakpatan), Auj Foundation (Lahore), ASRR Foundation (Dado) and many others. More than 100 NGOs/NPOs
  22. 22. Medical and Education Field • Professor Dr. Musarat Ul Hassain, Education Head, • Punjab Medical College Faisalabad) • Lahore Presentation Convent School • Shahabal Poly Clinic, (Jhung) The most servicing hospital • Dua e Fatima paramedical Institute • Dr. Shahid Masood (CMH Lahore) • Dr. Sikandar (America)
  23. 23. Agriculture and Livestock and Microfinance • Agriculture Support Foundation by Rukhsana Zafar, she is member in standing committee by Chief Minister of Punjab and very active in agri sector • Hafiz Wasi M. Khan as one of the most senior livestock scientist of Pakistan • Being Human Development Foundation • AAS Foundation
  24. 24. Art, culture and heritage • Nighat Chaudhry Foundation • Azad Theatre • Faheem Khan • Deeba Kiran Foundation • Qamar Riaz Cheema by art movement of Pakistan • Rijja Foundation by Care Cosmetics and NGS • and many others
  25. 25. Miscellaneous • In Medical and disability, we have Farrukh Foundation in Faisalabad. • In politics, we have designed activities for Tehrik E Pakistan etc. • In microfinance, we have Being Human Development Services, AAS Foundation and many others. • etc.
  26. 26. Street Address H # 100-A, Wazir Ali Road. Upper Mall, Lahore, Pakistan Contact Info Nadeem Bhatti COO Global Associates for Investment Network (GAIN) H # 100-A, Wazir Ali Road. Upper Mall, Lahore, Pakistan Tel: +92-42-35958767-68-69 Fax: +92-42-35845033 Mob:+92-323-0018048 (under maintenance) social sector consultant NGO (social) consultant