Nex gen marketing (portfolio)


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Nex Gen Marketing Portfolio

" Everything Under One Roof "

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Nex gen marketing (portfolio)

  1. 1. Nex Gen Marketing Portfolio (BTL Activities)
  2. 2. Introduction:Nex Gen Marketing was established in year 2007 as an Outdoor Advertisingcompany for dedicated companies in Pakistan. Through strongmarketing tools we ensure promotion and high visibility for our client within themarkets as well as on outdoor media.Our extensive network of resources and our presence throughout Pakistan with ateam of professionals with vast experience in their relevant fields, we supply thenecessary Capacity and knowledge to deliver focused cost-effective results.Nex Gen Marketing is primarily providing all kinds of Outdoor Solutions.We have developed a dedicated team of channel marketing professionals andMerchandisers who ensure that our clients remain the most visible and prominentbrand in the market.We execute all kind of BTL activities that involve deploying/installing Shop Fascia’s,Posters, Flyers, Standees, souvenirs, BTL Activities ETC.
  3. 3. BTL activities is to take the product/services closer to the consumer, to experience & buy.The level of engagement is the key to the success of any BTL activity.Our goal is to be a true partner to our clients in the development of their brands &business.Below are our following expertise:1. Poster Activity2. Direct Selling or Store intercept3. Market survey4. Leaflet Distribution5. Mobile Van Promo Across the Country6. Sampling Programs7. Visibility Promotions / Wall Chalking8. Van / Float Activities9. Trade Promotions / Bazaar Activities10. Road Shows & Promotional Activities
  4. 4. Store Intercepts:We organize and manage store intercepts through our experienced promoters. OurClients can display, discounts, sample or launch their products outside general stores andcan utilize this service to advantage.
  5. 5. Merchandising:In order to maximize the impact of shelf displays or POS materials, we offer merchandisingsupport to our clients.
  6. 6. Roadside Promotions:We arrange promotions whether sampling or discounted selling activities, by using ourpromoters for making special offers direct to consumers at selected locations including busycrossroads, malls or markets. We possess valuable experience of organizing such activities toprovide support for the client’s product promotion and sales effort.
  7. 7. Special Events:We assist our Clients in organizing activities at public places or gatherings, so that Clientscan promote their products through dedicated activities.
  8. 8. Promotional Giveaways:We can arrange corporate or specific promotional giveaways, making it easy for our Clientsto identify gift ideas while using our links with the local market & suppliers.
  9. 9. Van & Floats Activities:Van & Floats are a medium that reaches the target segment and has his/her undividedattention and more so provides an opportunity for 2 way communications. An opportunity tocreate a multi media blitz for the product and highly focused advertising for Rural & Urbanareas. .
  10. 10. How To Work !The point of sale (POS) is becoming more and more the ultimate marketing competitionarena.The fundamental part of this competition are the promotional initiates in order to obtainconsumer attention and to shift its choices and its purchases.We have to be on top of the retailer’s mind, build up a friendly relation as retailer play animportant role.In-store branding and POSM deployment as visibility of the product is also important.Keep an eye on Competitor’s Movement.Trade & Promotional Campaigns.Ensure brand visibility and also ensure products availability and sellout.
  11. 11. OurWork
  12. 12. Zong Van Activity LBC Re-launch (South Region)(Hyderabad - Mirpurkhas – Sukkur) April-May’ 2011
  13. 13. Zong Wall Chalking Phase I (2011) (South Region)(Karachi – Hyderabad – Sukkur – Quetta - Sibbi) March - April’ 2011
  14. 14. Installation of Jazz Entry Gates @ Bachat Bazaars (Karachi) Feb-March’ 2011
  15. 15. Jazz JazbaRoad Interception Activity (Karachi) December’ 2010
  16. 16. MCB Asset Management Activation (Karachi) September’ 2010
  17. 17. What We Have Done ! Zong (CMPAK) Van Activity LBC launch in Karachi “Karachi Unlimited” Zong (CMPAK) LBC launching Ceremony (Retailer’s Event) in Mirpurkhas & Badin. Launching Ceremony of Askari Special Lubricant 4T (MAL Pakistan) in Rawalpindi (North Region) 3 Launching Ceremonies of Askari Special Lubricant 4T (MAL Pakistan) in Central Punjab. Branded APV Promotional Activity for “ Balle Balle“ in Karachi. One month Sale & Promotional Activity for Dashi International at Sunday Market DHA, Karachi. Banners Activity for JS Bank in Karachi. Banners Activity for Mc Donalds in Karachi. Complete fabrication of Media for the Activation of Pak Qatar Family Takaful in Karachi. Shop Interception Activity for Dashi Soups (Dashi International) in Karachi. Shop Interception Activity for Quice Foods in Makro and Metro Cash & Carry, Karachi Sale & Promotional Activity in Apartments for Quice Foods in Karachi. Mall Branding (Park Towers & The Forum) for the Activation of SunSilk Co-Creation in Karachi. Zong (CMPAK) Wall Chalking Phase I, II & III in Sind & Baluchistan (South Region). Float Activity Pakistan Tour for Zong (CMPAK) capturing each town & city of Pakistan. 2 Months Float Activity for Zong (CMPAK) in Sind (South Region). And much more
  18. 18. In-House Printing &Fabrication Facility
  19. 19. Our believers
  20. 20. look forward to meet you again!
  21. 21. For further information on our capabilities and client references, please contact: Nex-Gen Marketing Suite # M - 1 Plot 19-C, Mezzanine Floor Sunset Lane 2 Phase II - DHA Karachi +92-21-3-5396572