Digital Magazines with Zinio


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Digital magazines are a just a click away. Full-color, full page viewing of your favorites from the newsstand. Get your account, and start reading today.

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Digital Magazines with Zinio

  1. 1. How to Access Digital Magazines with Zinio Free digital copies of your favorite magazines are just a click away!
  2. 2. How to access digital magazines from Zinio on the Navy MWR eLibrary:You will need:• A computer or mobile device with internet access• An NKO Account• An email address• A Zinio Account
  3. 3. Login to NKOOn ANY internet enabled computer or mobile device go to can login with your Username and Password – you don’t have to use your CAC.Need an NKO account, use the New User links or visit our tutorial.
  4. 4. Find the MWR eLibraryEveryone’s NKO screen looks a little different depending on your location or rate.The five tabs across the top are ALWAYS the same. Click “REFERENCE” to find the MWReLibrary.
  5. 5. Where are the magazines? There’s more to your MWR eLibrary than just books. We’ve provided a browse menu on the left to help you find different subjects of interest or specific publication types. Click “E-Library – Journals & Magazines” to find the magazine resources.
  6. 6. That’s a lot of magazine choices! Yep, we have more than just one magazine and journal service. Zinio is our newest collection and features full color, full page views of current magazines. Best part of Zinio – after you create an account you don’t need to go through NKO! Click the Zinio icon to access the site.
  7. 7. Create your Zinio AccountBy clicking the icon from NKO we’ve proved to Zinio thatwe’re approved Navy General Library Program customersand eligible to create a Zinio account.Click create account, to start the Zinio sign-up process.There’s new user information available from the Log-InScreen if you need additional assistance.
  8. 8. Create your Zinio AccountFill in the required blanks .We recommend using a personal email rather thanyour NMCI account. It changes less frequently and iseasier to access off-duty.After you hit create account you’ll see the successmessage below. You’ll need to check your email tocomplete registration.
  9. 9. Confirm your Zinio AccountYou’ll receive a confirmation email (above) regarding your Zinio signup. Click the link provided to complete registration.After clicking the confirmation link you’ll be taken to the RBdigitalconfirmation screen (below). The return to login link will bring youback to Zinio.
  10. 10. Log In to your Zinio AccountNow that you’ve confirmed your account’s creation youmay log in to Zinio.
  11. 11. The Navy Library’s Zinio CollectionHelp and Tips fornavigating theLibrary’s Ziniocollection and yourpersonal Reading ListThis is the Navy Library’s ZinioCollection. It displays in alphabeticalorder. You can search by title, orbrowse by genre.Let’s check out the sports section.
  12. 12. The Sports SectionEach genre will display alphabetically.You can tell what genre you’rebrowsing by looking at the search bar.Click on the cover to begin reading,and to add the title to your personalReading List.
  13. 13. Add a title to your Reading List When you add a new title to your Reading List, a new tab (or window depending on your browser) will open. You’ll see a screen asking for your registration information. We just created our Zinio account. We’ll click the “sing in here” link since we already have an account A new sign in form will appear with just your email and blank for your password. Fill in your information. And then click continue.
  14. 14. Your Reading List You’ll be taken to your reading list where you can see all of the titles to which you’re currently subscribed. Click the cover to open the magazine. If you’d like to subscribe to more magazines, just close the Reading List window or tab to return to the Navy Library’s Zinio collection.
  15. 15. The Zinio Reader Your magazine will open in the Zinio Reader. You can set your reader preferences with the cog icon. The list icon will display the magazine’s table of contents, the title will display thumbnails of all the pages.
  16. 16. Navigate your MagazineTo navigate your magazine you can browse the tile display (above), orread the table of contents as it’s printed in the magazine (right). The titlesin the table of contents will link you to the article.
  17. 17. Article ViewYour article will display in a one or two page layout depending on your preferences. Youcan zoom, view full screen, or advance the page using the tool bar at the bottom.
  18. 18. How do I… Zino has a slew of built in help and how to information. The sign in screen (right) offers a how to video, users guide, FAQs, and steps for creating and viewing your account. Your Reading List (left) will link you to help using Zinio off-line or with a mobile app. As well as information about personalizing your account
  19. 19. Now that you have a Navy Zinio account you can skip NKO and get to your magazines directly: in with the account information you just created to read the latest issues of your subscriptions, or add new titles to your Reading List. Happy Reading! Navy General Library Program