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The Navy General Library Program provides access for Navy Library customers to access Library PressDisplay. Library Press Display is a collection of over 2,000 newspapers from around the world. Digital images of the papers are updated daily. It's like getting e-Delivery of your morning paper anywhere in the world.

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Library PressDisplay on NKO

  1. 1. Library PressDisplay on NKO 24/7 Access to Newspapers from around the world!
  2. 2. Log-In to NKOOn any computer or mobile device with and internet connection go to .Use your CAC or User Name & Password to log-in…don’t have an NKO Account?Check out our registration tutorial.
  3. 3. Where’s the Library?Information displayed on the NKO Homepage varies based on rate, command, or NavyRegion.The five tabs across the top are ALWAYS the same. Click the “REFERENCE” tab to access theMWR eLibrary.
  4. 4. Now where are the newspapers? The NGLP provides access to many digital library resources. We’ve organized them by subject, audience, and format on the left menu. Newspapers are found on “E-Library – News”.
  5. 5. Open Library PressDisplayClick the Library PressDisplay button to access thousands of Newspapers – updated daily!
  6. 6. Welcome to Library PressDisplayLibrary PressDisplay shows top headlines from front pages around the world. You can jump todifferent sections with the “NEWS” links at the top left.The display can be customized using the sliders for date, Reader vs. Editor Picks, changelanguages, browse for a country, or search for particular topics.
  7. 7. Browse for a PaperTitles by Country will display Alphabetically on the left.Front page images will default to displaying by Most Current.If the paper includes additional sections or inserts the cascade “+” will appear next to the title.Clicking “International Herald Tribune” will display the paper.
  8. 8. Paper Display Jump to different sections with the table of contents.Use the tools at the bottom to zoom, page forward, email, print or blog the stories. The side bar can also page through thepaper. Hover over articles to receive additional options, click to zoom and read.
  9. 9. Zoom DisplayAny page number displayed will link to the rest of the story.The buttons at the top right allow you to return to full page view.
  10. 10. Need more info about using Library PressDisplay?Take the View Help Demo. & FAQs.
  11. 11. Find more digital library resources at: Login with your CAC or User Name & Password. Library PressDisplay and many other resources provided by the Navy General Library Program, a service of Commander, Navy Installations Command. Learn more about the digital library at: Follow the latest Navy Library news at: