National Guild of Hypnotists 2013 Convention Newsletter 4


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Pre-Convention Newsletter Volume 4 for The National Guild of Hypnotists 2013 Annual Convention Exhibition and Educational Conference. This year's theme is: “A Legacy Of Excellence." Find out more at

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National Guild of Hypnotists 2013 Convention Newsletter 4

  1. 1. 2013 NATIONAL GUILD OF HYPNOTISTS CONVENTION A LEGACY OF EXCELLENCE I S S U E ■ 4 WELCOME to the first issue of the 2013 NGH Convention Newsletter. The National Guild of Hypnotists 2013 Annual Convention, Exhibition and Educational Conference will be held August 9 thru 11, 2013, at the Royal Plaza Hotel & Trade Center in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Follow this link to REGISTER NOW “Some of us have great runways already built for us. If you have one, take off! But if you don’t have one, realize it is your responsibility to grab a shovel and build one for yourself and for those who will follow after you.” Amelia Earhart
  2. 2. Do you take advantage of the opportunity to learn and share through the NGH Convention Teleseminars and Webinars? If not, you are truly missing an amazing opportunity. They are all easy to access either online or by phone. You can participate live, even asking questions of the fascinating speakers. Or you can catch up later, playing the recorded teleseminar or webinar at your leisure, stopping and starting it to take notes or to fit your schedule. The call-in number for all NGH Convention teleseminars is: 1-206-402-0100 Conference ID: 191630# One of the highly informative webinars we have enjoyed so far this year was a two-part presentation by NGH member Paul Ramsey. Paul shared his extensive knowledge on Google Hangouts, a tool he uses and recommends to all consulting professional hypnotists for getting more clients, building their lists, driving more traffic to their websites, and positioning themselves as experts in the field of professional hypnotism. Describing himself as an admitted Google evangelist, Paul has been using Google Plus since it was in Beta test platform. You can view Part I of Using Google Hangouts at: To spark your interest in the insights Paul shared or as a reference for those who participated in the live event or have since viewed it online, we are providing you our notes from the teleseminar. Notes: Part I of Using Google Hangouts  Hangouts is Google’s new platform. Even though it has been around awhile, if you jump on the band- wagon now, you can still consider yourself to be an early adopter.  Don’t confuse the purpose of Google Hangouts and Google Plus as being like that of Facebook. Although Facebook is used for business, it was created as a social platform. Google, from its core, was created for Search—which is a learning and business function, not a social purpose.  Facebook is about connecting with people you already know. Google Plus is about connecting with people you may or may not know, but who are interested in the same content that interests you.  Google has many, many tools and benefits, giving you more and more functionality. Because Google earns its money from paid search advertising, Google has every motivation to keep you on its site, using its tools and functions, and using Google search. With this in mind, all Google functions have become increasingly integrated. Google wants you to live in its ecosystem, aka, the Google house. Be Part of the Legacy National Guild of Hypnotists Convention 2013. Help grow the legacy of the National Guild of Hypnotists. Attend the NGH Convention and encourage new attendees … growth makes the NGH strong. (more…)
  3. 3.  Eight of the most popular functions are: Gmail (free email); Google Search; YouTube video; Google Drive (which used to be Google Docs and is used for document sharing on the cloud); Google+; Calendar; Hangout/HOA; and Google Maps.  Google wants you to create an account and login. (You’ll find this feature on the top right of your Google search page along with other functions.)  Don’t miss the “More” button on your Google homepage with all the other functions.  When you are signed in, you have easy access to all functions off the black search bar at the top of the Google Search page (Google+ is not on the black search bar.)  When you are signed in to Google, your name and a plus symbol will appear on your Google Search page. This is your access to your Google+ account.  A Google Hangout is a live video conference that you can have with up to ten people participating. Google Hangouts is free and lets you do what Skype charges you to do.  Google Chat is also a function of Google.  Chat includes Google Voice and Chat.  Google Hangout is so valuable you can access it from several places in your Google account.  On Google Hangout, you can hang out with one person and when you do no one else can see you. When you are through, the hangout is over and it is gone, leaving no record (if that’s what you choose). But if you want to hang out with many people (up to 10) you can do that too. There are also different options for recording your hangout. Be Part of the Legacy National Guild of Hypnotists Convention 2013. … Are You? (more…)
  4. 4.  How your Google Hangout appears is determined somewhat by your browser.  To start a hangout, you can type in a name, a circle (a group predefined by you), or the Gmail addresses of persons you want to include.  If you make a hangout public, it shows up in the stream of others invited to the hangout. They can choose whether to chime in.  You can make your hangout “live” or “live and recorded.” If you check “Enable Hangouts on Air,” the hangout runs both live and is recorded to your YouTube channel.  After you record your hangout, you can view it, edit, share it or make it public or private in your YouTube account.  When you hang out with your group, the photo of the person speaking automatically shifts to the main screen. Lower on the screen is the “filmstrip” that shows the live video feeds of all participants.  On the left of your hangout page you’ll find your application tools to enrich your hangout experience, including your “chat” feature.  You can screen share your PowerPoint presentations on Google Hangout.  Capture is another fun feature; think of it like a photo booth for your hangout.  Google Drive is another great teaching and facilitation tool. This lets you show documents to others and even makes the document sharable and printable by others in the hangout.  You can use the YouTube extension to share a video with everyone in your hangout. The video plays Be Part of the Legacy National Guild of Hypnotists Convention 2013. Here’s a Hangout, as it appears in YouTube (more…)
  5. 5. with sound for all participants in the hangout.  Google Hangout is not only a way to experience and share with others … it is a way to create content. Intrigued by our notes about the Google Hangout experience—a tool you can use in creative ways to expand your network of clients and prospective clients? We’ve only touched on part of the valuable information Paul Ramsey shared. If you are not already using Google Hangout, you are missing out on the tremendous potential of this tool. And if you are using it, you may still want to replay the NGH webinars with Paul (Parts I and II) to learn from the depth and breadth of Paul’s hangout expertise. In Part II of our series on Google+ Hangouts, we’ll examine some fantastic success stories about peo- ple who have used Hangouts in amazing ways. We’ll discuss how you can use Hangouts, how to use them to build your list, and how to raise your profile as an expert in hypnotism. We will do all of this demonstrat- ing a real, live Hangout! This is where the rubber meets the road, and we’re excited to share it with you. Be Part of the Legacy National Guild of Hypnotists Convention 2013. Aug. 9-10-11 Three days in August to be part of a legacy event.
  6. 6. The National Guild of Hypnotists offers three platforms for members and interested future members to receive preconvention news and updates.  You’ll find Hypnotists Convention Blog at www.hypnotistsconvention. com This is a blog and news site visible to all and created to grow our profession. On the community site, you will discover networking opportunities and groups created for hypnotists with access available only through approved preregistra- tion.  You will find the NGH Convention community at The NGH pre-convention, free teleseminars are rolling! Are you taking advantage of them? Here’s what’s coming up next. Thursday, June 13 – 9 PM Eastern time – Marcel Klasen - Chakra Hypnosis Thursday, June 20 – 9 PM Eastern time – Thomas Nicoli - Proven D.E.P.T.H. Model For Weight Loss Success Friday, June 21 – 9 PM Eastern time – Lynsi Eastburn - Hypnosis For Fertility Sunday, June 23 – 9 PM Eastern time – Marilyn Gordon - The Power Of Spiritual Hypnosis And here are ONLY A FEW of the GREAT teleseminars you may have missed so far. Karen Paolino Correio - Soul Entrainment David Quigley - Past Life Regression Intro H. Larry Elman - The Best Practices Of Dave Elman  The NGHNetwork is the social network for all NGH members, created to help members interact with the Guild and its global membership base. You’ll find the NGHNetwork at 3 Gems for you!