National Guild of Hypnotists 2013 Convention Newsletter 5


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Pre-Convention Newsletter Volume 5 for The National Guild of Hypnotists 2013 Annual Convention Exhibition and Educational Conference. This year's theme is: “A Legacy Of Excellence." Find out more at

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National Guild of Hypnotists 2013 Convention Newsletter 5

  1. 1. 2013 NATIONAL GUILD OF HYPNOTISTS CONVENTION A LEGACY OF EXCELLENCE I S S U E ■ 5 WELCOME to the first issue of the 2013 NGH Convention Newsletter. The National Guild of Hypnotists 2013 Annual Convention, Exhibition and Educational Conference will be held August 9 thru 11, 2013, at the Royal Plaza Hotel & Trade Center in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Follow this link to REGISTER NOW Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of the human imagination. Daniel Bell
  2. 2. The NGH Convention Teleseminars and Webinars … your chance to learn, grow, and explore new ideas. In last week’s issue of the NGH Convention Newsletter (Issue 4), we shared our notes from Paul Ram- sey’s webinar on Using Google Hangouts, Part I. This week, we are looking at Part II. You can view Part I on Using Google Hangouts at: ramsay2013. Below you will find some of what Paul shared in Part II, which you can also view at: Our Notes: Part II of Using Google Hangouts  This segment delves into the functionality of using Google Hangouts.  Google Hangouts is about engagement and conversations. You are called to multi-task in your head when you host a hangout.  If you are new to Google+ you may not know that Google has rolled out a new layout for Google Hangouts. New “bugs” are still being worked out.  The 3 goals of this webinar: learning how Google+ gives you a way to create searchable content; learning the importance of having a strategy of engagement on Google+; and learning how hangouts help you connect with people.  Google+ adds new ways for you to be found by Google search. Hangouts enable you to create artifacts that others can find, use, and store down the road.  Google+ functions as a search engine within itself.  Pictures are searchable, via Image Search on Google, whereas Search primarily brings up text search. You can also search a concept or name under Google Search category: Videos.  Old internet rankings were built around the idea that if you had a website of value, others would link to it, but today’s mindset emphasizes more the fact that rankings are generated by “engagement” i.e., how much do others respond to your content in all the ways available to share.  On Facebook you give things you like a thumbs up; on Google+ you show your approval by giving it +1, by commenting on it, or by sharing it with others.  Engagement leads you to a place where you will not have to push your products because your passion will sell your products for you. Soar. Write Your Name in History. Join the Legacy. National Guild of Hypnotists Convention 2013. Help grow the legacy of the National Guild of Hypnotists. Attend the NGH Convention and encourage new attendees … growth makes the NGH strong. (more…)
  3. 3. Join the Legacy. Become the Legacy. National Guild of Hypnotists Convention 2013. … Are You? (more…)  Were you part of Google Hangouts on World Hypnotism Day? In the webinar, Paul shares how he used Google Hangouts for participating in World Hypnotism Day, as well as how he uses it for his NGH Mastermind Group. The webinar offers you more than 60 minutes of questions and answers about Google Hangouts, but what makes this information so rele- vant is that it is not coming from people outside of professional hypnosis, but from your peers and colleagues who are using, or are learning to use Google+ tools, including Google Hangouts as valuable ways to connect, share, document, expand, serve, and market to advance them- selves and their objectives as professional consulting hypnotists. These two great webinars are more than “what is Google Hangouts.” Each webinar ex- plores what you can do in your practice or profession. Below we’ve added more suggestions to get you thinking… but don’t forget to watch Parts I and II of this important webinar and all the valuable teleseminars and webinars that help you prepare for the 2013 NGH Convention. What will you do with Google Hangouts?  Book talks  Demonstrations of techniques  Introduce an NGH Convention presentation  Interviews with professionals and thought leaders  Panel discussions  Planning with others for your time during the 2013 NGH Convention; sharing the excitement of the Convention with new attendees  Presentations  Q&A calls  Screen sharing  Sharing PowerPoint presentations  Sharing ideas about NGH Convention classes and workshops you will attend or have attended  Team meetings  Virtual book tour celebrations  Virtual events  Virtual workshops or classes  Weekly office hours where your clients can come to ask questions, share their progress, and connect with you.
  4. 4. The National Guild of Hypnotists offers three plat- forms for members and interested future members to receive preconvention news and updates.  You’ll find Hypnotists Convention Blog at www.hypnotistsconvention. com This is a blog and news site visible to all and created to grow our profession. On the community site, you will discover networking opportunities and groups created for hypnotists with access available only through approved preregistra- tion.  You will find the NGH Convention community at The NGH pre-convention, free teleseminars are rolling! Are you taking advantage of them? Here’s what’s coming up next. Thursday, June 20 – 9 PM Eastern time – Thomas Nicoli - Proven D.E.P.T.H. Model For Weight Loss Success Friday, June 21 – 9 PM Eastern time – Lynsi Eastburn - Hypnosis For Fertility Sunday, June 23 – 9 PM Eastern time – Marilyn Gordon - The Power Of Spiritual Hypnosis And here are ONLY A FEW of the GREAT teleseminars you may have missed so far. Marcel Klasen - Chakra Hypnosis Karen Paolino Correio - Soul Entrainment David Quigley - Past Life Regression Intro H. Larry Elman - The Best Practices Of Dave Elman  The NGHNetwork is the social network for all NGH members, created to help members interact with the Guild and its global membership base. You’ll find the NGHNetwork at 3 Ways You Should Be Connecting