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How is your HR request handled in an HR Shared Service Center?


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How is your HR request handled in an HR Shared Service Center?

  1. 1. How is your HR request handled Brought to you by: For more information about these numbers, please send an email to Or visit our website at This infographic is created by NGA Human Resources. The graphical representation is based on data provided by an average sized HR service center in NGA's global network of 30+ service delivery centers across the globe. Copyright NGA HR 2014. 24.13% 11.36% 5.95% 11.52% 10.30% Change in personal HR data Correction of time entries Payroll related requests Information requests Technical support 2 1 3 4 5 8.5% is online processed in the system. The easy and quick nature of self service ensures real time information and transactions.66% is handled by a Tier 1 contact center agent who is responsible for data entry and simple HR, time and payroll requests.28% is handled by a Tier 2 Subject Matter Expert who solves the more complicated HR & Payroll cases. SMEs frequently connect with customers to deliver functional & technical expertise. 5% is handled by a Tier 3 Policy Expert who is in charge of the very complex cases with country regulatory issues. 1% 5.7% 11.57% 58.30% Email Postal Mail Self- Service Phone How are requests being handled? How are requests being sent by employees? Includes mobile apps, portal, kiosk, etc Includes calls to SSC or specific SME Includes emails to SSC queue or specific contact Includes letters to motivate HR related actions TOP 5 HR Requests Based on the type of request, HR requests are queued as follows Tier 0 Self Service Tier 1 Contact Center Tier 2 Subject Matter Expert Tier 3 Policy Expert in an HR Shared Service Center?