Food Hubs and Values-based Supply Chains - presentation


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Food Hubs and Values-based Supply Chains - presentation

Presented by Jeremy West and Gail Feenstra

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  • Jeremy West
  • Jeremy West
  • Jeremy West
  • Jeremy West
  • Discuss market potential with Hub and District 6
  • Phase 1 components is to self serve Weld 6’s needs for local farm grown and raised food.
  • Phase 2 is assist other Weld County school districts who have limited infrastructure capabilities to access more locally grown and raised foods. Storage, food processing and geographic limitations.
  • Food Hubs and Values-based Supply Chains - presentation

    1. 1.  Purchasing locally grown produce for fours years  Began with one crop from a single farm to purchasing over 30 crops from five local farms Collective Bid process with NOCO- The Northern Colorado Coop. (10 Districts bid together for FTS) “School Food Renaissance”scratch cooking using good and wholesome ingredients. Salad bar program offering local produce.
    2. 2. D6 Farm to School Produce Purchases $50,849 $39,064 $11,643 $2392008-2009 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012
    3. 3.  A local food development group focusing on the development of local food systems that provide integral infrastructure and system support to allow for meaningful connections between local Producers and their community. Supporting and developing systems that enhance Farm to Institution relationships including Farm to School programs.
    4. 4. 2012 Vision
    5. 5. 2010 - Senate Bill 81 “Farm-to School Healthy Kids Act”Increasing the use of local farm and ranch productsin school food service programs to improve childnutrition Strengthen local and regional agriculturaleconomies
    6. 6. Creating or expanding farm-to-school program pilots;Offering assistance in identifying funding sources andgrants;Identifying, designing, or making available trainingprograms to enable local farmers and ranchers;Advising school districtsProviding assistance to schools on recipes, menurotation, proper handling, preparing, storing, andother internal processes that accommodate the use oflocally grown foods in public schools.
    7. 7.  Received grant support to revamp School’s central kitchen:  Allowed increased and efficient scratch cooking of school meals.  Expanded School’s ability to self-process local produce:  Piloting a Summer Local Produce Processing where Weld 6 will process in-season products during the Summer to be used when school is in session in the Fall  Increase purchase of locally grown food  Increase use of local grown food in school meals
    8. 8. Cooking Area Bakery Area
    9. 9. Phase 1 Project Scope: Remodel existing facility allowing for an expanded central scratch cooking production as well as self- processing of farm fresh produce items.  Purchase from local farms and provide a central delivery destination.  Ability to process products for immediate in-season use as well as process products for extended use.  Self distribute within District.
    10. 10. Phase 2 Project Scope: Expansion beyond Weld 6 District sites to servicing other School Districts within Weld County as well as participating NoCo Coop*  Members that consist of 12 other School Districts, including one in Wyoming.  Increase potential buyers of locally grown and raised food. Central aggregation, value-added products and distribution of locally grown food to multiple school districts.
    11. 11. Phase 3 Project Scope: Potential expansion beyond schools to service Weld County municipality such as Food Banks, other institutional purchasers such as local colleges and hospitals with their direct from farm product needs.  Expand access to locally grown and raised food to multiple marketplaces.  Increase economic profile of local producers and their products.  Ensure greater access to locally grown and raised foods to entire community.
    12. 12. Jeremy West, CDM/SNS