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Location media for charities


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Published in: Spiritual
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Location media for charities

  1. 1. Case study: Gowalla, Austin, Texas • Austin Governor, Republican Rick Perry worked with Gowalla to create special 'passport stamps' for his grassroots events. • His supporters travel to each rally, 'check-in' and try to collect the set.
  2. 2. Case study: Foursquare #IVoted • Foursquare encouraged young voters to turnout in the recent US midterm elections by creating a bespoke "I Voted" badge. • Foursquare hosted an interactive map online to plot where foursquare users were exercising their democratic right across the States.
  3. 3. UK charity ‘Card Aid’ leave ‘breadcrumbs’ – around the city
  4. 4. Case study: London “Superswarm” • 7 October – 325 people gathered at the Jewel bar in Piccadilly, London, specifically to ‘earn’ a special badge in location game Foursquare: • Checking-in to a venue at the same time as lots of other people.
  5. 5. Check in anywhere: Even jail…
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