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  • We instantly think of location as the platforms, but if we start thinking about using location socially, it makes more sense.
    Instead of thinking about becoming a mayor we can think about how you can use local information for social good or to be socialable....
    But how?
  • Ok – so before I go into some examples of trends I thought I would illustrate a location based social media example that is not involving mayorships or tagging.
    The open source project which was originally designed to track post-election accounts of violence in Kenya, uses user-generated reports and Google Maps to monitor crime, devastation, and peace and relief efforts around the world.
    The website currently has an option on its front page for users to submit real-time reports and track information connected to relief efforts in Haiti.
    While the first generation of the Ushahidi platform has been used predominantly in Africa, it’s recently spread to the United States. Atlanta Crime Maps, for example, traces criminal offenses in the Atlanta metro area.
    Using location socially, at the BHF – we have our heart support groups, donations and shops all mapped on Google maps on our website. Making that information easily avaliable socially is where the platforms can come in....
  • Rise of the coupons!
    Charity offers?
    Donation of goods –
    Campaigns...? Pop in for a free heart health check?
    Corporate partnership programmes?
    24 Hour Fitness will donate $1 to playground-building charity KaBOOM! for every person who checks in across all U.S. club locations. (Up to $50,000 until December 15)
    The North Face
    The North Face will donate $1 to the National Park Foundation for every checkin at one of America’s nearly 400 national parks or any U.S. The North Face retail location. (Up to $150,000)
    Each time you check in at one of the 114 REI stores, REI will donate $1 to a local non-profit. (Up to $100,000)
  • Come on in and get a special offer, just for you. We are even cheaper than the shop next door...
  • Off the cuff events, similar to being able to micro volunteer.
    Got 10mins? Go and tag photographs from the event for us, or fill out a form with your views. Donate your time, where you are and let your friends know.
    Localised and relevant experiences to you. Where you are.
    Lot of testing, lot of learning to be had. But location does give the opportunity to really give relevant experiences to people.
  • Location media for charities

    1. 1. Case study: Gowalla, Austin, Texas • Austin Governor, Republican Rick Perry worked with Gowalla to create special 'passport stamps' for his grassroots events. • His supporters travel to each rally, 'check-in' and try to collect the set.
    2. 2. Case study: Foursquare #IVoted • Foursquare encouraged young voters to turnout in the recent US midterm elections by creating a bespoke "I Voted" badge. • Foursquare hosted an interactive map online to plot where foursquare users were exercising their democratic right across the States.
    3. 3. UK charity ‘Card Aid’ leave ‘breadcrumbs’ – around the city
    4. 4. Case study: London “Superswarm” • 7 October – 325 people gathered at the Jewel bar in Piccadilly, London, specifically to ‘earn’ a special badge in location game Foursquare: • Checking-in to a venue at the same time as lots of other people.
    5. 5. Check in anywhere: Even jail…
    6. 6. Updating
    7. 7. Coupons...
    8. 8. Charity shops...
    9. 9. Location volunteering...?