Content is Queen: Join me on the bridge


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Content is Queen: Join me on the bridge

  1. 1. Content is King Queen Women for Women International present Join me on the Bridge @WomenforWomenUK, #Bridge12
  2. 2. Women for Women International• Helping women survivors of war rebuild their lives since 1993.• Operate in 8 post-conflict countries• One-year sponsorship programme and sponsorship connection• Access to resources and knowledge = long lasting sustainable change• UK office is six years old @WomenforWomenUK
  3. 3. Join me on the Bridge• International Women’s Day 2010 – Rwanda and DRC• Bridges are everywhere…join in solidarity• Now in third year – delivered by small dedicated campaigns team @WomenforWomenUK
  4. 4. Campaign aims • Amplify women’s voices • Put theory into practice • Foster and build global solidarity around women’s rights • Capacity building – campaigns training • Peer-to-peer supporter acquisition @WomenforWomenUK
  5. 5. Results• Campaign which has built and grown year on year• Total of 798 events worldwide, in 2012 managed to cover all 7 continents• Raised profile of Women for Women and ‘what we do’• Made connections and links between women’s rights campaigners worldwide @WomenforWomenUK
  6. 6. Digital resultsTwitter (Jan – Mar ‘12)• 17.6% increase in followers• #Bridge12 had 2.1 million impressions on 8th March Facebook (Jan – Mar ‘12)• #Bridge12 tweeted 1,164 times on 7th and 8th March• More than 1,500 people RT’d • 24.1% increase in @WomenforWomenUK’s Facebook fans content • Top referrer of users to • Number of people ‘Talking about this’ up 558.1% • Viral reach up 2,222.4% @WomenforWomenUK
  7. 7. Digital (Jan – Mar ‘12)• 47,896 unique visitors• Accessed in 167 countries• 172 events registered on the site• 1,575 uploaded photos• 51 user blogs• 2,000 Likes• 923 people tweeted the site @WomenforWomenUK
  8. 8. ContentChannels•• Twitter Content• Facebook• Blog • Campaign background & introduction• Guest blogs • Campaign updates• YouTube & Vimeo • Relevant stats, facts, news• Pinterest • Stories and quotes from previous years • Country focuses • Event organiser stories • Videos • Photos • User generated content… @WomenforWomenUK
  9. 9. User generated content• Events• Supporter updates• Blogs• Messages of Peace• Photos• Videos @WomenforWomenUK
  10. 10. Features of• Register an event online• RSVP to an event online• Download resources for an event• Upload photos• Upload videos• Write blogs• Write updates• Leave messages of peace• Become friends with one another• Send messages to WfWI @WomenforWomenUK
  11. 11. Pros and cons of NingPros• Approve content• Analytics• Integrative• Easy to manage• Met needs of the org Cons • New social network • Glitchy • Not customisable • Connecting to database @WomenforWomenUK
  12. 12. Handling user generated content• User generated content built into the plan• Plan around the content• Grouped content together• Social media• Monitoring @WomenforWomenUK
  13. 13. What worked?• Photos• Blogs by supporters• Shorter, snappier messages What was difficult? My mum doing a Bridge event in (not so) sunny Cleethorpes @WomenforWomenUK
  14. 14. What does this content achieve?• Engages people• Explains the campaign• Peer to peer recruitment• Efficient - a movement• Users personalise the campaign• Amplifies voices @WomenforWomenUK
  15. 15. How will we use this content?• Sent content to women in the field• Use it in other communications• Rolling into next year’s campaign @WomenforWomenUK
  16. 16. Join me on the Bridge film QuickTimeª and a H.264 decompressor are needed to see this picture. @WomenforWomenUK
  17. 17. Thank you for listening @WomenforWomenUK @Lucy_Jade @ImSarahHaynes @ilonqua