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Active fat: a collaboration (part two)


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Active fat: a collaboration (part two)

  1. 1. #ActiveFat A collaboration (part 2)
  2. 2. #ActiveFat
  3. 3. I can cause: CANCER HEART DISEASE TYPE 2 DIABETES#ActiveFat
  4. 4. #ActiveFat
  5. 5. #ActiveFat
  6. 6. #ActiveFat
  7. 7. So what did we do?#ActiveFat
  8. 8. #ActiveFat
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Why work together?#ActiveFat
  11. 11. Challenges#ActiveFat
  12. 12. Results...#ActiveFat
  13. 13. •32k visits to far! (compared to 19k in 2010) •Bounce rate av. 40.84% in 2011 In 2010 was 63.85%. •31% conversion rate from viewing the video to moving on an taking action (measuring waists or BMI) •Core KPI was measure (waist & BMI) – 8519 as of WK 5 •After entering their waist measurement/BMI, 82% of visitors to the site went on to the “take action” pages (vs 50% target) •Of these people 63% then took actions on the page such as click throughs to our links. Compared to 50% target. Original KPI predicted that 10% of people who watched video would go onto measure waist/BMI. Found that people were actually skipping the video and going straight to the measuring pages. This meant out KPI was 12x over target...#ActiveFat
  14. 14. Facebook advertising: 11million+ impressions, 4,815 clicks (targeted solely at men aged 45-55) 10,0000 visits in Wk 1. Half traffic in first week came from link on Twitter/Facebook (for a campaign website, this is impressive)#ActiveFat
  15. 15. Next year...?#ActiveFat
  16. 16. @JosephFreeman @RKTweets @alisonpaul#ActiveFat