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Peer support and gambling related harms. Jenni Kämppi, The Finnish Blue Ribbon.

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Nfhk2011 jenni kämppi_parallel4

  1. 1. Peer support andgambling related harms The Finnish Blue Ribbon, Tiltti Jenni Kämppi, Project Manager NFHK 24-26 Aug 2011, Turku, Finland
  2. 2. Tiltti – information and supportpoint projectstarted on April 2010, three employees at the momentfunded by RAY (The Finnish Slot Machine Association) (first phase 4/2010-12/2011, option until 12/2014)one of the development projects of The Finnish Blue Ribbon NFHK 24-26 Aug 2011, Turku, Finland
  3. 3. The Finnish Blue Ribbonwww.sininauhaliitto.fione of the key actors since 1993 in the Finnish field of gambling related harms: producing material and increasing know-hownon-governmental central organization for 86 different Christian member organizations in Finlandmember organizations do welfare work with alcohol and drug abusers – walk-in & low threshold support centers – residential treatment facilities and rehabilitation services – substance abuse prevention programs – most workers are volunteers and recovering service users, only 1/3 are paid employees NFHK 24-26 Aug 2011, Turku, Finland
  4. 4. Context: Gambling in FinlandSTM/Toy 2007 Latest population survey,The Finnish yearbook of gambling 2009, Huotari 2009games are everywhere: – almost 17 000 slot machines at about 9000 locations – Lotto & draw games can be played at about 3200 locations – Internet gambling opportunities are increasing fastgambling is popular and widespread: – annually 3,1 million Finns take part in gambling activities – during the last 12 months 87% of respondents over 15 years of age had engaged in gambling activities – most common among the 25-34 and 35-49–year-oldsprevalence estimates: – about 130 000 (3 % of the population) persons in Finland have had gambling problems during the last 12 months – a third of them (42 000, 1% of the population) are pathological gamblers – capital city area: appr. 29 000 and 9600 → public health problemservice system is scattered: – services are hard to find, unevenly distributed and they vary locally – outpatient treatment and counseling is provided within substance use, mental health, health and social services – specialized and integrative services are needed (→ Gambling Clinic started 2010) NFHK 24-26 Aug 2011, Turku, Finland
  5. 5. Gambling clients in 2010 Rahapeliasiakkaat Kuopion kriisikeskus (8municipalities) Oulun päihdepalvelut• Possibility for specialized in gambling problem 27 clients 65 + 9 clients• Service that has a trained in GP worker• Inpatient treatment (red line) National service Sosteri (Itä-Savon sairaanhoitopiiri) Savonlinnan A-klinikkatoimi (6municipalities) 11 clients Turun nuorisoasema (15-24 v) (20 municipalities) 16 clients Varkauden A-klinikka (5 municipalities) 12 clients Gambling Clinic Tyynelän riippuvuusklinikka (Helsinki, Vantaa, Kauniainen) 7-10 clients Gambling clients: Outpatient: 68 Pelissä -hankkeen asiakastyö Monipel: 18 39 + 5 clients Groups: 13 Laukaan terveysasema, Jämsän A- klinikka, Joutsan terveysasema, Tiltti: 56 clients Keuruun päihdeklinikka. 16 clients Peli poikki – Time to fold Mikkelin A-klinikka internet manual: 114 clients 21 clients Peluuri Helpline: 1 120 calls Tuustaipaleen Järvenpään sosiaalisairaala kuntoutumiskeskus 3 Pelivoimapiiri: 168 clients Jyränkölä, Heinola / Hietalinna yhteisö clients 13 clients 6 clients
  6. 6. Outpatient Gambling Clinic treatment Adminstration Medical treatment study (THL) and research Peer groups Data collection Evaluation Feedback Booking Clients SMS support Referral Booking messages Referral ReferralInformation andsupport point Peli poikki Peluuri Helpline Pelivoimapiiri eCounselling On-line self help On-line peer groups manual and therapy
  7. 7. Tiltti is an essential part of theGambling Clinic service entitywe provide low treshold information and support point serviceswe develop forms of peer support and co- operative forms of treatment and peer support NFHK 24-26 Aug 2011, Turku, Finland
  8. 8. The foundations of our workDeaconic values: every individual is valuable and worth helpingPeer support is important and neededService users, peers and volunteers working beside professionalsService users = experts by experticeProject employees = experts by knowledgeWe help people to help themselves NFHK 24-26 Aug 2011, Turku, Finland
  9. 9. This is what we doForms of individual support: – Counselling, assistance Forms of group/peer support: – Treatment referrals – Coffee for gamblers – ”Open doors” walk-in – Information evenings afternoons – (Tues)day group – Debt counselling NFHK 24-26 Aug 2011, Turku, Finland
  10. 10. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday9-10.00 Morning yoga & relaxation10-11.0011-12.0012- (Tues)Day13.00 group13- Afternoon for14.00 professionals14- (1/month)15.0015- Open doors Open doors Open doors Open doors Open doors16.00 15-18 15-18 15-18 15-1816- Debt17.00 counselling
  11. 11. Treatment and peer support in co-operation: Why we started the… This is not our patient No one can help me to quit gambling Out patient Tuesday Community social group rehab. therapy
  12. 12. ...Tuesday group?We (Gambling Clinic & Tiltti) had challenging people who – had several previous treatment & service contacs – were not engaging/ could not engage therapy services of Gambling Clinic – had an obvious need for (professional and peer) support – were at risk to be drop outs & left without proper assistance – wanted to quit gambling and had abstinence as a goalFor them it was hard or not an option to start a therapy process and it was even harder to become a group member − but they did it anyway! NFHK 24-26 Aug 2011, Turku, Finland
  13. 13. Who were they?Group members had• A long history of problem gambling• Many failed attempts to quit gambling• Several comorbidity problems• Difficult and dissatisfying but tolerable life situations• 2 women, 4 men• Average age 57 years (33-75)• Average PGSI score 16,8 (9-23) – if scored 8 or more → problem gambling with negative consequences and a possible loss of control; support and treatment needed NFHK 24-26 Aug 2011, Turku, Finland
  14. 14. And what happened?Small streams create big rivers… NFHK 24-26 Aug 2011, Turku, Finland
  15. 15. After 20 weekly sessions:What was learned and achieved? I now know how to control my finances. I’ve understood that My thougths I don’t gamble as much even I need normal are not as I used to. human contancs always on gambling. I no longer believe I’ve tried to think that I CAN beat the other ways to spend slots. You never win my time. in the long run. NFHK 24-26 Aug 2011, Turku, Finland
  16. 16. Abstinence as a goal?Festina lente – make haste slowly! NFHK 24-26 Aug 2011, Turku, Finland
  17. 17. Thank you!Comments, NFHK 24-26 Aug 2011, Turku, Finland
  18. 18. Special thanks to:Tapio Jaakkola, Gambling Clinic informationSanni Nuutinen, DrawingsReferences:(The) Finnish yearbook of Gambling 2009. Suomalaisen rahapelaamisen vuosikirja 2009. client/pdfs/8ee529be-8bff-417c-bc17-f538a83f1392.Huotari, Kari (2009): Sattumanvaraisuudesta koordinointiin. Ongelmapelaajien tuki- ja hoitopalvelut sekä hoitopalvelujärjestelmän kehittäminen. Terveyden ja hyvinvoinnin laitos, Raportti 21/2009. Helsinki. client/pdfs/e31cd22a-74a6-4cff-a009-b9ac297b1466.STM/Toy 2007, latest population survey (english summary): F4ABB007B078/0/FinnishGamblingproblemsurvey2007Englishversio n.pdf NFHK 24-26 Aug 2011, Turku, Finland