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Project Management for Start-Ups, CCMA June 7, 2013


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What is the role of the start-up Project Manager (vs. community organizer)? What activities are they responsible for, what skills and experience should they have, and how do you hire your co-op’s first Project Manager? This presentation gets into the details of the start-up Project Manager's role in co-op development.

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Project Management for Start-Ups, CCMA June 7, 2013

  1. 1. Project Managementfor Start-UpsBonnie HudspethCCMA Conference, June 7, 2013
  2. 2. Overview• Intro• How Can You Afford a Project Manager?• What’s Your Role?• What Needs to Be Done?• Leadership Structure• Who’s Your Network?• What’s in the Works--with Jake S.• Questions
  3. 3. My Story1. Meeting my ownneed2. Meeting mycommunity’s need3. Meeting ourregion’s needNETWORK OF FOODCO-OPS, New EnglandMONADNOCK FOODCO-OP, KeeneHAPPY CO-OPSHOPPER
  4. 4. Two Different Projects1. Organizing the structure for a democraticAssociation2. Setting up agrocery store
  5. 5. What’s Your Role?• Manage risk• See the big picture• What needs to be done?• Plan (& analyze)!• Empower others
  6. 6. How Can You Afforda Project Manager?• How can you not?• Brainstorm list of funding sources• Get out there and ask!
  7. 7. Leadership StructureBUILD & TRAIN YOUR TEAMS• Volunteer teams• Responsibility?• Train the trainers
  8. 8. Create an EpidemicINVEST in relationships. Find & engage:ConnectorsMavensSales People
  9. 9. What Needs to be Done?What do establishedco-op stores do whenthey want to expand?Milestones:Who, How, What?Lunch Dates with Joe(Prioritizing Time)
  10. 10. Weekly Average of Time Spent10% Communications with Community50% Volunteer Support and Management20% Membership recruitment &Community Partnerships10% Board Support10% Consultants & Other Co-op Associations
  11. 11. Analyze
  12. 12. Leadership RenewalBiggest hurdle?Between Major EventsREFRESH Your Team
  13. 13. Preparing to Open• Put Your Membersto Work!• Get out into theCommunity• Volunteer Greeters
  14. 14. No Longer ___ing in Isolation• Peer Support• Find expertise• Learn
  15. 15. Who’s Your Network?Neighboring Food Co-ops:• 33 Co-ops & Start-Ups• 80,000 memberships• 1,450 employees• $28.6 million in wages• $200 million revenue• $33 million in
  16. 16. • Systems & Support• Roles• Structure of Teams & “Campaign”Planning = Key
  17. 17. You are Creatinga Business That:• Community ownership & control• Focus on service, meeting needs before profit• Develop local skills & assets• Ability to assemble limited resources• Regional economic efficiencies• Low business failure rate & are long-lived• Difficult to move or buy-out• Separate community wealth from speculative markets• Mobilize member, customer and supplier loyalty…
  18. 18. What’s in the WorksContact:Jake.Schlachter@gmail.com937.838.4404
  19. 19. Questions?
  20. 20. Bonnie Hudspeth, Outreach CoordinatorNeighboring Food Co-op // Co-ops!The Neighboring Food Co-op Association //