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MasterCard and Penrillian Partnership in NFC


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Presentation by Ian Hetherington of Penrillianat the June 2014 NFC Forum Tap Into NFC Developer Event.

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MasterCard and Penrillian Partnership in NFC

  1. 1. MasterCard and Penrillian Partnership in NFC Ian Hetherington Head of Sales and Marketing | Penrillian June 17, 2014 | Edinburgh
  2. 2. Why we’re here… Introduce ourselves (first time at NFC Forum today!) Introduce MasterCard Tap & Go. Explain how we built Tap & Go using the Mobile MasterCard PayPass UI SDK. + =
  3. 3. Who we are…
  4. 4. Penrillian and Mobile Payments a/c management app server PrePay Solutions Financial Backend
  5. 5. MasterCard Tap & Go Challenge: Build an NFC payment app with the MasterCard MMPP UI SDK and integrate with a prepaid card.
  6. 6. Business Context Pilot with Mobistar and MasterCard 500 staff of MasterCard Belgium office and identified Mobistar users PPS as issuer, processor and programme manager Penrillian as mobile technology partner Oberthur as Sim card fulfilment partner Using the MasterCard SDK Linked to a mobile Application Use “Virtual Card” for online payments Real-time balance and transaction history shown in App Available on Samsung Galaxy S4
  7. 7. How we did it… UI App (Payment) Mobile Device UI Component API MMPP Payment API MMPP UI API MMPP Cardlet* Secure Element Business Logic API PPSE MMPP Cardlet- Mobile MasterCard PayPass cardlet Application Image from MasterCard MMPPUI Presentation © 2011 PPS Mobile App Server PPS Authorisation Platform
  8. 8. Outcome
  9. 9. Lessons learned… SDK White Label App works A great reference app for those looking to integrate SDK was easy to customise, e.g. we used custom data fields on the SIM cardlet. We built it (twice) and it works – you could too!