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Bridging Digital & Physical Retail with NFC: A New White Paper


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Matt Bright, Chair of the NFC Forum’s Retail and Payment Working Group, hosts the Retail and Payment Webinar! Matt explains how NFC technology can grow revenues, enhance the customer experience and help provide long-lasting relationships in the changing retail environment. Case studies are presented from Smartrac, Thinfilm, Blue Bite, and 1trueid.

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Bridging Digital & Physical Retail with NFC: A New White Paper

  1. 1. BRIDGING DIGITAL & PHYSICAL RETAIL WITH NFC: A NEW WHITE PAPER Matt Bright, Retail and Payment SIG Chair November 14, 2018 1
  2. 2. AGENDA 2 ● Introducing a new NFC Forum White Paper: “Bridging Digital and Physical Retail with NFC” ● Retail and Payment Industry Trends, Tips for Reaching the Connected Consumer ● NFC Technology Applications and Case Studies – Presented by: Smartrac – Amir Khosh, Global Partnerships, Alliances and Product Marketing Blue Bite – Rachel Furst, Director of Product Marketing 1trueID – Carlo Carminati, Sales and Marketing Director Thinfilm – Paul Butler, Product Management ● Getting Started with NFC ● Q&A
  3. 3. INTRODUCING A NEW WHITE PAPER: “BRIDGING DIGITAL AND PHYSICAL RETAIL WITH NFC” 1. What is NFC and How Does it Work? 2. The opportunity for brands and retailers 3. The consumer journey  Pre-purchase  In-store  Post-purchase 4. Smart NFC brand & retail strategies 5. 11 tips for successful NFC campaigns 6. Taking the next step 3
  5. 5. RETAIL & BRAND REALITIES  Consumer loyalty is fading: 90 of the top 100 Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands have seen their share decline  2/3 of consumers surveyed said that the number of companies or brands they consider when making purchase decisions has increased significantly compared with 10 years ago.  Customer Experience scores have plateaued 5
  6. 6. RETAIL & BRAND REALITIES  Mobile has become the preferred way to get online  Even traditional in-store retail depends on mobile  Consumers tested in five in-store retail scenarios preferred using NFC 2 to 1 over QR codes and as much as 8 to 1 over Bluetooth beacons 6
  7. 7. HOW TO REACH THE CONNECTED CONSUMER 7 1) Find ways to build bridges between the physical and virtual worlds 2) Find ways to break through the noise, capture the shoppers attention and build a positive perception of your brand 3) Drive engagement by delivering product info, benefits, offers on demand
  8. 8. HOW TO REACH THE CONNECTED CONSUMER 8 4) The easier consumers can engage with your content, the better 5) It pays to maintain the relationship beyond the sale 6) Broader use of analytics can deepen your understanding of customer behavior
  11. 11. SOCCER BALL CASE STUDY 12 ● What was the challenge?  Counterfeit Products ● Goals – trying to accomplish  Authentication & Customer Insights ● What is the implementation – product, label, etc.?  Digitization of Adidas World Cup Telstar Soccer Ball through Smartrac Enablement Stations
  12. 12. CUSTOMER REFERENCE - ADIDAS 13 ● Sensor Technology  NFC Embedded CIRCUS FLEX tag ● Deployment  FIFA World Cup Issue Official Game Ball ● Touch-points  600K ● Project  Telstar 18, the Official Match Ball for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, is the first-ever match ball to feature an embedded NFC tag. Upon interaction – each ball generates a unique identifier, unlocking exclusive content and information for the user. The personalized customer experience displays specific details of each ball, and provides access to different challenges, which users can enter in the run-up to the World Cup.
  15. 15. 16 Sneaker Con x Blue Bite Product Authentication: Case Study
  16. 16. 17 ● Challenge:  Sneaker Con wanted a more bulletproof solution to their LEGIT tag; one that physically verified authenticity in a tamper-proof way, and that could communicate digitally to sneakerheads. ● Goals  To become the standard of what is authentic, and to create a digital marketplace and community for sneakerheads to strike deals. ● Implementation  Physical, NFC-enabled tag that could be fastened to sneakers ● Enablement  Product authentication Sneaker Con x Blue Bite Product Authentication: Case Study
  17. 17. 18 ● Solution:  Two-part solution: • Improvements to the real-life authentication process at Sneaker Con convention • Creation of an official Sneaker Con digital marketplace app  Convention: • All sneakers sold/traded had to be verified “legit” by authenticators • If sneakers were genuine, authenticator would activate a physical NFC-enabled LEGIT tag with the sneakers’ details (brand, model, size, condition, etc.) and an official Sneaker Con digital stamp of authenticity. • The LEGIT tag was fastened to the sneaker • Digital details could not be changed or reversed • Physical tag used a special tamper-proof mechanism so it could not be removed Sneaker Con x Blue Bite Product Authentication: Case Study
  18. 18. 19 ● Solution Continued:  App: • Marketplace app where sneakerheads could buy/sell sneakers • App integrated with the authentication process at the show: once an authenticator certified a sneaker, an attendee could easily add it to their virtual closet by simply tapping the new LEGIT tag • The app would display a LEGIT badge next to the product image, indicating the sneaker was authenticated in person by Sneaker Con experts. • The only way to receive a LEGIT badge in the online marketplace was to physically tap an NFC enabled LEGIT tag. ● Results:  Enablement of 3,235 LEGIT tags, with an activation rate of 34% in less than 60 days  In the first month of the launch, Sneaker Con’s app had over 50, 000 downloads Sneaker Con x Blue Bite Product Authentication: Case Study
  20. 20. ALESSANDRO GHERARDI TAILOR MADE 21 Carlo Carminati Sales & Marketing Director
  21. 21. 1TRUEID - ALESSANDRO GHERARDI TAILOR MADE 22 BENEFITS • Enhanced customer experience via personalised service offerings that adapt to individual needs • Device data can provide a 360 degree view of the customer • Process digitisation/automation • Social Blockchain of goods CH A L L E N G E • Finding an adequate technology to support and manage all the business information • Creating washable tags to insert in the shirts • Seamless digital identity Project Name: Su Misura Status: On going Industry sector(s): Fashion / Luxury Region(s) from: Italy KEY FACTS GOALS • Tracking Made to Mesure production with NFC • Resellers management • Anti Counterfeiting • Automatic Identification • Traceability
  22. 22. 23 1TRUEID - ALESSANDRO GHERARDI TAILOR MADE IMPLEMENTATION Phase 1: Tag application on made to measure shirt Phase 2: Tag encoding with ERP data Phase 3: End user features Phase 4: Reseller features
  23. 23. 24 1TRUEID - ALESSANDRO GHERARDI TAILOR MADE RESULTS Thanks to this digital project, Alessandro Gherardi could identify every single customized «Su Misura» shirt, through the NFC technology. The electronic identification of the customized shirts and textiles created during the production phase, supports the communication with the end customer and helps having more efficient operations between resellers and dealers. The solution based on 1TrueID platform, offers furthermore the item´s warranty of originality, producer and dealer traceability. All of this combined definitively creates a different and superior customer experience.
  24. 24. THINFILM CASE STUDY PRESENTED BY: PAUL BUTLER, PRODUCT MANAGEMENT Advancing Near Field Communication Technology25
  25. 25. BARBADILLO: NFC “TAP & WIN” IN SPAIN Challenge:  Promote white wine for summer drinking with seafood Goals:  Increase sales of Castillo de San Diego in coastal areas  Drive in-store & at-home activity through contest entries  Build email list for future promotions  Generate brand buzz across media channels Implementation:  Integrated approach: Hardware + Software + Conversion  NFC-enabled ‘neck collar’ applied to bottles  126,000 bottles deployed nationwide in Spain  200+ major retail outlets  Prizes up to €1000
  26. 26. Barbadillo NFC “Tap & Win”
  27. 27. BARBADILLO “DANDO EN EL BLANCO”: RESULTS Results & Insights: Winner: Marketing Promotion 26% 61% 11% 54% 14% 30% Thinfilm - 10x more traffic than Social / Facebook - 4x more engagement than banner / display ads - Even better than Google Search / Google Banner / Display Ad Social / Facebook 54% of brand engagement came from NFC and Thinfilm SpeedTap™ enabled bottles Inner circle: Share of paid traffic Outer circle: Engagement per source 2x Increase in subscribers over traditional URL / QR campaigns 2.8x Time spent on site vs. all other traffic sources 33% Of consumers interacted from 2+ locations
  28. 28. GETTING STARTED WITH NFC Advancing Near Field Communication Technology29
  29. 29. GETTING STARTED WITH NFC: PRE-PURCHASE USE CASES 30 Drive response through smart packages and hang tags Build a personal connection through showroom appointments Creating buzz through non- traditional ads
  30. 30. GETTING STARTED WITH NFC: IN-STORE USE CASES 31 Engage consumers with smart signage Deliver one-on-one service to shoppers Deliver timely offers at the point of sale Promote app use to strengthen customer loyalty Offer a connection to social media Support chatbot conversations for better service Optimize availability and inventory through omnichannel integration Make loyalty programs more convenient for customers
  31. 31. GETTING STARTED WITH NFC: IN-STORE USE CASES 32 Build customer relationships via vending machines Provide fast, simple, secure payment at fixed and mobile points of sale Enable kiosks, pop-up stores, fairs, and micro-merchants Assure product quality through integrated sensing Provide product authentication for premium goods Confirm product integrity to drive sales
  32. 32. GETTING STARTED WITH NFC: POST-PURCHASE USE CASES 33 Deliver post-sale product added value and messaging to continue the relationship Support automated or subscription purchases and reorders Cross-selling and upselling via e-commerce Connecting consumers to warranty registration, support, customer service Enabling personalized gifting Opening a channel for timely feedback
  33. 33. LEARN MORE: FREE RESOURCES FROM THE NFC FORUM RETAIL & PAYMENT SIG Advancing Near Field Communication Technology34 1. Infographic: Next- Generation Retail and Brand Experience https://nfc- generation-retail-brand- experience-customer- journey-infographic/
  34. 34. LEARN MORE: FREE RESOURCES FROM THE NFC FORUM RETAIL & PAYMENT SIG Advancing Near Field Communication Technology35 2. Major Study: Mobile Consumers Prefer NFC Technology over Alternatives
  35. 35. JOIN THE NFC FORUM 36 ● Brands, Retailers, and Technology Providers: Becoming an NFC Forum member helps you drive NFC adoption, awareness and education!  Visit the NFC Forum website to learn about key NFC technical and compliance specifications  Learn about the benefits of NFC Membership  View NFC Case Studies and 2018 Innovation Award Winners  Share NFC-enabled products on our NFC Product Showcase  Join the Retail & Payment SIG to shape the conversation around NFC’s use in retail and payment applications
  36. 36. Q&A 37
  37. 37. THANK YOU! Advancing Near Field Communication Technology38