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PT105: Microsegmentation Made Easy


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Make sure your critical applications are protected with the latest in microsegmentation technologies! In this technology-focused session, Nutanix product managers will explain how to deploy and manage built-in Acropolis Microsegmentation Services to secure east-west traffic flows in your private cloud environment. See how to define application-specific policies that can secure VMs, container-based applications and microservices – without investing in complex and costly SDNs.

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PT105: Microsegmentation Made Easy

  1. 1. @nutanix #nextconf #PT105 Sridhar D, Sr. Director Product Management Prabu R, Director, Product Marketing
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  4. 4. Evolved from pointed attacks to multi-staged Initial breach almost inevitable – focus on containment Explore and exploit all attack surfaces
  5. 5. Problem statement – the Why? •Increasing data breaches and ransomware attacks are costing customers millions of dollars •Most modern threats originate from the inside from compromised or malicious users •Traditional network perimeter based security solutions inadequate to protect against threats •Need for ubiquitous security enforcement that’s centrally managed through an automated policy framework
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