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Nutanix NEXT on Tour - Maarssen, Netherlands


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Ontmoet Nutanix, IT Industry experts en uw peers voor een dynamische middag sessie in De Glazen Ruimte te Maarssen. Als deelnemer laten we u Nutanix Acropolis en Prism zien, oplossingen voor de volgende generatie enterprise computing, met als afsluiting een cocktail hour.

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Nutanix NEXT on Tour - Maarssen, Netherlands

  1. 1. WELCOME & INTRODUCTIONS Patrick van de Werken Regional Director Northern Europe (NEUR) Benelux, Nordics, Baltics
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda 13.00–14:00h : Keynote: What's .NEXT for Your Datacenter? : Julie O’Brien 14:00–15:00h : Insights into Nutanix Acropolis & Prism : Binny Gill 15:30–15:45h : Nutanix in daily practice @ HERO : Paul Weijland 15.45–16.00h : Nutanix in daily practice @ OGD : Joep Piscaer 16:00–16:45h : Analyst Market Update (IDC) & Panel Discussion : Julie O’Brien 16:45–18:00h : Drink(s) & Networking
  3. 3. European Adoption
  4. 4. Massive Local Adoption
  5. 5. Nutanix Global .NEXT Sponsors
  6. 6. Nutanix Benchmark- Fall 2015 400 Organizations within the Netherlands • Profit Market, Non-Profit Market Subject Matter • Future ready data centers & associated IT strategy • Planning around digital transformation and how Dutch organizations are “building” Soon downloadable • via ! • ETA: 3e week December
  7. 7. What’s .NEXT for Your Datacenter Julie O’Brien VP, Corporate Marketing
  8. 8. 1,000 Attendees from 44 Countries
  9. 9. Broad Customer Adoption Public Sector Manufacturing Retail Education Healthcare Technology Financial Services Energy
  10. 10. Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integrated Systems 2015 Strengths • Nutanix is a complete infrastructure solutions company, providing its customers flexibility in their choice of hypervisors and cloud usage • Nutanix has gained market credibility and established a worldwide presence • The Acropolis scale-out architecture, along with the ability to scale compute and storage independently, enables users to grow Nutanix deployments incrementally to meet application needs
  11. 11. Making Complex Simple Making Simple Invisible
  12. 12. Just Works Invisible …
  13. 13. Invisible … Removes Constraints
  14. 14. Invisible … Eliminates Guesswork
  15. 15. The Best IT Infrastructure Is You Can’t See
  16. 16. Legacy Infrastructure Is Not Invisible 1. Inherent Complexity 2. Inefficient Silos 3. Forklift Scaling
  17. 17. Hyperconvergence Solves the Data Problem Converging compute, storage and virtualization Server Network Shared Storage (SAN/NAS)
  18. 18. Design Point for Invisible Infrastructure Design Principles • Unbranded x86 servers: fail-fast systems • No special purpose appliances • All intelligence and services in software • Extensive automation and rich analytics • Distributed everything Benefits • Linear, predictable scale-out • Always-on systems • Fast innovation in software • Operational simplicity • Lower TCO
  19. 19. X C P Make Cloud Invisible Make Virtualization Invisible Make Storage Invisible Invisible Infrastructure
  20. 20. Business Value Study of Nutanix 5-Year ROI 510% Payback Period 7.5 Months 5-Year TCO Savings 58% Management of Nutanix Environment 71% Less Time Unplanned downtime 98% Fewer Occurrences Deployment of Storage 85% Faster Key Performance Improvements Business Value
  21. 21. Support That Delivers 97% Customer Satisfaction 45+ Spare Parts Depots 90+ Net Promoter Score “Follow the Sun” support 24X7X365 78 Countries 12 Languages 6 Support Centers 1K Annual Part Shipments 20K+ Servers Supported
  22. 22. Nutanix in 30 Seconds Invisible Infrastructure Why What Hyperconvergence How Web-Scale Just Works Eliminates Guesswork Removes Constraints
  23. 23. EMEA
  24. 24. What’s .NEXT for Your Datacenter Binny Gill Chief Architect, Nutanix @binnygill
  25. 25. Node 2 Node NNode 1 Evolution of the datacenter Application Application Application C1 C2
  26. 26. Node 2 Node NNode 1 Evolution of the datacenter Hypervisor Hypervisor Hypervisor VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM C1 C2 Flash Flash FlashFlashFlash
  27. 27. Node 2 Node NNode 1 Evolution of the datacenter Hypervisor Hypervisor Hypervisor VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VMCVM CVM CVM Local (Flash + HDD) Single Storage Pool Natively Supports Snapshots Clones Compression De-duplication
  28. 28. The Nutanix Choice: HyperConvergence Cisco, Arista, Brocade, Avaya ESXi Physical Infra Apps… Nutanix Hyper-V Cisco, Arista, Brocade, Avaya HP, Dell, Cisco NetApp, EMC Qlogic, Emulex VMware, MSFT, Redhat Brocade, Cisco … Virtual Infra KVM
  29. 29. Distributed Storage Fabric App Mobility Fabric Azure VMware ESXi Microsoft Hyper-V AWS Acropolis Infrastructure Management Operational Insights Remediation Acropolis Hypervisor Nutanix Product Families Two Product Families: Nutanix Acropolis and Nutanix Prism Xtreme Computing Platform Prism
  30. 30. Distributed Storage Fabric Performance acceleration Capacity efficiency Disaster recovery Data protection Resiliency Security No-Compromise Enterprise Storage Capabilities Distributed Storage Fabric App Mobility Fabric Azure VMware ESXi Microsoft Hyper-V AWS Acropolis Acropolis Hypervisor
  31. 31. Hyperconvergence with Web-Scale Foundation Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor Distributed Data, Metadata and Services + Always-on Operation Enterprise Storage • Snapshots and clones • Deduplication and compression • Locality, tiering, caching, balancing Data Protection • Local and remote backups • Multi-site Sync and Asyc Replication • Backup to cloud Security • SDLC • Custom STIG • Data at rest encryption • Two-factor auth Resilience • Data path redundancy • Tunable redundancy • Availability domains • Data integrity checks
  32. 32. Simplified Sizing New Hardware platforms Application Optimizations Next-Gen Storage Optimization What’s New in the Distributed Storage Fabric • Configure-to-Order (CTO) • Nutanix Sizer • Storage only node NX-6035C • All-flash node NX-9000 • Native multi-protocol with new iSCSI Support (Example: Exchange) • VM flash mode (Example: Oracle) • Erasure Coding (EC-X) Backup and DR • Self-Service File Level Restore • CommVault Integration • Microsoft Azure Integration
  33. 33. Demo Distributed Storage Fabric Creating Storage Container
  34. 34. Acropolis Hypervisor and App Mobility Fabric Integrated Virtualization • VM placement, migration, conversion, etc. • Integrated DR and HA • Wide range of certifications • Path to container technologies • Rich API Set Distributed Storage Fabric App Mobility Fabric Azure VMware ESXi Microsoft Hyper-V AWS Acropolis Acropolis Hypervisor
  35. 35. The Nutanix Choice: Invisible Infrastructure Cisco, Arista, Brocade, Avaya ESXi Physical Infra Apps… Nutanix Hyper-V Cisco, Arista, Brocade, Avaya HP, Dell, Cisco NetApp, EMC Qlogic, Emulex VMware, MSFT, Redhat Brocade, Cisco … Virtual Infra KVMAHV
  36. 36. Legacy Virtualization in a SAN World LUN-centric Storage Hypervisor Bloat Lock-in Lower Mobility Shelfware Hypervisor has taken on data services that belong in storage VM-centric Data Services Hypervisor Storage Virtualized Computing
  37. 37. Legacy Simpler Stack Nutanix Converged Stack for Virtualization and Storage LUN-centric Storage Virtualized Computing VM-centric Data Services Hypervisor Storage Virtualized Computing VM-centric Data Services
  38. 38. • Host Profiles • Integrated Virtual Networking • Hypervisor Upgrades • Host Maintenance Mode • Simplified Scaling • VM CRUD Operations • Resource Scheduling • Live Migration • VM Snapshots and Clones • Dynamic IP Address Management • VM Analytics Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor Hypervisor VM
  39. 39. Demo App Mobility Fabric Hypervisor Mobility
  40. 40. NetSuite Customer SaaS: Business Software $550M Revenue 2014 3 IT Groups Selling to Internal IT Pain Point Mgmt. Complexity: Heterogeneous Environment Old hardware Small staff Mandate to move away from VMware Nutanix Deployment 2 x 3360 – G4 with AHV 40 Server VMs 100 Desktop VMs Workloads: Remote desktops using RDP: AD / DNS / DC Confluence Developer build machines. Why AHV: Top Mgmt. Mandate to remove VMware
  41. 41. Nintendo Customer Nintendo America E-commerce apps for in- game purchase Unix/Linux engineering group hosting Oracle workload. Pain Point Storage Complexity: High hardware refresh costs for bare metal Oracle. Initially considering only virtualizing Middleware servers. Nutanix Deployment 47 nodes 8 clusters 2 x 3361, 4 x 3461 2 x 3360, 4 x 3460 AHV Workloads: Splunk, Middleware, Oracle RAC Why AHV: Prism is simpler than vCenter.
  42. 42. Acropolis Hypervisor: Broad Ecosystem Support Windows Server Applications and Technology Guest Operating Systems Hardware and Runtime
  43. 43. Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp on Acropolis Hypervisor Citrix StoreFront XenDesktop Delivery Controller Acropolis Hypervisor Citrix Sharefile & File services SQL Server & Infra /network services VM Citrix Studio, Director, And EdgeSight VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM Acropolis Hypervisor Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor is now certified Citrix Ready for Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp Citrix NetScaler VPX
  44. 44. What is Acropolis VM-centric storage Integrated virtualization Intelligent cross-hypervisor VM placement Turnkey compute, storage and virtualization Distributed Storage Fabric App Mobility Fabric Azure VMware ESXi Microsoft Hyper-V AWSAcropolis Acropolis Hypervisor
  45. 45. Prism: Integrated Management for Storage and Virtualization Purpose built for HCI Single pane of glass Single vendor support Always-on management during planned maintenance or unplanned disruption Automated lifecycle management Leaner stack GUI CLI API EASY Distributed Control Plane with Web-Scale Attributes Simple Available Easy to Use { }
  46. 46. Simplified Datacenter Management • Storage Management • Cluster Management • VM Management • Network Management Once-click Infrastructure Management • Proactive Alert Analysis • Service Impact Analysis • Intelligent Root Cause Analysis • Remediation Advisor One-click Remediation • Capacity Behavior Trends • Capacity Optimization Advisor • What-if Analysis • Customizable Dashboards One-click Operational Insights
  47. 47. Prism Instant Search
  48. 48. Demo Prism Search and Dashboards + End to End DC Operations
  49. 49. Any Applications at Any Scale on Any Cloud Distributed Storage Fabric App Mobility Fabric Azure Vmware ESXi Microsoft Hyper-V AWS Acropolis Infrastructure Management Operational Insights Remediation Prism Acropolis Hypervisor Xtreme Computing Platform
  50. 50. Any Application at Any Scale on Any Cloud VDI Branch Office Data Protection & Disaster Recovery Private & Hybrid Clouds Messaging & Collaboration Big Data Enterprise Applications
  51. 51. Nutanix Global Services Offerings Education Services Consulting Services Customer Advocacy Innovative Learning 9.8/10 CSAT Score Trusted Advisor
  52. 52. Try Acropolis For Free  Acropolis + Prism  Broad Hardware Support  Zero Cost COMMUNITY EDITION
  53. 53. THANK YOU
  54. 54. Paul Weijland, ICT Manager
  55. 55. Wie zijn wij? Hero • Henckel und Roth •Onderdeel van de Hero Group (Lenzburg, Zwitserland) •Vestigingen in 19 landen verspreid over de hele wereld •Omzet > 2200 mio •4500 medewerkers wereldwijd •Waarvan 2100 IT eindgebruikers •Hero Benelux: 145 medewerkers, omzet 90 mio
  56. 56. Wat is ons assortiment? Hero Benelux
  57. 57. ICT Visie & Strategie Hero Benelux •Gebaseerd op IT Savvy •ICT als Business Enabler, verlaat de engineroom •Standaardiseren, integreren en digitaliseren van processen •Asset Life Cycle (3jr) – Lease •ICT Governance – bewaak de architectuur
  58. 58. ICT organisatie Hero Benelux •Kennis en kunde gericht op de business •Gebruik best practices •Inzet van standaard services (IAAS, SAAS) •Gebruik externe implementatie partners •Intern beheer
  59. 59. Aanleiding voor nieuwe DC Hardware Hero Benelux •Life-cycle operationele SAN’s liep af •Last van latency •Op zoek naar VDI capaciteit •Huidige omgeving werd te klein •Datacenter bevatte te veel componenten om flexible te kunnen zijn
  60. 60. Eisen en wensenlijst voor de nieuwe DC Hardware. Hero Benelux •Uiterst stabiele oplossing •Geen specialistische kennis nodig •Goede support organisatie •Eenvoudig in beheer •Down-time overbodig (Apple update policy) •Flexibel in uitbreiding
  61. 61. De oplossing! Hero Benelux Van: •Oude Dell Equallogic’s terug naar leasemij (2X , Storage) •Dell R620 compute systemen uitfaseren (6X , Compute) •1 GB Datacenter switches terug naar leasemij (4X , Switching) Naar: •Nutanix Block NX1050 (3X, Compute en Storage) •10GB Cisco switch (2X, Switching)
  62. 62. Het resultaat Hero Benelux •Maximaal 5 dagen per jaar nodig voor onderhoud •50% kleinere footprint in het Datacenter •Tot op heden geen downtime •Latency problemen zijn opgelost •Een uiterst stabiele factor in onze infrastructuur •Een zeer attent en kundig supportcenter
  63. 63. Wat doet de heart beat? Hero Nutanix Dashboard
  64. 64. Vragen? Hero Benelux
  65. 65. Joep Piscaer CTO, OGD ict-diensten @jpiscaer
  66. 66. Het OGD IaaS platform Wat en waarom
  67. 67. Het OGD IaaS platform Waarom Nutanix?
  68. 68. THANK YOU