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NF102: Nutanix AHV Basics


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Nutanix Enterprise Cloud makes virtualization invisible, leveraging Nutanix's built-in and license free hypervisor – AHV. This powerful introduction to AHV and Prism's integrated virtualization management explains the benefits of converging the virtualization layer with the infrastructure stack. A veteran Nutanix engineer will demonstrate how easy it is to provision new workloads on AHV, and manage the full virtualization environment via Prism. See all of the enterprise-grade capabilities that make AHV the perfect choice for your applications and IT budget.

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NF102: Nutanix AHV Basics

  1. 1. @nutanix #nextconf #NF102 NF102: AHV Basics Mike Wronski, AHV / Virtualization and Networking Product Team Seb Hakiel, Enterprise Architect
  2. 2. Forward-­‐Looking  Statement  Disclaimer   This  presentation  and  the  accompanying  oral  commentary  may  include  express  and  implied  forward-­‐looking  statements,  including  but not  limited  to   statements  concerning  our  business  plans  and  objectives,  product  features  and  technology  that  are  under  development  or  in  process  and   capabilities  of  such  product  features  and  technology,  our  plans  to  introduce  product  features  in  future  releases,  the  implementation  of  our  products   on  additional  hardware  platforms,  strategic  partnerships  that  are  in  process,  product  performance,  competitive  position,  industry  environment,  and   potential  market  opportunities.  These  forward-­‐looking  statements  are  not  historical  facts,  and  instead  are  based  on  our  current  expectations,   estimates,  opinions  and  beliefs.    The  accuracy  of  such  forward-­‐looking  statements  depends  upon  future  events,  and  involves  risks,  uncertainties  and   other  factors  beyond  our  control  that  may  cause  these  statements  to  be  inaccurate  and  cause  our  actual  results,  performance  or  achievements  to   differ  materially  and  adversely  from  those  anticipated  or  implied  by  such  statements,  including,  among  others:  failure  to  develop,  or  unexpected   difficulties  or  delays  in  developing,  new  product  features  or  technology  on  a  timely  or  cost-­‐effective  basis;  delays  in  or  lack  of  customer  or  market   acceptance  of  our  new  product  features  or  technology;  the  failure  of  our  software  to  interoperate  on  different  hardware  platforms;  failure  to  form,   or  delays  in  the  formation  of,  new  strategic  partnerships  and  the  possibility  that  we  may  not  receive  anticipated  results  from  forming  such  strategic   partnerships;  the  introduction,  or  acceleration  of  adoption  of,  competing  solutions,  including  public  cloud  infrastructure;  a shift  in  industry  or   competitive  dynamics  or  customer  demand;  and  other  risks  detailed  in  our  Annual  Report  on  Form  10-­‐K  for  the  fiscal  year  ended  July  31,  2017,  filed   with  the  SEC,  filed  with  the  Securities  and  Exchange  Commission.  These  forward-­‐looking  statements  speak  only  as  of  the  date  of  this  presentation   and,  except  as  required  by  law,  we  assume  no  obligation  to  update  forward-­‐looking  statements  to  reflect  actual  results  or  subsequent  events  or   circumstances.    Any  future  product  or  roadmap  information  is  intended  to  outline  general  product  directions,  and  is  not  a  commitment,  promise  or   legal  obligation  for  Nutanix  to  deliver  any  material,  code,  or  functionality.    This  information  should  not  be  used  when  making  a purchasing  decision.     Further,  note  that  Nutanix  has  made  no  determination  as  to  if  separate  fees  will  be  charged  for  any  future  product  enhancements  or  functionality   which  may  ultimately  be  made  available.    Nutanix  may,  in  its  own  discretion,  choose  to  charge  separate  fees  for  the  delivery  of  any  product   enhancements  or  functionality  which  are  ultimately  made  available. Certain  information  contained  in  this  presentation  and  the  accompanying  oral  commentary  may  relate  to  or  be  based  on  studies, publications,   surveys  and  other  data  obtained  from  third-­‐party  sources  and  our  own  internal  estimates  and  research.  While  we  believe  these  third-­‐party  studies,   publications,  surveys  and  other  data  are  reliable  as  of  the  date  of  this  presentation,  they  have  not  independently  verified,  and we  make  no   representation  as  to  the  adequacy,  fairness,  accuracy,  or  completeness  of  any  information  obtained  from  third-­‐party  sources. Trademark  Disclaimer   ©  2017  Nutanix,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.    Nutanix,  the  Enterprise  Cloud  Platform,  the  Nutanix  logo  and  any  other  Nutanix  products  and  features   mentioned  herein  are  registered  trademarks  or  trademarks  of  Nutanix,  Inc.  in  the  United  States  and  other  countries.  All  other brand  names  and   logos  mentioned  herein  are  for  identification  purposes  only  and  are  the  property  of  their  respective  holder(s),  Nutanix  may  not  associated  with,  or   sponsored  or  endorsed  by  such  holder(s). Disclaimer
  3. 3. The Journey to AHV – Why Does Nutanix Have a Hypervisor? • Segmented / Manual Management • Limited native HA • No native load balancing • Manual monitoring • Limited planning tools • Command Line Tools Nutanix AHV Hyper-V Prism Deduplication vSphere Support Scale-out storage KVM Support Multi-cluster Management Native Virtualization with AHV Backup to AWS AHV VM High Availability Backup to Azure VM Flash Mode Erasure Coding Product Launch 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 VM-centric Backup + DR Non-disruptive Upgrades Compression 4x Faster Performance Hypervisor Conversion Prism Pro with X-Fit 2016 Block Services Container Support File Services Self-Service Portal What-if Analysis AHV Dynamic Scheduling 2017 XenServer Support Centralized upgrades Obelix, Micro-segmentation
  4. 4. Virtualization App App Integrated, scale-out compute and storage Virtualization App App Storage Controller Storage Controller Storage Controller Storage Controller Server Server Storage Controller Storage Controller with built-in virtualization and management Convergence Journey: 3 Tier to HCI Enterprise Cloud with AHV
  5. 5. Hypervisor Management Hypervisor or Management? Load Balancing (DRS) VM Migration CPU Scheduling VM Availability (HA) Virtual Devices Virtual Memory Alerts & Alarms VM Placement Network Policy Monitoring Orchestration Security “Real value comes from ease of management, orchestration, and operational insights”
  6. 6. Converged Journey: Nutanix HCI with AHV Capacity Planning Monitoring / Insights VM Management Hypervisor Storage Services LUN Centric Storage Prism Management AHV Hypervisor DSF/ABS/AFS/ACS Nutanix Prism and AHV Enterprise Cloud
  7. 7. What Is the Enterprise Cloud OS? GCPAWS
  8. 8. Value: Deep Integration • Performance - Storage Optimized • Visibility - Single Location / Full Stack • Machine Learning - ADS (a.k.a DRS)
  9. 9. Value: Operational Efficiency / Lower TCO Virtualization Prism VUM Management Storage vROps vRAC vCenter … 3rd Party Storage Services ESXi vSAN NSX AHV OVS Nutanix AMF/DSF AFS ABS ACS
  10. 10. Value: Security • Automated Security Development Lifecycle (SecDL) • Custom Secure Technical Implementation Guide • Automated Configuration Validation & Remediation • Data at Rest Encryption (HW or Software Based) • Network Security - Microsegmentation • Security Certifications
  11. 11. Tech Features: VM High Availability What it does: • Auto restart user VMs after host failure • Policy enabled through Prism • AHV picks the best admission control policy: – Reserved segments (default) – Reserved host Benefits • Always-on VMs • Reduced administrator overhead
  12. 12. Tech Features: Acropolis Dynamic Scheduling • Automatic Detection, and re-mediation of CPU and storage hot-spots • Initial VM Placement • Following anomalies are detected: • CPU hot spots • Storage controller hot spots • Affinity rule violation • If anomalies are found, re-mediation by: • Intelligent live migration of VMs • Backed by Xfit machine learning • ABS iSCSI session re-direction
  13. 13. Tech Features: VM Affinity Rules VM<>VM  Anti-­affinity   VM-VM Anti-affinity: • Place and always keep a group of powered ON VMs on different hosts. Use Cases: • VM HA fault domain separation (e.g. SQL cluster) • Manual Hot Spot avoidance “Should” rule – best effort but can be violated.
  14. 14. Tech Features: Host Affinity Rules VM  <>  Host  Affinity VM-Host Affinity: • Place and always keep a powered ON VM on selected group of hosts Use Cases: • SW License Compliance • Security / Governance • Hardware Segmentation “Must” rule - never violated by: • Initial placement • HA • Host maintenance mode • ADS • Manual live migration
  15. 15. DEMO: Key Features and Functions DEMO
  16. 16. Ecosystem: Partners and Validations ü Microsoft SVVP ü Oracle Ready ü SAP Business Suite ü Citrix Ready Enterprise Application Ready
  17. 17. AHV Native Backup Ecosystem Partners Complete app-aware backup and recovery Optimized with workload across hypervisors, systems, and clouds self-service provisioning Cataloging and Indexing options Purpose-built & Application-aware Hypervisor-agnostic Storage Level Snapshots Backup to Cloud & NAS Nutanix-like simplicity Complete data management for all Nutanix workloads Automated protection policies, multi-hypervisor support Automated protection & restore workflow Premier availability solution provider for Nutanix virtualized environments Agentless solution with native integration Highest levels of availability and data protection for all applications and data CY17 CY17AvailableAvailable
  18. 18. Business Critical Applications on AHV 3 10 17 21 25 0 10 20 30 AHV NODES IN PRODUCTION
  19. 19. How do I get there? ü 1-Click ESXi -> AHV Conversion ü Cross Hypervisor DR / Replication ü Nutanix Xtract Tools ü SQL Migration – Best Practices ü ESXi to AHV VM Migration
  20. 20. Simple Onboarding with Xtract for VMs üAgentless migrations üNear-zero downtime üRetain network configurations üAuto AHV IO driver insertion Architecture Migration PlanDiscover and Assess Seeding and Cutover vCenter AHV Cluster ESX Cluster VM Inventory VM ESX Cluster VM √ESX Cluster VM AHV VM AHV ClusterAHVAHVVM Xtract
  21. 21. Questions?
  22. 22. @nutanix #nextconf #NF102 Thank You! Mike Wronski @MCWronski | Seb Hakiel @sebhakiel Trademark  Disclaimer   ©  2017  Nutanix,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.    Nutanix  and  the  Nutanix  logo  are  registered  trademarks  or  trademarks  of  Nutanix,  Inc.  in  the  United  States  and  other   countries.  All  other  brand  names  and  logos  mentioned  herein  are  for  identification  purposes  only  and  are  the  property  of  their  respective  holder(s),  Nutanix  may   not  associated  with,  or  sponsored  or  endorsed  by  such  holder(s).