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  1. 1. Furniture Styles Natalie Webb
  2. 2. Queen Anne The Drop leaf affect in the wood under the desk creates the significant Queen Anne look. I would use this desk in a more formal room that has warm fall colours.
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  4. 4. Chippendale The carved bird at the top of the chest of drawers indicates its Chippendale style. This chest of drawers would look great in a mansard style house. The top of the cabinet almost resembles the mansard style roof.
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  6. 6. Federal Style This table is very simple with a semi-circle geometric shape top. These characteristics are both represented in a federal style piece. You could use this table in ranch style home.
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  8. 8. Contemporary/Modern The funky style of this hanging chair is a good example of a Modern style. You could find this in a Modern style house/loft.
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  10. 10. Art Nouveau The continued wood up the wall resembles branches of a tree. You could use this bench outside of an Arts and Crafts style house to emphasize the character.
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  12. 12. Shaker This simple, small, yet roomy bedside table is a perfect example of the Shaker Style. This piece of furniture could be used in a Cape Cod style house, continuing the simple atmosphere.
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  14. 14. Empire This sleigh bed is a perfect example of the empire style. You could use this bed in a Queen Anne house, creating a classic look to any bed room.
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  16. 16. Hepplewhite The shield and heart back of the chair is the exact characteristic George Hepplewhite created in the 1700’s. This chair would be a perfect asset in Gothic revival house.
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  18. 18. Duncan Phyfe The mahogany wood this chair is made of is a classic part of the Duncan Phyfe style. This chair could be use in a Greek Revival style house. The back resembles a lyre which is commonly found in Greek Mythology.
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  20. 20. Baroque The intricately carved chair arms and legs represents the Baroque style. You could find this chair in the Gothic style home blending in with the surroundings.
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  22. 22. Spanish Baroque The richly carved and decorated throne is a perfect example of the Spanish Baroque style. This style of furniture could be found in a mansard style house, matching the elegant nature of the house.
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