OSDC 2014: Jordan Sissel - Find Happiness in your Logs


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Got logs? With so much technology powering your business, you need tools to help you identify problems and analyze past behavior. Apache 2.0-licensed Elasticsearch ELK stack is here to help you process, store, and visualize any kind of logging data, in real time, from any source imaginable!

Log management seems so boring. Log rotation, retention policy, grep, yuck! What are your servers are doing? Did last night's upgrade break anything? How your users are interacting with your products? Why did the site go down last weekend?

Get ready to turn your log pains into awesome visual insights and more!

BAM! Elasticsearch ELK! ELK stands for Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana. Each of these three are lovely, open source projects that, together, give you and your business log management superpowers.

This talk will primarily be done in three parts: open source and community, technology, and use cases.

* The first part will introduce each project and its success as open source software, most notably through supportive and open communities.
* The second part will discuss the each project and the problems solved.
* The third (and most exciting!) part will highlight a variety of use cases and problem that real humans are using Elasticsearch ELK to solve. Live demos of some use cases will be provided.

Attendees will leave the presentation totally full of excitement about this toolset and bursting with fresh ideas about how to tackle their sour logging problems.

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OSDC 2014: Jordan Sissel - Find Happiness in your Logs

  1. 1. Logstash find happiness in your logs with Elasticsearch ELK
  2. 2. Open Source
  3. 3. Apache 2.0 License Open Source
  4. 4. Open and Friendly Community Open Source
  5. 5. If a new user has a bad time, it’s a bug. Open Source
  6. 6. Technology
  7. 7. Logstash
  8. 8. Processing & Transport Logstash
  9. 9. Logstash FiltersInputs Outputs 42 51 54 Processing & Transport
  10. 10. Logstash Processing & Transport LAMP Example Apache Mysql PHP Syslog Nagios Elasticsearch Graphite IRC Parse: Latency, Bandwidth, and Errors Load Balancer
  11. 11. Logstash Example Inputs Files Graphite SNMPEmail Syslog TwitterTCP RabbitMQ
  12. 12. Logstash Example Filters Grok Date FingerprintGeoIP Multiline User Agent Key-Value
  13. 13. Logstash Example Outputs Elasticsearch Graphite XMPP Nagios Email Pagerduty S3
  14. 14. Elasticsearch
  15. 15. Near Real-Time Search & Analysis Elasticsearch
  16. 16. Scalable Elasticsearch
  17. 17. REST + JSON API Elasticsearch
  18. 18. Kibana
  19. 19. Visualization & Exploration Kibana
  20. 20. Use Cases
  21. 21. Share Logs with Your Tech Support Team Use Cases
  22. 22. Graph all things! Use Cases
  23. 23. Exploration by Non- Technical Users Use Cases
  24. 24. Troubleshooting Latency ? Latency Time X
  25. 25. Movie Releases Demo Use Cases
  26. 26. Apache Logs Demo Use Cases