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Stian Westlake Innovation In Growing Cities


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From Nesta's event on jobs innovation at the Birmingham Science Museum on 24 October 2013.

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Stian Westlake Innovation In Growing Cities

  1. 1. Accelera'ng  Growth  in  Ci'es  
  2. 2. Ci'es  face  an  unprecedented   jobs  challenge…  
  3. 3. Unemployment  remains  stubbornly  high…   Par$cularly  for  young  people…   And  in  specific  regions…   Challenges  remain  for  most  groups…  
  4. 4. …while  public  spending  has  been  reduced   Projected  spending  against  projected  revenue  for  Local  Authori$es*   *Funding  outlook  for  councils  from  2010/11  to  2019/20:  Preliminary  modelling,  Local  Government  Associa$on,  June  2012  
  5. 5. We  need  innova'on…  
  6. 6. A  lost  decade  of  Innova'on…   Steady  decline  in  UK  investment  falling  from  approximately  27  per  cent  in  1999  to  21  per  cent  in  2009  
  7. 7.  innova'on  funding  opportuni'es   are  emerging   City  Deals   Single  Local  Growth  Fund   EU  2014-­‐2020  Programme   Local  Economic  Partnerships  
  8. 8. David  Frost  –  Chair  of  LEP  Network  
  9. 9. Tools  to  bring  innova'on  alive…  
  10. 10. Accelerators…   Systema'c  but  flexible  way  to  support  new  businesses  and  entrepreneurs     Nesta  host  one  accelerator…   …and  have  invested  in  four  others  
  11. 11. Challenge  Prizes…   Challenge  prizes  offer  a  reward  to  whoever  can  first,  or  most  effec$vely,  meet  a  defined  challenge.  They  act  as  an   incen$ve  for  mee$ng  a  specific  challenge,  rather  than  an  award  for  past  achievements.   •  Nesta,  in  associa$on  with  the  Cabinet  Office,  offered  a  prize  for  the   innova$on  that  can  reduce  the  isola$on  and/or  increase  the  mobility  of   vulnerable  older   •  Five  finalists  received    £10,000  each  while  the  idea  that  demonstrates   the  most  success  will  be  awarded    £50,000   Radio  Club     The  AZer  Work  Club   Community  Cafe   Help  for  Isolated  LGBT  People   Tools  Company  for  Men  
  12. 12. Big  Data…   There’s  real  scope  to  harness  ‘big  data’  to  create  jobs  and  tackling  unemployment  by  pooling  data  sources,  mapping   clusters  and  matching  skills  of  job  seekers  to  short  term  employer  needs.    
  13. 13. Proving  Social  Innova'ons…   We  need  beber  data  and  rigorous  evalua$on  of   what  really  works  and  easy  access  to  compare   interven$ons.    
  14. 14. Targeted  Interven'ons…   We  have  iden$fied  many  projects  and   programmes  which  address  par$cular   gaps  in  the  labour  market.   hbp://  
  15. 15. Learn  more  at  our  workshops…   a)  Accelerator  Workshop  –  Vicki  Sellick   b)  Challenge  Prizes  Workshop  –  Tris  Dyson   c)  Big  Data  Workshop  –  S$an  Westlake