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  1. 1. AUG 102012Eduard Grossman ~ Israeli ArtEduard Grossman ~ Israeli ArtIsraeli ArtBiography Eduard Grossman was born in November, 1946 in Kendige-Pogost, inthe Komy Republic of Russia.In 1980 he earned an M.A. in Art at the Faculty of Painting and Graphics of the University ofMagnetogorsk.Between 1980 and 1990, Grossman held the post of top artist at the Institute for Art and Design inTashlibinsk, Russia.Grossman left Russia in 1991, and has lived and worked in Israel since then.
  2. 2. Highly appreciated by art critics, his works have been exhibited in Museums and Galleries all over theworld,are in many private collections in Europe, the US, Canada, Japan, Israel and Russia. Exhibitions:1980-1990 : numerous exhibitions in the former Soviet Union1988 : Turku /Finland1989 : Paris /France1990-2012 : single and group exhibitions in Israel: Jerusalem, Natanya, Haifa, Tel Aviv1993 : Arnsberg /Germany1994 : Bielefeld /Germany1995 : Chicago, Milwaukee Museum /USA1996 : “Gallery Tevel Art” Toronto /Canada. “Gallery Graal” Agen /France1997 : “Kunstgalerie” Heppenheim /Germany. “Avantgard Gallery” Stockholm /Sweden1997 : “Gallery Tevel Art” Toronto /Canada2000 : “Zaslavski Gallery“ Berlin /Germany2001-2002 : “Gallery Graal” Agen / France. Private Exhibitions New York, Miami /USA.Marseille/France. Toronto /Canada2002 : “Central Art Gallery“ Frankfurt /Germany. Recklinghausen, Düsseldorf /Germany2003 : “Art Gallery Sofija” Gelsenkirchen /Germany. “Gallery Tevel Art” Toronto /Canada. “GalleryGraal” Agen/France2004 : “Gallery Tevel Art” Toronto /Canada. ”Gallery Graal” Agen /France2005 : “Gallery Tevel Art” Toronto /Canada. “Gallery Graal” Agen /France2006 : “Art Gallery Sofija“ at school PRO MUSICA, Bielefeld /Germany
  3. 3. 2007 : “Basha Art Gallery“ Jerusalem /Israel. Private exhibitions London/England, Paris, Lyon, Marseille/France.2008 : “Basha Art Gallery” Jerusalem /Israel. Private exhibitions London/England, Paris/ France,Geneva/Switzerland.2009 : “Marrache Fine Art Gallery“ Jerusalem /Israel. “Basha Art Gallery” Jerusalem/ Israel. Privateexhibitions Paris, Lyon, Marseille/France. New York/USA. Toronto/Canada
  4. 4. 2010 : “Basha Art Gallery“ Jerusalem /Israel.Private exhibitions Manchester /England. Paris/France. Vienna/Austria. New York, New Jersey/USA2011 : “MoRA” New Jersey /USA. “Cliff Gallery” Natanya /Israel. “Basha Art Gallery” Jerusalem /Israel.Private exhibitions Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux/France. Los Angeles/USASee More Artworks by Eduard Grossman HERENER Art GalleryRate this:1 VoteShare this:• Facebook1• Twitter• LinkedIn• Digg• StumbleUpon•• Pinterest• Reddit• Tumblr• Press This•Like this:
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