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The Cleveland Labor Market


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A breakdown of the labor market in Northeast Ohio

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The Cleveland Labor Market

  1. 1. LABOR LOCAL OCCUPATION BREAKDOWN NORTHEAST OHIO EMPLOYEES CLEVELAND MARKET IN THE 1,737,546 of the local population is employed 601,795 are retired 261,814 are homemakers 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 61% are working in White Collar Professions 39% are working in Blue Collar Professions 24% are working in Sales and Office Professions 24% are working in Professional and Related Occupations 15% are working in Service Occupations 13% are working in Management, Business and Financial Operations Occupations 13% are working in Production, Transportation and Material Moving Occupations 11% are working in Construction, Extraction and Maintenance Occupations 0.3% are working in Farming, Fishing and Forestry Occupations Less than 0.1% are working in Military Specific Jobs 34% of local employed adults work in Cuyahoga County 18% of employed women are working moms There are 111,289 small business owners in the Cleveland marketNearly 20% of local employed adults plan to look for a new job in the next year 76% of Northeast Ohioans commute a half hour or less to work More than 55,000 local employed adults plan to retire or take early retirement in the next year 34% of local workers are ages 18-34 43% of local workers are ages 35-54 23% of local workers are ages 55+ Source: 2015 Cleveland/Akron Release 1 Scarborough Report. Copyright 2015 Scarborough Research. All rights reserved.