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With DVRs, Netflix and multi-screen viewing options, must-see TV is turning into must-wait TV. If you've been relying on TV advertising to boost your business, these local and national stats might make you reconsider.

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Online vs On TV

  1. 1. MUST WATCH TV IS TURNING INTO MUST WAIT TV THE TOP 3 LOCAL BROADCAST STATIONS HAVE SEEN THEIR PRIMETIME AUDIENCES DROP 13%-23% IN THE LAST 10 YEARS. THE NUMBER OF ADULTS UNDER 35 WHO ARE REGULAR NEWS VIEWERS HAS DROPPED 10% IN THE LAST TEN YEARS THE PLAIN DEALER, CLEVELAND.COM AND SUN NEWS REACH MORE 18-34 YEAR-OLDS WHO TYPICALLY WATCH NEWS ON TV THAN ANY OF THE TOP 4 BROADCAST NETWORKS. WHEN WATCHING SHOWS OR MOVIES, CONSUMERS HAVE OPTIONS: MANY CONSUMERS ARE MEDIA MULTITASKERS: 84% OF SMARTPHONE AND TABLET OWNERS USE THEIR DEVICES AS SECOND-SCREENS WHILE WATCHING TV AT THE SAME TIME NEARLY 2.7 MILLION HOUSEHOLDS IN NORTHEAST OHIO OWN A COMPUTER MORE THAN 1.4 MILLION NORTHEAST OHIO HOUSEHOLDS HAVE A SMARTPHONE MORE THAN 1 MILLION NORTHEAST OHIO HOUSEHOLDS OWN A TABLET -1,341,291 ADULTS IN THE CLEVELAND/AKRON DMA HAVE A DVR DEVICE IN THEIR HOME -MORE THAN 45% OF THE ADULTS IN THE CLEVELAND/AKRON DMA HAVE A DVR DEVICE, AND AN ADDITIONAL 31,528 PLAN TO BUY ONE IN THE NEXT TWELVE MONTHS -AVERAGE DAILY VIEWING OF LINEAR BROADCASTS IN THE US FELL BY 7% MINUTES IN 2013, WHILE “NON- TRADITIONAL TV VIEWING” VIA ON-DEMAND OR VIA DVR NOW MAKES UP NEARLY ONE IN FIVE TV MINUTES. -PEOPLE IN THE US WATCHED 52 MINUTES OF DVR/ON-DEMAND SHOWS EACH DAY IN 2013. HULU’S STREAMING SERVICE BREAKS DOWN TO: • 43% WATCH ON THEIR COMPUTER • 21% WATCH ON A WII • 17% WATCH ON THEIR MOBILE PHONE • 15% WATCH ON TV CONNECTED TO A COMPUTER • 14% WATCH ON THEIR SMART TV • 14% WATCH ON A TABLET • 13% WATCH ON A CONNECTED BU-RAY DEVICE In 2014, time spent on mobile in an average day will increase 23% over 2013. Tablet usage peaks in early evening, coinciding with heavy TV viewing. It is estimated that in 2014, US adults will spend 5 hours, 46 minutes with digital media daily, while time spent in front of televisions will fall slightly to 4 hours, 28 minutes per day. XNTH96905 CLEVELAND.COM HAS THE MOST UNIQUE VISITORS IN THE LOCAL NEWS WEBSITE MARKET AT AN AVERAGE OF MORE THAN 3 MILLION UNIQUE VIEWS PER MONTH* Monthly Unique Views 1,000,0000 2,000,000 3,000,000 4,000,000 5,000,000 SOURCES: Adobe Omniture, 2014 2014 Release 1 Total Scarborough Report. Copyright 2014 Scarborough Research. All rights reserved comScore, Multiplatform Total Audience Report, April 2014. C21Media, “On-demand, DVR hit linear viewing,” Richard Middleton, June 19, 2014, citing a report entitled “Cross-Platform Television Viewing Time,” by HIS eMarketer, “Mobile Continues to Steal Share of US Adults’ Daily Time Spent with Media,” April 22, 2014 Marketing Land, “Nielsen: More Time On Internet Through Smartphones Than PCs,” by Greg Sterling, February 11, 2014 Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism. The State of the News Media Annual Report, January 15, 2014. CLEVELAND.COM HAS THE MOST UNIQUE VISITORS IN