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Idea generation


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Idea generation

  1. 1. Contributed bySumit Roy,Faculty, Seed Infotech Ltd,Pune, India
  2. 2. Objectives Provide participants foundations and general guidelines for how to stimulate idea generation Develop the ability to think differently in terms of viewing, analyzing and resolving a problem, in a creative mannerIdea Generation
  3. 3. Blocks To Creativity Fear of Failure Allergy to Ambiguity Touchiness Conformity Resource Myopia Starved Sensibility RigidityIdea Generation
  4. 4. Strategies for Unblocking Awareness Analysis & Diagnosis Desire to Unblock Help from Credible Source Reward Goal SettingIdea Generation
  5. 5. Creative Generation Break out of the Intelligence Trap Create Space Do something totally different Challenge Assumption Create a Power Group Define the Problem Brainstorm Create Continuous ChallengesIdea Generation
  6. 6. Direction to How to Think Expand your Perspective Hone your Brain Power Turbocharge the environment Master the Conversation Be a catalystIdea Generation
  7. 7. Recognizing Current Ideas Dominant Ideas Tethering Ideas Polarizing Ideas Boundaries AssumptionsIdea Generation
  8. 8. Evaluation of an Idea Whether the Idea would work at all Whether it would be Practical What about the Cost of Implementing? Whether the Idea is newIdea Generation
  9. 9. Divergent Thinking Abilities Sensitivity Guessing Ability Restructuring Ability Fluency Flexibility Originality ElaborationIdea Generation
  10. 10. Model of Creative PersonalityCore traits to Creativity + Motivation to create - Fears & disabilities that impede creativity = Enduring potential for Lifelong creativity Idea Generation
  11. 11. Environmental Stimulants of Creativity Stimulation Nurturance Role Model Optimal Tension Constructive Feedback Learning Opportunities Diversity of View points Freedom with accountability for excellence Facilities for experimentationIdea Generation
  12. 12. Emotional Connection and Intuition Champion moments of Silence Begin developing Insight Respect the language of Intuition Suspend the Voice of Judgment Ask Clear Question Feel the Inevitable moments of Fear and move through them Expand your EmpathyIdea Generation
  13. 13. Opportunity SensingIdea Generation
  14. 14. Summary Escape from Cliches & fixed pattern Challenge Assumptions Generate Alternatives Jump to new Ideas and then see what next Find new entry points from which to move forwardIdea Generation
  15. 15. Some Creative PersonalitiesIdea Generation
  16. 16. Idea Generation
  17. 17. Idea Generation
  18. 18. Idea Generation
  19. 19. Test your creativity!Idea Generation
  20. 20. Test your creativityIdea Generation