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iTools 4 the 1 iDevice Classroom


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This course is intended to assist teachers a single iDevice in small groups, stations, and whole class activities. Participants will leave with an iToolkit of resources including task cards and recording sheets for apptivities in Math and English Language Arts.

Published in: Education, Technology
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iTools 4 the 1 iDevice Classroom

  1. 1. iTools 4 the 1iDevice Classroom An NEISD iDevice Presentation
  2. 2. IntroThis course is intended to assistteachers a single iDevice in smallgroups, stations, and whole classactivities. Participants will leavewith an iToolkit of resourcesincluding task cards and recordingsheets for apptivities in Math andEnglish Language Arts.
  3. 3. Class Resources“Appy Hours 4 U”: iTunesSlideshareDropbox: all resources will be sharedwith an invitation to a shared courseDropboxToday’s Meet: course discussion willbe archived and dropped in Dropbox
  4. 4. Apps You Will NeedChicktionaryBluster!Number LinePizza Time
  5. 5. Today’s TimelineIntro: 5 minutesELA Apptivity 1: 10 minutesELA Apptivity 2: 15 minutesMath Apptivity 1: 10 minutesMath Apptivity 2: 15 minutesClosure: 5 minutes
  6. 6. ELA 1:Chicktionary Lite Focus: Making Words Resources:Task Card & Recording Sheet iPlaytime Task Card from Laura Moore
  7. 7. iBrainstorm iBrainstorm: Discuss and brainstorm other uses (Today’s Meet)
  8. 8. ELA 2:Bluster!Focus: Word MatchingiTask: UCreate yourown task card andrecording sheet(summary/outline)
  9. 9. iShare iShare:share summary of task and what recording sheet would look like(Today’s Meet)
  10. 10. ELAR Games: Elementary Story Wheel Grammar Dragon K12 Timed Reading Practice LiteBluster!Chicktionary Lite,Chicktionary 300,Chicktionary for iPadWord Games for Kids - FutabaWord-BlocksGrammar Jammers
  11. 11. ELAR Games: SecondaryESPN Spelling Bee LiteSame Meaning Magic (Synonyms)Word Bubble FreeVocabulary Bubble FreePoetry MagnetsiAssociate 2 HD Lite
  12. 12. PD in your PJ’s: ELA ResourcesELA “Appy Hours 4 U” iTunes Shows: HOT Apps 4 Brainstorming HOT Apps 4 Literacy (ELA Games) Words 4 Students Puppets 4 the Classroom Cautionary Apps
  13. 13. Math 1: Number LineFocus: OrderingNumbersResources:TaskCard & RecordingSheetiPlaytime
  14. 14. iBrainstorm iBrainstorm: Discuss and brainstorm other uses (Today’s Meet) iNewsletters for Parents
  15. 15. Math 2: Pizza Time!Focus: Probability,Possibilities,Fractions, CirclesiTask: UCreate yourown task card andrecording sheet(summary/outline)
  16. 16. iShareiShare:sharesummary of taskand what recordingsheet would looklike(Today’s Meet)Discussrestricting in-apppurchases
  17. 17. Want More?“Appy Hours 4 U”: Meet the iPad: BasicsiTunes iPad: Beyond theAppy Hours: Primary Basics(K-2), Intermediate(3-5), Secondary Math/ Reviewing AppsScience, SecondaryELAR/History ePubsiBuild iPad Lessons OverdriveHOT Apps 4 HOTS iTunes