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NEIC Fall 2011 Newsletter

  1. 1. NAVY EXPEDITIONARY INTELLIGENCE COMMAND SUMMER /FALL 2011Family Readiness Wire Message from the CO Commander Laura Hatcher, USNDear NEIC Friends and sustained virtually no supported us behind theFamily, damage and everyone was scenes; she truly made a Can you believe the accounted for the day after difference. If you aresummer is coming to a close the storm. interested in applying for thisand it’s time to go back to As a reminder, our next key position, please send anschool?! We had a very busy FRG event is the Halloween email to our command Seniorsummer. In early June, the party in October. Last year Enlisted Leader, Masterentire command hosted and this event was a great Chief Martin,supported a members from success and we enjoyed jason.martin3@navy.milboth of our reserve units for a preparing the command forvery successful extended the Trick-Or-Treaters; so v/rreserve expeditionary training look for the upcoming CDR Laura Hatcherweekend. Our command picnic announcements and I hope Commanding Officerin July was a great success you can join us again.despite a few intermittent rain We’re still looking forshowers. In early August, we volunteers to fill in some of Family Readiness Recallcertified all of our outgoing our key FRG leadershipdeployers during a two week positions. If you are Commanding Officer 757-492-8467exercise; they are fully trained interested please email us atand ready for their fall Executive Officerdeployments. This will be my last 757-492-8454 Mother Nature as you newsletter due to theknow had a few surprises for us impending change of Command Master Chiefthis season - an earthquake and command (18 Nov 2011). 757-375-2933a hurricane in the same week! My relief, CDR JoeyBoth events served as a great Johnson, and his family will Ombudsmanreminder that you can never be be joining us in late 757-376-2600too prepared and that it is still September to start thenot too late to be ready for the transition. With a change of FRG Leaderremainder of the hurricane command usually comes a 757-377-4529season. The command worked change in the Ombudsman NEIC Family Readinesshard together and spent a full position. I’d like to extend Facebook Page search formorning prior to that weekend my sincere appreciation to Navy Expeditionarystacking sandbags, bagging our current Ombudsman, Intelligence Commandcomputers and moving Michelle, who hasequipment in preparation; we diligently worked and Military Onesource
  2. 2. NAVY EXPEDITIONARY INTELLIGENCE COMMAND SUMMER /FALL 2011 Message from the CMC Master Chief Jason Martin, USNNEIC Families,  Don’t discuss/post readiness issuesWell another summer is in the history books and numbers of individuals assigned.and I hope you were able to take full  Don’t discuss/post specific trainingadvantage of the MWR activities I wrote equipment or lack thereof.about in the previous newsletter. MWR  Don’t speculate about futurecontinues to provide outstanding operations.opportunities for both single Sailors and  Don’t spread rumors about current,military families throughout the entire year. future, or past operations or Be sure to check them out at movements. and  Don’t discuss/post deployment ortake advantage of these great programs and homecoming  Don’t assume the enemy is not trying to collect information; they are.As with the end of summer it means we are  Dont discuss/post security procedures,getting close to having another rotation of movements, or arms.units deployed into our forward operatingareas. So I feel it’s important to cover an The key is to always think OPSEC whenarena that we’ve talked about in the past just using email, social networks, phone, chatto remind ourselves about protecting rooms and message boards. There is noinformation. This is a practice that’s guarantee that a chat room or forum describedcommonly known as “Operational Security or as ”military” has any security for transmittingOPSEC” in military terminology. Normally information or restricting membership toits information that may be seemingly military personnel and their families only. Byinsignificant to us, but can be valuable to the practicing these simple guidelines we canenemy. As with any military organization we leverage the technological advantages ofneed to ensure we are careful about how and having regular dialogue with you and yourwho we communicate with when it comes to family on a regular basis.the commands mission, plans andmovements. I would like to offer a few Lastly I would like to welcome home to oursuggestions to help us ensure we maintain returning warriors and say safe travels toappropriate levels of OPSEC as our next those headed out. As always I’m available torotation moves into place. all Sailors and family members at 757-492- 0832.OPSEC Guidelines:  Don’t discuss/post future destinations Thank you, or deployment locations. ISCM (EXW/SW/AW) Jay Martin  Don’t discuss/post future operations, Command Master Chief exercises or missions.
  3. 3. NAVY EXPEDITIONARY INTELLIGENCE COMMAND SUMMER /FALL 2011 OMBUDSMAN’s CornerFamily and Friends,We’ve come to the end of another summer I would like to encourage you to gethere at NEIC! I hope that everyone was involved with the command in any way youable to take advantage of the warm weather can. It truly is a great way to make newand get out to see some of the great friends and build a strong support system.attractions that Virginia has to offer! Your FRG has some great events coming up over the next few months; and they areAs we head into the fall, children are going always looking for eager volunteers toback to school and the command is in high- come out and help make the eventsgear preparing for the change of command, successful!homecomings and more deployments!During these types of transitions, there are As the change of command approaches, themany resources available to family door is open for a strong individual who ismembers that can help to alleviate some of willing to step up and assume the role ofthe stress. the Ombudsman. It is very rewarding to be able to help those in need. If you are  Your Family Readiness Group is a interested, or would like more information great way to keep yourself informed about the Ombudsman role, or any of the about what’s happening at NEIC; resources listed, please feel free to contact and it offers an opportunity to meet me at or NEIC’s other families here at the command. Senior Enlisted Leader, Master Chief Martin,  The Fleet and Family Support Centers offer a wide variety of It has been a great experience serving as classes to include pre and post your Ombudsman over the last year, and I deployment briefs, counseling, am thankful for the opportunity to have met financial management, planning for some amazing people. I send my best the holidays and life skills. wishes, and thanks, to Commander Hatcher and her family as they move on….Best of  Military One Source. Education, Luck! relocation, parenting, stress - you name it - Military OneSource is Thank you, there to help you with just about any Michelle Masison need. NEIC Ombudsman
  4. 4. NAVY EXPEDITIONARY INTELLIGENCE COMMAND SUMMER /FALL 2011 OMBUDSMAN’s Extra!!Hello! Im Shannon Hoblit, the NR civilian careers to include federal andNEIC 0106 Ombudsman. Im local law enforcement, commercial andhumbled to be a part of such an private airplane pilots, physicists,incredible group of professionals as maritime industry professionals,NEIC has proven itself to be. My intelligence agency personnel andcivilian work is as a Special many others. Their unique blend ofInvestigator conducting security civilian and military backgrounds offerclearance investigations and I live in a dynamic capability that the activeAlexandria, Virginia with my component can tap into for itshusband, ISC Bill Hoblit, and our expeditionary missions and pre-German Sheppard, Neo. Since the deployment training evolutions. NEICreserves are often a bit difficult to 0106 and its families remain ready tounderstand for most (including serve!reservists!) here is a short overview ofNR NEIC 0106. v/r Shannon HoblitNEICs east coast reserve unit has 3 NEIC NR 0106 Ombudsmanofficers and 21 enlisted Sailors that NEIC.Cares@gmail.comare ready to deploy in support ofNEICs missions. Our east coastmembers come from a variety of **Upcoming Event…..Volunteers Needed**We are preparing to, once again,haunt the hallways of NEIC! Lastyear’s “Trick-or-Treat" event was ahuge success and it could not havebeen done without the help of thesailors and family members thatvolunteered their time, efforts anddecorations! Stay tuned for moreinformation from your FRG.
  5. 5. NAVY EXPEDITIONARY INTELLIGENCE COMMAND SUMMER /FALL 2011Family Readiness GroupFriends and Families,It’s time for school! We hope that If you are unableeveryone had a safe and enjoyable to be part of the committee, wesummer and that all of our kids are welcome any assistance that you mayexcited about starting another school offer in order to make this a success.year. For some this will be abittersweet moment and for others, it In addition, we ask that you come outwill be the most exciting time of your to our quarterly FRG meetings. Thelife. We would like to say Congrats to meetings are informative and a greatall of the college bound students that way to meet others. It is also anwill be venturing off to start another opportunity (especially those new tochapter in their life. Best of luck to the area), to find out about doctors,each and every one of you. dentist, daycares, etc in the area from those that have been in the area for aWith over half the year gone, the FRG while. There is also the opportunity tois still active and planning activities for meet and receive information about thethe reminder of the year. Our command from the CO, XO and CMC.upcoming events on the calendar will We value and welcome your input,be our Halloween Event in October and ideas and suggestions.our Children’s Holiday Party inDecember. The FRG is currently *Our next quarterly meeting will beforming a Halloween committee for held December 8, 6:00 P.M. @ theour upcoming Halloween Event. As of, the committee will be planningand organizing the Fundraiser that will *The FRG has open board positions, sobe funding the event. We are still if you are interested in becoming alooking for volunteers to assist in the board member, please contact the FRGplanning and organizing of the @ and Halloween Event.Again, if you are interested, please v/rcontact the FRG via email at Your NEIC FRG