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Family Readiness Wire Feb 2010 Newsletter


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Family Readiness Newsletter

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Family Readiness Wire Feb 2010 Newsletter

  1. 1. NAVY EXPEDITIONARY INTELLIGENCE COMMAND ! 1ST QUARTER 2010 Family Readiness Wire "I AM CONVINCED THAT FAMILY READINESS IS TIED DIRECTLY TO COMBAT READINESS,” - CNO MULLEN JULY 2005 Family Readiness Message From the CO Recall Commander John Du!um, USN Commanding Officer 757-492-8467 NEIC Family and Friends, If you are interested in joining us or taking a leadership role in the FRG, Executive Officer Hello everyone, I hope you are please send your contact data to 757-492-8485 enjoying our great winter and all the snow! Command Master Chief We recently said goodbye to our first 757-375-2933 NEIC has experienced tremendous NEIC Ombudsman, Mr. Mike growth and change over the past two Daniels who left the command in OMBUDSMAN years. Since I took command in June, January with the departure of his 757-376-2600 2008 the command has grown nearly wife, Commander Jen Daniels – the three-fold. NEIC now has over 130 XO. Mike did a fantastic job as the Officers, Sailors and Civilians. We’ve command Ombudsman over the past FRG Leader added four new deployments, and are two years and I would like to thank 757-377-4529 now sending out teams to Iraq, him for his dedication and service. Afghanistan, Africa, the Arabian Gulf and Mediterranean. NEIC has a new, We have an able replacement for Command Website: refurbished headquarters and we’ve Mike as Ombudsman. Our newly established a well-deserved reputation appointed Ombudsman is Stacey. I neic.htm as a highly professional command that would like to thank her for taking on NEIC Family Readiness provides superb support to U.S. forces this important responsibility. If Facebook: around the world. And while we’ve anyone wishes to contact Stacey you Search “Navy Expeditionary Intelligence enjoyed great operational success, I can reach her at 757-376-2600 or by Command” or visit: am just as committed to providing the email at same level of support to our family Expeditionary-Intelligence-Command- and friends. With Commander Laura Finally I would like to thank NEIC/217773367994 Hatcher, our new Executive Officer, Commander Jen Daniels for her and Master Chief Jason Martin, our outstanding leadership as the Military OneSource: Senior Enlisted Leader, we have Executive Officer. Jen did an instituted steps to build a stronger absolutely superb job standing-up the family support network. command and leading our Sailors. I wish Jen, Mike and their family best Our first step was to form an NEIC wishes on her new assignment. I also Family Readiness Group (FRG). I would like to welcome Commander extend an invitation to all Laura Hatcher, the command’s new Sailors, and their families to join Executive Officer, her husband Gary, Stacey and our readiness group, and and their family. get to know other family members. We will hold our first gathering in Thank You, March. Look forward to seeing John Dullum NEIC SAILORS TRAINING WITH RIVRON ONE everyone there. We are also looking Commanding Officer for a family member to lead the FRG. ! PAGE 1
  2. 2. NAVY EXPEDITIONARY INTELLIGENCE COMMAND ! 1ST QUARTER 2010 “WE ARE ONLY AS STRONG AS OUR PEOPLE, AND I BELIEVE OUR PEOPLE ARE ONLY AS STRONG AS THEIR FAMILIES." - CNO, MULLEN, JULY 2006 Message From the CMC Master Chief Jason Martin, USN NEIC Family Members, OPSEC Guidelines: It was great to see so many of you at the • Don’t discuss/post future destinations or deployment locations. Command Holiday Party. I thank all of the Sailors and • Don’t discuss/post future operations, exercises or missions. family members who provided support in making that a • Don’t discuss/post readiness issues and numbers of individuals special event for so many of us. As many of you know assigned. during the party our Commanding Officer launched a • Don’t discuss/post specific training equipment or lack thereof. series of initiatives to help the command communicate • Don’t speculate about future operations. better with family members. One of the major • Don’t spread rumors about current, future, or past operations or announcements was the Family Readiness Team’s (FRT) movements. Facebook Page. Many organizations in the Navy are • Don’t discuss/post deployment or homecoming dates. embracing social networking services and the FRT felt • Don’t assume the enemy is not trying to co!ect information; they Facebook a good medium to communicate with many of always are. you. We’ve seen some initial success because at the • Don't discuss/post security procedures, movements, or arms. moment of writing this article 109 family members have visited and subscribed our Facebook page. That’s just one The key is to always think OPSEC when using email, month after the initial launch. phone, chat rooms and message boards. There is no guarantee that a chat room or forum described as As with any other military organization we need 'military' has any security for transmitting information or to ensure we are careful about how and who we restricting membership to military personnel and their communicate with on the Internet when it comes to the families only. By practicing these simple guidelines we can command's mission. The Navy refers to this as leverage the advantages of having open dialogue with you Operational Security or OPSEC. I would like to offer a and your family on a regular basis. few suggestions to help us ensure we maintain appropriate levels of OPSEC while enjoying the benefits a social As always I’m available to all Sailors and family members networking service can provide for our family members. at 757-492-0832. Have a great New Year, ISCM(SW/AW) Martin The VITA Program offers free tax help to low- to Financial Fitness in moderate-income (generally, $49,000 and below) people who cannot prepare their own tax returns. 2010 Certified volunteers sponsored by various organizations receive training to If the thought of unraveling the mysteries of the help prepare basic tax returns in IRS and your taxes is enough to send you into a communities across the country. tailspin don’t panic there are professionals to help VITA sites are generally located you get the most from your return. at community and neighborhood centers, libraries, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program schools, shopping malls, and other convenient locations. ! PAGE 2
  3. 3. NAVY EXPEDITIONARY INTELLIGENCE COMMAND ! 1ST QUARTER 2010 "WE ARE COMMITTED TO PROVIDING THE BEST POSSIBLE RESOURCES TO SUPPORT OUR FAMILIES AND TO THE CONTINUING DEVELOPMENT OF NEW AND INNOVATIVE WAYS TO IMPROVE FAMILY SUPPORT." - COMNECC RADM POTTENGER JUN 2009 help themselves" is clearly observable and becomes Navigating the an on-going action-oriented process. Military Lifestyle A few of the things you will learn... - The importance of checking into all the COMPASS is a standardized Team-Mentoring resources available to Navy spouses, like Fleet and program developed by spouses for spouses. Family Support Center (FFSC), Navy Relief, COMPASS focuses on spouses new to the Navy, Chaplain, Ombudsman, etc. New phone numbers to however; ALL Navy spouses are welcome. call for information COMPASS improves quality of life through education, enabling spouses to understand, - How to make moving more efficient experience and meet the challenges of the Navy - You're not the only Navy spouse that doesn't lifestyle. With this knowledge and realistic know acronyms! expectations, their journeys can be successful and - Better communication rewarding. ! COMPASS is a 12-hour program taught in - How to better help families deal with three four-hour sessions. With Mentors acting as deployments discussion leaders, participants are encouraged to ask - A good way to look at financial matters, any questions they may have in a non-judgmental especially credit cards climate. Participants are introduced to many aspects - Learn about local things for children to do of the Navy. The standardized curriculum includes need-to-know topics such as the Navy mission, - Learn "what to wear" and Navy traditions history, organization, customs and traditions, rights Deployment can be a positive, self-fulfilling event and benefits, deployment, pay, moving, interpersonal support is available! communication, and investing in self and community.  - How to read an Leave and Earning Statement (LES) and what's on the LES Another important benefit of COMPASS is the - Learn about web sites that you can get opportunity for spouses to establish a peer network. information from Because experienced spouses pass on their Navy lifestyle insights, the concept of "helping others to The next class is scheduled in February, so go to to register or call 757-735-7262 for more information. Places to Visit ! is a wellness resource focused on helping service members, their families, and veterans with common post-deployment problems. On the website you’ll find information and self-guided solutions for dealing with post- traumatic stress and war memories; conflict at work; depression; anger; sleep problems; alcohol and drug abuse; stress; relationship problems; kids and deployment; spiritual guidance and fitness; living with physical injuries; and health and wellness. ! PAGE 3
  4. 4. NAVY EXPEDITIONARY INTELLIGENCE COMMAND ! 1ST QUARTER 2010 PARENTS OF CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS SUPPORT GROUP ! Facilitated by:! JoAnna Bryant, Parent Coordinator, Care Connection for Children Would you like the opportunity to network with parents just like you? Raising a child with special health care needs can be challenging. Learn how to be your child’s best advocate when managing his/her medical care, education or other services. Meeting Dates ! ! Wednesday, January 20, 2010! ! ! Wednesday, April 21, 2010 ! ! Wednesday, February 17, 2010! ! ! Wednesday, May 19, 2010 ! ! Wednesday, March 17, 2010! ! ! Wednesday, June 9, 2010 Time: ! 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Place: ! The Endependence Center Building 6300 E. Virginia Beach Blvd. Norfolk, VA 23502 757-461-4474 Reservations preferred Sponsored by: Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters, Care Connection for Children orders. Prohibits a servicemember's spouse from S. 475, the "Military either losing or acquiring a residence or domicile for purposes of taxation because of being absent or Spouses Residency present in any U.S. tax jurisdiction solely to be with the servicemember in compliance with the Relief Act". servicemember's military orders if the residence or domicile is the same for the servicemember and the Military Spouses Residency Relief Act - Amends spouse. Prohibits a spouse's income from being the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act to prohibit, considered income earned in a tax jurisdiction if for purposes of voting for a federal, state, or local the spouse is not a resident or domiciliary of such office, deeming a person to have lost a residence or jurisdiction when the spouse is in that jurisdiction domicile in a state, acquired a residence or solely to be with a servicemember serving under domicile in any other state, or become a resident in military orders. Suspends land rights residency or of any other state solely because the person is requirements for spouses accompanying absent from a state because the person is servicemembers serving under military orders. accompanying the person's spouse who is absent from the state in compliance with military or naval ! PAGE 4
  5. 5. NAVY EXPEDITIONARY INTELLIGENCE COMMAND ! 1ST QUARTER 2010 Transfer of Post-9/11 GI Bill Benefits to Dependents For the first time in history, servicemembers enrolled in the Post-9/11 GI Bill program will be able to transfer unused educational benefits to their spouses or children starting Aug. 1, 2009. Any member of the Armed Forces (active duty or Selected Reserve, officer or enlisted) on or after August 1, 2009, who is eligible for the Post-9/11 GI Bill, and: • Has at least 6 years of service in the Armed Forces on the date of election and agrees to serve 4 additional years in the Armed Forces from the date of election. • Has at least 10 years of service in the Armed Forces (active duty and/or selected reserve) on the date of election, is precluded by either standard policy (service or DoD) or statute from committing to 4 additional years, and agrees to serve for the maximum amount of time allowed by such policy or statute, or • Is or becomes retirement eligible during the period from August 1, 2009, through August 1, 2013.  A service member is considered to be retirement eligible if he or she has completed 20 years of active duty or 20 qualifying years of reserve service. • For those individuals eligible for retirement on August 1, 2009, no additional service is required. • For those individuals who have an approved retirement date after August 1, 2009, and before July 1, 2010, no additional service is required. • For those individuals eligible for retirement after August 1, 2009, and before August 1, 2010, 1 year of additional service after approval of transfer is required. • For those individuals eligible for retirement on or after August 1, 2010, and before August 1, 2011, 2 years of additional service after approval of transfer are required. • For those individuals eligible for retirement on or after August 1, 2011, and before August 1, 2012, 3 years of additional service after approval of transfer required. An individual approved to transfer an entitlement to educational assistance under this section may transfer the individual’s entitlement to: • The individual’s spouse. • One or more of the individual’s children. • Any combination of spouse and child. A family member must be enrolled in the Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System (DEERS) and be eligible for benefits, at the time of transfer to receive transferred educational benefits. A child’s subsequent marriage will not affect his or her eligibility to receive the educational benefit; however, after an individual has designated a child as a transferee under this section, the individual retains the right to revoke or modify the transfer at any time. A subsequent divorce will not affect the transferee’s eligibility to receive educational benefits; however, after an individual has designated a spouse as a transferee under this section, the eligible individual retains the right to revoke or modify the transfer at any time. Visit: ! PAGE 5