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NEC's Safer City Concept


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NEC Corporation, a leading network, communications and IT company, launched its range of public safety and security solutions focusing on the concept of ‘safer cities’ at IFSEC Event on 8th December at booth A110, Hall 18. Themed ‘We Make Cities Safer,’ showcased how governments and businesses can use technologies to safeguard lives and property.

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NEC's Safer City Concept

  1. 1. CMYK ifsec india 2011 Roundup Safer Cities Concept Displays its latest array of integrated security solutions for a stable & sustainable environment solutions business in India has tremen- dous potential. Our cities are gold mines of heritage, architecture, culture and hu- man wealth. Smart safe city initiative by the Government is a step in the right direction to and we at NEC India recog- nize this need and offer a wide range of public safety, security and surveillance solutions which can be seamlessly inte- grated into new or existing security sys- tems and build a safer nation. We hope to constantly engage with central & state governments to drive E-gov projects inFrom L to R: Aw Beng Teck, Marketing Director, Regional Competency Centre, Public Safety, NEC Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.; Nelson Ng Chip Chuan, Sales Director, Regional Competency Centre, Public Safety; India, participate in infrastructure se- Tan Boon Chin, Managing Director, Regional Competency Centre, Public Safety and curity projects and take keen interest in Rajan Verma, Head-Public Safety and Security, NEC India national security initiatives.”N EC Corporation, a leading net- work, communications and ITcompany, launched its range of public where we deliver the most advanced and comprehensive suite of integrated secu- rity solutions including multi-biometric “NEC’s Regional Competency Centre for Public Safety focuses on the devel-safety and security solutions focusing identification, access gates, video sur- opment of such applications to serve theon the concept of ‘safer cities’ at IFSEC veillance, cyber security and behavior needs of the global public safety mar-on 8th December at booth A110, Hall pattern analysis for governments and ket. In line with our concept of ‘Safer18. Themed ‘We Make Cities Safer,’ the authorities worldwide. Over the last 30 Cities,’ we look forward to bring ourNEC exhibits showcased how govern- years, NEC has installed its world’s fast- best-of-breed and avant-garde securityments and businesses can use technolo- est and most accurate biometric identi- technologies and total solutions to helpgies to safeguard lives and property. fication systems for more than 480 cus- both the public and private institutions NEC’s proven track record in public tomers in over 30 countries.” safeguard lives and property in the realsafety, leveraging on its comprehensive According to the Frost & Sullivan and virtual world.”suite of integrated security solutions em- Aerospace, Defence & Security Practice Tan Boon Chinpower and enable public institutions to Report 2011, India is expected to be a Managing Director at NEC Asia Pacific’stake preventive and protective measures great market for safe city solutions with Regional Competency Centre for Public Safetyto enhance public safety and minimize 7 announced projects to be completed indamage to property. These solutions as- the next 10 years. Fostered by the national NEC India Pvt. Ltd, established insist public institutions in the manage- government, a major Safe City project is New Delhi, India, in August 2006, lev-ment of people movements across and expected to be implemented in 6 major erages on NEC’s unique capabilities inwithin borders, enforcement of law and states across the country from 2011-2012. integrating IT and networking technolo-order within a territory, protection of As a technology partner, NEC’s vision is gies for a diverse customer base acrosspublic facilities and vital installations, to bring its cutting edge technologies to governments, businesses, individualsand ensuring order in the virtual world. help government and businesses achieve/ and society in India. NEC India provides Tan Boon Chin, Managing Director realize this safe city framework. and develops solutions for Carrier Net-at NEC Asia Pacific’s Regional Compe- Commenting on this occasion, Ra- work, Unified Communications, Retail,tency Centre for Public Safety remarked, jiv Bhalla, Associate Vice President & Security and Surveillance Systems, IT“NEC is a leading global biometric Country Head, Sales & Marketing, NEC and Multimedia Products to cater to thetechnologies and solutions provider, India said “The public safety and identity rapidly expanding Indian market. Januar y 2012 58 CMYK