October standard 2013 2014 - maximizing academic success orientation


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NEC Office of Academic Support presentation for orientation.

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October standard 2013 2014 - maximizing academic success orientation

  1. 1. Maximizing Your Success Academic Support at the Northeast Center of Empire State College Orientation Presentation Helping You Connect the Pieces for Academic Success
  2. 2. Agenda • Academic Support Programs & Resources What is it? Who can help me? What is available? How do I get support? • Questions? (Stop me and ask throughout) Helping You Connect the Pieces for Academic Success
  3. 3. Academic Research Rationale Essay The Pieces of Academic Success
  4. 4. QUICK LIST Academic Support Resources & Services • Individual Appointments • Workshops (online & onsite) • Credit and non-credited studies/courses • Content Area Tutoring - FREE online tutoring provided by the college through Smarthinking • Customized Organizational Tools • Datebook & Terms-at-a-glance • Other resources available online at http://necademicsupport.pbworks.com
  5. 5. www.necacademicsupport.pbworks.com All your academic support resources in one convenient location, open 24/7
  6. 6. Individual Appointments
  7. 7. Learning Coaches & Peer Coaches • Learning Coaches - work with students in all areas of the writing process and related study skills strategies including time management, organization, reading efficiency, goal setting, critical thinking, library research skills, note-taking, and learning skills. • Peer Coaches - assist other students by focusing on enhancing general study skills, tutoring in specific content areas, navigating through college resources, and developing study strategies within their Areas of Study.
  8. 8. The Academic Support Team Kate Stockton Learning Coach Academic Eye Instructor Sarah Spence-Staulters Learning Coach Peer Coaching Coordinator Lisa D’Adamo-Weinstein Director of Academic Support
  9. 9. Peer Coaching Team Fall 2013 Writing, Library Research & Graduate Studies Math, Writing & Business Using Microsoft Office Suite Business Economics Accounting Visual Technologies Writing American History, Political Thought & Academic Writing And Research Critical Thinking, Psychology & Writing
  10. 10. Workshops & Drop-in Hours
  11. 11. Students participate in workshops either online or onsite. (Onsite locations are Latham or Saratoga) www.necacademicsupport.pbworks.com/Workshops
  12. 12. Before You Begin Highly recommended for new students Registering, Buying Books & Other Online Resources Being a Successful Learner: Communicating Effectively with your Mentor and Instructors Student Panel : The Balancing Act & Other Success Tips Starting the Term Off Right Student & Academic Support Resources Organizing Yourself : Learning Contracts, Assignments, & Maintaining a Balanced Life Student Panel : Study Smart & Other Success Tips Keeping On Track What’s Going Right? What Can Go Better? Goal Setting and You & Your Mentor Finishing your Coursework On Time Student Panel: What I Should Have Done & Other Success Tips
  13. 13. FREE Academic Support Resources Available for You
  14. 14. ____ WHEN ____ HOW How do you learn best? How do you prefer to organize yourself? When will you have time to do your academic work? When will you make time for school work on a weekly and daily basis throughout the term? ____ WHERE ____ WHY Why are you here at Empire? Why are you motivated to succeed? ____ WHO Who are you as a learner? Who is in your support network? Where can you get your work done at home or another location? Where can you concentrate best? Academic Success Plan ____ WHAT What qualities and/or work/life skills do you have that you think will be a positive benefit to your academic work? What tendancies, commitments, skill sets,, etc. do you see as potential obstacles to your academic success? What tools and resources do you have or plan on using this term to maximiize your academic success?
  15. 15. http://bit.ly/NECEventCalendar
  16. 16. https://bitly.com/NECWorkshopMaterials
  17. 17. http://bit.ly/AcademicSupportYouTube You can watch videos we UPLOADED Or PLAYLISTS we created
  18. 18. AcademicEye.pbworks.com Helping You Connect the Pieces for Academic Success
  19. 19. What is Smarthinking? Smarthinking is an online tutorial service that is available to ESC students free of charge 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 1st set up your account:
  20. 20. 4 ways to connect with a tutor… How you can access your saved tutoring sessions…
  21. 21. When you choose ESSAY CENTER, you will be prompted to this page and asked to fill out all the parts before you submit your essay for review
  22. 22. Writing MSOffice Math Science Spanish Business