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2013.04.25 Using Digital & Social Media_MSEA_Retired


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2013.04.25 Using Digital & Social Media_MSEA_Retired

  1. 1. Using Digital &Social Mediato EngageMembersPresented byBrenda ÁlvarezNEA Communications TeamLorraine WilsonNEA ITS Team
  2. 2. Today’s Digital &Social Media Landscape
  3. 3. In Today’s Session …1. Today’s Digital & Social Media Landscape2. Who set the Gold Standard for Effective Use of Social Media?3. Effective Use of Social Media4. Who is Using What Social Media?5. Where is MSEA on the Social Media map?6. Some tips and tools you may find helpful7. Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media8. And now… some fun homework…or before you leave…9. Social Media Books to Read10. Additional Resources11. Acknowledgements
  4. 4. Who set the Gold Standardfor Effective Use of Social Media?
  5. 5. InPolitics:Who UsesSocialMedia?
  6. 6. SocialMediaandPoliticalAction
  7. 7. MobilePolitics
  8. 8. Sources of Campaign News
  9. 9. 4/23/201310Effective Use ofSocial Media
  10. 10. Add ValueEffective Use of Social Media
  11. 11. Engage Your AudienceEffective Use of Social Media
  12. 12. Inspire ActionEffective Use of Social Media
  13. 13. Examples ofPositive Use
  14. 14. Who is Using WhatSocial Media?
  15. 15. From Convio: SOCIAL-SAVVY PEER-TO-PEEREVENTS: Quick-Start Guide
  16. 16. 23Behaviors Have Forever Changed1985 PersonalProductivityOffice suitesIndividual contentFiling cabinetsPersonal1995 KnowledgeDistributionE-mail attachmentsContent distributionComputer networksTeams2005CollectiveEmpowermentSocial softwareMass collaborationPeople networksCollectivesAre you prepared for this fundamental empowerment shift?
  17. 17. Digital Revolution 2:How many adults use Social Media?
  18. 18. 88% of US Adults Have a Cell Phone46% own “smartphones”
  19. 19. Q3, 2011
  20. 20. Unions using Social Media
  21. 21. Consequences for information ecosystemAnywhere Any devicePresencePlaceAny timeAlonetogether
  22. 22. Where is MSEA on the Social Media map?
  23. 23. 4/23/2013 35
  24. 24. On March 27, 2013, educators from acrossthe state gathered together in the SenateOffice Building for an emergency lobbynight in support of HB 667 and SB 422.Emergency Lobby Night inSupport of Fair Share
  25. 25. 4/23/201339Some tips andtools you may findhelpful
  26. 26. Groupsite Overview
  27. 27. Dennis2Delegates
  28. 28. WEAC National Board Network
  29. 29. MNEA Groupsite
  30. 30. Twitter Twitter is like your personal newsfeed – follow peopleyou trust to share factual, interesting or funnyinformation. Verify any articles that you decide to retweet – neverretweet something if you haven’t read it or viewed it. Lists on Twitter are like sections in a newspaper – setthem up by topic or interest Use your Twitter lists with other applications to curatecontent
  31. 31.
  32. 32. http://www.Scoop.it
  33. 33.
  34. 34. Recording and Sharing SnagIt YouTube Vimeo & Zipcast
  35. 35. http://www.techsmith.comSnagIt for ScreenshotsSnagIt for ScreencastsInstantly Share Screencasts on:
  36. 36. Free 2 GB of Storage 2 GB Monthly Bandwidth 4 Privacy Options Clear Videos and images,every Pro• 25 GB Storage & 200 GB Monthly Bandwidth• Add & Edit Video Captions in Select Formats• Personalize with Your Colors & Logos• Purchase Pro for $9.95 per month »
  37. 37.
  38. 38. Vimeo
  39. 39.
  40. 40. “I don’t have time...”
  41. 41. Time ManagementDAYTIMEMONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY8 ReviewTo-Dos9 AnswerEmail10 ReturnCalls11 FaceBookTwitter12 Blog
  42. 42. Do’s and Don’ts ofSocial Media
  43. 43. Don’ts of Social MediaRecognize that everything you write or receive on a socialmedia site is public.“Can U say wasted?”“Drinking and partying is my life.”“I’m gonna be a high schoolEnglish teacher one day.”
  44. 44. Don’ts of Social Media Don’t: Join groups that may be consideredunprofessional or inappropriate, and leave anysuch group that you are already a member of.Your participation in some online groups could beseen to indicate that you endorse their views. Don’t post: Vulgar or obscene language, materials,photos or links that may be consideredinappropriate or unprofessional. Don’t post: Any negative information aboutanyone. It will come back to haunt you!
  45. 45. Assume you will havesocial media misstepsand be prepared(ahead of time) to dealwith them.Rules ofEngagement:
  46. 46. 4/23/2013 66
  47. 47. Do of Social Media Do: Set up a “google alert” for your name, yourorganization, and your top issues.
  48. 48. Social Media Strategy
  49. 49.
  50. 50. And now… some funhomework…or before you leave…1. Pick a tool (Facebook, Twitter etc) and select threesteps to improve it, or try something new (example:update Facebook cover photo)2. List ways you can recruit others to your social mediaefforts (rank and file, board members, retiredmembers, friends of education)3. Exchange your personal and organizational socialmedia properties and experiences with others atyour table. Like, follow and friend them.
  51. 51. Questions Brenda ÁLorraine
  52. 52. Social Media Books to ReadOpen Community:A Little Book of Big Ideas forAssociations Navigating the Social WebHumanize: How People-CentricOrganizations Succeed in aSocial Worldby Jamie Note andMaddie Grantby Lindy Dreyer andMaddie Grant
  53. 53. Resources Step-by-Step Guide to your Social Media Success. Planning Steps to consider prior to launching. The NonProfit Social MediaDecision Guide How to Use Twitter for Business: An IntroductoryGuide 28 Twitter Hashtags to Follow Education Reform. 100 Social Media, Mobile and Internet Statistics for 2012 (March)
  54. 54. Maddie Grant, CAEChief Social Media Strategistmaddie@socialfish.orgSkype/Twitter: @maddiegrantLindy DreyerChief Social Media Marketerlindy@socialfish.orgSkype/Twitter: @lindydreyerwww.socialfish.orgLorraine WilsonNEA ITSlwilson@nea.orgTwitter: @LorraineWDCBeth KanterTwitter: @kanter(650) 823-9401www.bethkanter.orgBrenda AlvarezNEA Communicationsbalvarez@nea.orgt (202) 822-7592c (202) 262-5377