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GE OLE Renewals Project


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Overview of the Great Eastern Overhead Line Electrification Renewals Project

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GE OLE Renewals Project

  1. 1. An Introduction to:Great Eastern Overhead LineRenewalsNoel Dolphin 1
  2. 2. This remains the largest and most complicated Electrification Renewals Project ever undertaken in the UK On one of the busiest lines and busiest stations in the UK, interfacing with multiple stakeholders
  3. 3. Snap-shotThe multiphase project is renewing 50 miles of overhead line equipmentSnap-shot of the project: – 500 new OLE structures to be installed – 345 new wire runs (average length 1.2km) – 93 wire runs installed to date – 175km of new wire, on 87 track km – £200m - multi GRIP phase project – Phase 1 (Liverpool Street to Chelmsford) – Complete 2015 – Phase 2 (Shenfield – Southend Victoria) – Complete 2018
  4. 4. Geographic Location Phase1 Phase 2
  5. 5. Existing GE OLE Features• 1930s Design• 1500V DC, upgraded to 6250V AC, then 25KV AC• Heavy and slow to work on• Parts are scarce and expensive• Hot weather speed restrictions due to wire sagging• Complex failure modes, that are difficult and slow to repair
  6. 6. Why the project• Do not want patch and mend any more• Cope with high demand and reduce delays• Allow for the removal of heat related speed restrictions• Simplify junctions• Allow for easier maintenance and reduced repair times• Deal with increased traffic• Allow for 100mph trains along entire route• Be ready to meet the demands of the Olympics and all the new regeneration and improved links with Stratford
  7. 7. New Equipment compared to existing Old Equipment New EquipmentThe new system is a Swiss system used for the first time in theUK 7
  8. 8. New Equipment Key Features • Swiss design, new to UK • Auto-tensioned -18 to 45C • Enhanced electrical clearance • Reduced wind loading • Mechanical simplicity • Reduced maintenance • Faster and safer to work on
  9. 9. For Further information please contact: Noel 9