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NDepend Case Study: Stago


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Stago is a medical laboratory tech company which has used NDepend with great success to meet all deadlines, better communication, and save their developer team a lot of time.

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NDepend Case Study: Stago

  1. 1. NDepend Case Study: Stago
  2. 2. Meet Stago A pharmaceutical firm which provides advanced testing systems and services to laboratories worldwide. Working in such an important industry, it was imperative for Stago to be able to provide bug-free systems on a timely schedule. Looking to improve their processes, they looked at current market offerings to find a solution that would help them become more efficient, communicate better, and help them produce quality products.
  3. 3. Challenges
  4. 4. As their .NET team grew, the requirements needed to effectively supervise an increasing amount of code production expanded in complexity and criticality. Improving development quality and minimizing time was critical. It was also important to reduce the amount of resources required for every project and to eliminate business disruption due to code quality issues. They had their own coding conventions and best practices and needed to efficiently assure compliance. A tool which would let them add custom code rules was essential. Stago started looking for automated processes to help their developers.
  5. 5. “ ” We selected NDepend after reviewing all the other options on the market and it quickly became the backbone of our development effort. It ensures we always deliver superb quality code, on time, on budget and with the minimum required level of effort. - Fabien Prestavoine, Architect
  6. 6. Solution
  7. 7. Around a hundred custom code rules that are checked continuously, both in the developer environment and during the build process. The rules are easily updated, so unwanted practices are quickly dealt with and removed by adding a code rule to check for them. All custom coding rules are frequently checked on the developer's machine. Both NDepend’s analysis and rule execution typically takes less than 5 seconds. Stago’s team started using NDepend without any external training or consulting in a matter of days. Questions about the tool were answered in the embedded help or in the online documentation.    
  8. 8. “ ” Since we adopted NDepend we have saved the equivalent of several man-years in time and cost. We have also suffered no breakdown of our applications in production. - Fabien Prestavoine, Architect
  9. 9. Benefits
  10. 10. Since using NDepend, all development projects have been delivered on time. Architects and developers need to focus less on QA, can focus more on developing. Improved relationships between developers and architects. No surprises from development are carried into testing and maintenance. Developers’ skills increased as their bad practices were continuously detected and dealt with. Happier customers and a better, more reliable, end product.      
  11. 11. Refactor Trend Chart
  12. 12. “ ” …we are often focused on the result and the satisfaction of the customer needs at the end of each sprint. Sometimes that means a mass production of code, respecting little or not at all the good coding practices and transgressing architecture rules implemented by the architects. Fortunately, tools like NDepend are there, to remind us that this is not the proper way to do it, and enforcing the rules before the commits. - Mourad Chibane, Head of R&D at Stago
  13. 13. DOWNLOAD THE FULL CASE STUDY NDepend is a static analysis tool for .NET managed code. NDepend supports a large number of code metrics, allows for visualization of dependencies using directed graphs, and dependency matrices. It also performs code base snapshots comparison, and validation of architectural and quality rules. Make your .NET Code Beautiful