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Teams and the Point System. Participant Evaluation


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Tetyana Kresan's presentation at the Foreign Language Summer Camps Workshop as a part of the English Language Retreat/GoGlobal Initiative Project

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Teams and the Point System. Participant Evaluation

  1. 1. Kresan T.D.
  2. 2. Yaduty 1999- junior counselor Yaduty 2000 - junior counselor Yaduty 2001 - counselor Yaduty 2002 – deputy director Yaduty 2003 - director
  3. 3. What was the most exciting experience for you? What was difficult for you?
  4. 4. Colours (blue,red,yellow) English-speaking countries (Great Britain, USA) Two teams More than two teams (subdivided into sub-teams)
  5. 5. Develop Cooperation Teamwork Team-building skills Trust Healthy competitive spirit
  6. 6. Team Leader (chosen from among the counselors) 2 Junior team leaders (chosen from among the junior counselors)
  7. 7. Only counselors are allowed to award points Team advisors are not allowed to give points The maximum amount of individual points to be awarded is 15 The maximum amount of team points to be awarded is 50
  8. 8. Camper: Team: # of points: Reason: Counselor:___________________ ______
  9. 9.  Team Challenge: 0-15 minutes - 50 points 16-30 minutes - 30 points 31-45 minutes - 20 points 45+ minutes - 10 points  Attendance and being on time: 10 points for the team if all its members are present and on time.  Cheers and surprises: 10-30 points depending on quality for team performances at mealtimes  Scavenger Hunt  Presentation of the teams
  10. 10. Team meetings are held every evening Teams choose the name They prepare presentation of the team Teams prepare surprises Make up cheers Reinforce enthusiasm and teamwork
  11. 11. Involves everyone in the camp Fun activity Each team is given a list of items or tasks with number of points Time limit - one hour Counselors should not give away things or information for free! Campers complete fun tasks
  12. 12. Find the biggest leaf Sing the anthem of the USA (the whole team by heart) Bring a bating suit which has yellow, green and white colours Find out which of the counselors has lived in Poland Recite 10 tongue-twisters Dance a Latin American dance
  13. 13. Campers get individual points at classes The 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes are chosen
  14. 14. 