"Innovative & Fun Visual Supports" by Tammy Anderson- Adapted Aquatics Conference 2012


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"Innovative & Fun Visual Supports" by Tammy Anderson- Adapted Aquatics Conference 2012

  1. 1. Innovative and Fun Visual Supports Tammy Anderson Aqua Pros Swim School
  2. 2. Visuals• Things that you see• I hear and I forget I see and I remember• Visuals help individuals understand better to participate more successfully• Studies have shown we all do better with visual information vs auditory
  3. 3. Specifically who will benefit?• Anyone with a developmental disorder• Anyone with a attention disorder• Anyone with a language based difficulty• Visual learners and thinkers
  4. 4. Types of Visuals• Visual Strategies• Visual Tools• Visual Supports
  5. 5. Visual Strategies• We use visual strategies to help us communicate information to individuals.• Visual strategies help students learn effective communication, appropriate social interaction, and positive behavior• One of the most important uses for visual strategies is to give information such as what is happening, what is not happening, what is changing, etc• Social stories and comic strips
  6. 6. Tools• Visual tools help students organize their thinking. (Schedules)• You can create visual tools to give students the information they need to anticipate activities and manage transitions.• What is going to happen• Manage time
  7. 7. Visual Supports• Visual supports are used to give choices or communicate rules.• Provides structure• Gives student control• What is or is not available• Encourages appropriate behavior• Token economy systems
  8. 8. Strategies, Tools & SupportsHelp to…• Gain your students attention• Understand what is being said• Clarify communication• Organize thinking• Keeps your student engaged• Reduce behaviors• Reduce social challenges• Helps students express themselves• The more you can move an activity from verbal to visual, you will have more success
  9. 9. Remember• Communication break downs are a major component of social and behavior difficulties• Improve communication will promote positive behavior and your student will participate appropriately
  10. 10. Tammy’s Toolbox• Thinking that only one visual will fix everything is like thinking a hammer is the only tool a handyman needs in his tool box
  11. 11. Visual Tools• Schedule or Check list• Choice Boards• First-Then Boards• Photo Sequence Boards• Ipad• Choice Rings
  12. 12. SchedulesFirst-Then & Choice Boards
  13. 13. Photo Sequence Boards
  14. 14. IPAD
  15. 15. Choice Rings
  16. 16. Token Economy System• A token economy system rewards the student after each correct response• Using a token economy system will…• Delay gratification• Extend the students attention span• Increase the amount of work
  17. 17. Token Economy Visual Supports• Poker chips• Peg boards• Treasure chest• Gobble Guppies
  18. 18. Poker Chips
  19. 19. Peg Boards
  20. 20. Treasure Chest
  21. 21. Gobble Guppies
  22. 22. Other Fun Visuals• Dice• Plastic mirrors• Chalk• Underwater video
  23. 23. Dice
  24. 24. Plastic Mirror
  25. 25. Chalk
  26. 26. Underwater Video
  27. 27. Now For A Little Fun!! 10 lucky audiencemembers will win a prize from Tammy’s ToolboxIncluding an underwater video camera!