Andrew Plint "Hannah's Foundation" NDPA Symposium


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Andrew Plint "Hannah's Foundation" NDPA Symposium

  1. 1. About usHannah’s Foundation is made up of three directors who are all currently serving Qld Police Officers. Andrew Plint, Michelle Dodds and Adam Reid. Our Patron is our Commissioner of Police, Bob Atkinson APMAndrew Plint – Founding Director• 1988 – 1989 Queensland Police Service (QPS) - Academy – Pre Service Training• 1989 – 1991 QPS – Metro North Region – Constable - General Duties, Traffic Duties• 1991 – 1997 QPS – Senior Constable Brisbane City Watchhouse – Metro North Regional Breath Analysis Section (Officer in Charge)• 1997 – 2002 QPS – Senior Constable – General Duties, Morningside Police Station, Coorparoo Police Station, South Brisbane District Intelligence Office, Sudden Infant Death Liaison Officer• 2002 – 2010 QPS – Sergeant – Queensland Police Communications Centre – Call Taker, 000 Specialist and Communications Coordinator, Duty Officer• 2008 – 2010 Hannah’s Foundation – Founding Director and Chief Executive Officer responsible for preparation of submissions, media campaigns, peer to peer support and the day to day running of the Foundation• Andrew is married to Katherine and they have five children.Michelle Dodds – Director• Sworn in 1992. General duties, Juvenile Aid Bureau, Traffic, Communications experience – Cairns District 1992 to 2008. Shared Officer in Charge duties with another Sergeant – Cairns Inquiries/Coronial Investigations Unit 2003 to 2008.• Investigated in excess of 200 sudden deaths including Steve Irwin in 2006.• Conducted Coronial Inquests in relation to mental health client deaths (which resulted in changing of Mental Health procedures between QPS and QHEALTH), Inquests swimming pool death (which resulted in change of legislation to pool fencing), diving deaths and other water related deaths• Cairns district/Mareeba District – 1992 to 2008• Redcliffe District – 2008-2009• Human Resources – 2009-present• Attained rank of Sergeant in 1998 at Cairns and rank of Senior Sergeant 2009.• Director of Hannah’s Foundation since 2010. Michelle is married Phil and they have one son Riley.
  2. 2. About UsAdam Reid – DirectorAdam joined the New South Wales Force in 1995 and qualified in 1997 as a Commercial Diver level 2. He served in the NSW Police Dive Squad from 1997 until 2000. Adam worked the Sydney Olympics in Security clearances and joined the Qld Police Service in October 2000. January 2001 Adam joined the Qld Police Dive Squad and from 2005 when promoted to the rank of Sergeant became the Office in Charge of Qld Police Dive Squad until 2009 where he transferred to the Qld Police Dog Squad unit. Adam has had two Police dogs Milo and OJ. Adam has a vast experience in Body retrievals and is a consultant to the Foundation in Diving Accidents and Open Water ways and participated in the Positive Choices Program educational video which is lectured to High School Students around Queensland. Adam is married to Jill, also a serving Qld Police Officer and has two children.Katherine Plint – Fulltime Volunteer :Previous background - Dept of Defence (enlisted, reservist), civilian contractor to the Australia Federal Police, Drug and Alcohol counsellor, worked in Administration and Education before commencing her own business in 2001. Diagnosed with PTSD and OCD in 1999 she is a supporter for greater services within the mental health sectors within the Police services and Defence forces, with a distinct passion for the children of veterans of war. Kat is the daughter of a Vietnam veteran and her father served in the forces for over 21 years. In Hannahs Foundation Katherine is responsible for the Daily administration, Accounts and Audit preparations, Government reportings of donations and expenditures, Coordinates volunteers and fundraising days, Coronial Inquest Researcher, Senior Peer Support Officer and National Family Services Coordinator and is the Author of the Positive Choices Program and lectures to teenagers and local High schools, Kat Is also working on her book which we hope to have published in 2013. All of the above is without remunerationSince the Foundation commenced Katherine has received awards and nominations for:• Nominee for the Emergency Services Medal 2012• Nominee Telstra Business Womens Awards 2011• Nominee for Australian of the Year 2011• Nominee Telstra Business Womens Awards 2010• Recipient City of Ipswich Medallion - Australia Day 2009• Nominee for Pride of Australia 2008• Completed the Pool Safety Inspectors Course August 2011 QLD
  3. 3. Introducing Hannah’s Foundation, Drowning Prevention, Awareness andSupport. Australia’s leading dedicated 24hour support group for families and Advocacy group Insert link to ABC OPEN introduction – Video 3 mins
  4. 4. Hannah’s Foundation1. Provides a 24 hour Peer Support Telephone service to all families who have suffered a water tragedy2. Financial assistance for Funerals3. Medical Assistance Funding for equipment and therapy4. Advocacy for Pool and Water Safety5. Educators and Authors of the Positive Choices Program for Teenagers6. Coronial Inquest – Emotional support and Participation to gain more educational awareness to water safety7. Pool Safety Inspections in QLD8. Provide Referrals to Professional Counsellors and Fund Gap payments for same, Assist Professionals in supporting families9. Public education and awareness10. Positive Choices Program – Life and Water safety for teens
  5. 5. Qld Drownings P72, Commission for Children, Young People, Child Guardian report 2011Deaths since 1983 -2010
  6. 6. Summer Safety Campaign • September 2008 - Joined forces with Sunday Mail and 10 other families to pursue pool safety awareness and education. • Massive support and response from families who lost children • For 15 weeks the Sunday Mail and the Editorial focused on Drowning Tragedies and pushed for an overhaul in the State of Queensland for Pool Safety • The day before Hannah’s Coronial inquest Premier Anna Bligh announced an overhaul of the states laws and the toughest review in over 21 years on the 14th December 2008 the front page of the Sunday has Founders of Hannahs Foundation.
  7. 7. QLD Government Review • Announced on the 14th December 2008 • Summer Safety Campaign media push • Families join forces for change • Advocacy and Support • Hannah Plint death October 2007 • Advocacy push February 2008 • Summer Safety Campaign Sept – Dec 08 • Hannahs inquest December 2008 • April 2009 – First Public Submissions on pool safety review • July 2009 – Recommendations from the Pool Review Committee • 1st December 2009 – BOLA 1 commenced • BOLA 2 - Enforcement to new legislation 1st December 2010 • Compulsory Pool Inspections for all rental properties prior to lease, sale and shared pools every two years
  8. 8. Legislation change: BOLA 1 & 2• BOLA – Building and Other Legislation Amendments 1 and 2• BOLA 1 & 2 – 11 pool safety standards since 1991 all combined into ONE single standard – Pool safety standards applies to all pools with houses, units, hotels, motels, caravan parks and other short term accommodation – It applies to indoor pools as well outdoor – Requires a pool safety certificate issued by a Qualified and licensed Pool Safety Inspector when buying or leasing a property with a pool (Certificates valid one year for a shared, two years for non shared) – Resorts must have a Pool Management Plan in place and working – Established the Queensland Pool Safety Council who are responsible for: – The licensing of all Pool Inspectors and Training providers – Maintaining the state pool register in Queensland which consists of over 300, 000 pools – Places a requirement on all Hospitals, Ambulance Service and Doctors to report all immersions incidents relating to pools – Provide advice to the State Government of Queensland around matters of Pool Safety and compliance – Issues Fines and penalties into non compliance – Statistics issued on the 16th February 2012 from the PSC are: » Total number of pools registered: 308 638 » Total number of Safety Certificates issued: 42 086 » Number of Licensed PSI’s: 1 032
  9. 9. QDC MP3.4The Queensland Development Code mandatory part 3.4 is a superior legislation expandingUpon the AS 1926.1. (AustralianStandard). So what did this mean for Pool owners? Figure 1 and Figure 8 - QDC 3.4 Qld State Government, Dept of Local Government and Planning 2010
  10. 10. QDC MP3.4 - contdFigure 19 and Figure 24 - QDC 3.4 Qld State Government, Dept of Local Government and Planning 2010
  11. 11. QDC MP3.4 - contdFigure 29 - QDC 3.4 Qld State Government, Dept of Local Government and Planning 2010
  12. 12. QDC MP3.4 - KEYPOINTS All fencing minimum 1200mm high (US 3.94ft) No gaps on fencing more than 100mm (US 3.93 inches) Non Climbable Zone 900mm (US 2.95ft) All latches must be 1500mm (US 4.92ft) Non climbable objects inside the pool fence of 300mm (US 11.82 inches) All gates must open outwards No self closing doors from the house leading to pool area All windows must be child proofed with a fixed screen with no openings more than 100mm (US 3.93inches) Pools with 2300 litres (US 608 Gallons) , 300mm (US 11.8 inches) or a fiilter MUST BE FENCED.
  13. 13. QDC MP3.4 - KEYPOINTSNon complying and Illegal Pools
  14. 14. Coronial Inquests • Investigations by Police into Pool deaths • Inquests are conducted by a court • Findings and Recommendations from Judges • Inquests over ten years formed the basis of the Review of Legislation for BOLA 1 & 2 • Keith Tognola (Pictured right) helped fight for his sons’ Philips recommendations which forms part of the advocacy that led to changes in Qld Pool Safety Review. Director of the Foundation Michelle Dodds also was involved in Philips Case as leading Coronial Advocate. • Keith Tognola is now a fully qualified Pool Safety Inspector, member of Hannah’s Foundation and Executive Committee • Hannahs Foundation to date has participated in over 28 deaths consisting of 21 inquests in three states of Australia and writes reports for Coroners and State Government Departments on Pool and Water safety in QLD, NSW and VIC
  15. 15. Qld Government Pool Safety Campaign