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New Digital Noise - Credentials 2014

  1. OUR CREDENTIAL Spring 2014
  3. Full Digital Solutions Integration MOBILE WEB eCOMMERCE CRM BIG DATA SOCIAL Technical DevelopmentMaintenance & Monitoring
  5. CONTENTS STRATEGY 1. Event Introduction Mini-game to engage fans to the event Event photo album, with on- site instant feeds & photos updates 2. Lifestyle & Newsy Seasonal Greetings Sense of humor 3. Promotes other social media platforms 4. Racing News
  6. Leveraging Uniqueness of Social Media Platforms Interactive game with users “White” dress code to Happy Valley, redeem beer at Happy Wed Offer and coupon to draw traffic to Happy Wednesday Bring a friend to Happy Valley to redeem 2 free movie tickets Youtube Program: Finding Happy Wednesdy Event Highlights Highlights of the Events Activities at the Happy Valley Racecourse Invite fans to take picture, post to instagram, hashtag “#hwcny”, and redeem beer coupon
  7. Events to Social Media Photo Booth at Venue Fans took photos, scan the unique QR Code and share it to their Facebooks’ walls Fans Recruitment Booth at venue
  8. Viral of Listening to Women A global campaign to celebrate International Women’s Day. Spread out the message via the viral effect at Facebook Encouragement shown on fans’ facebook wall •Tag friend(s) sharing the encourage •Enhance the viral effect Invite Fans to write their encouragement and appreciation to women at Facebook App Words from other Fans to be shown on the Facebook App Creative Concept •eCard is designed as petal •Each fans contributed a petal for making a big rose •Rose is the symbol of Lancome
  9. Viral of Listening to Women Mobile Responsive to cater mobile and tablet users, which to induce more participation of the campagin Web Pull down menu to cater the user experience of mobile and tablet Invite Fans to write their encouragement and appreciation to women at Facebook App Mobile/Tablet Top Menu for Web Version Scroll menu for mobile and tablet
  10. Social Media to Events Social Media extended to events and induced participation from L’Oreal staff Event on March 8 at Harbour City Selected encouragements displayed at the event Selected encouragements from staff of L’Oreal Hong Kong @L’Oreal Hong Kong Office
  11. Data, Influencers and Actions from analysis, production to digital media planning and buying Influencers Top Fans of benefits • Select “Top influencers” from benefits fanpage • Top Influencers selected by most LIKE and Comment Reviews by Influencers • A pack of fake-up sent to influencers • Since they are top fans of benefit, appreciated for benefit’s invitation, glad to be Brand Ambassador and then write products review Reviews by Users • Users got samples from benefit outlets • Submit review at benefit fanpage • Attractive incentives for review submissions Share with Friends • Special prizes which aim to encourage “share with friends” Campaign Mechanism
  12. Services 1. Find out Top Influencers & Performance tracking -By Karity, A Social Media Monitoring and Analytic Engine under NDN Group benefit – Data, Influencers and Actions 2. Facebook Apps Production Online version Mobile version 3. Hotmedia -Digital OOH • Reviews from Top Influencers broadcasted • Remind users to get the sample & submit review • Products info 4. Promotion -supported by NDN Group owned media • Y5Zone, Darizi (bridal focus) and hkgoodjobs (job interview focus) • eDM reminder to users who registered for samples 5. Digital Media Planning & Buying -covers both online and mobile channels - banner ad. production and media traffic 6. Post Campaign Analysis -analysis in Facebook Apps Performance, Users behavior in both FB & Actions, Media Performance, -Insights and recommendations for next campaign -Data drawn from Klarity, Media owners and Google Analysis
  13. Contents Marketing @ Digital Platforms Clients: Four Seasons Hotel and Resort China Tasks : Contents Marketing via Weibo and Online Magazine • Being Chief Editor of Four Seasons Weibo and Online Magazine “Life By Four Seasons”  Contents planning and editing by Darizi Shanghai to fit in the language and culture in Mainland China • Weibo Management • Site Maintainence Weibo Life By Four Seasons Online Magazine Luxury living for Four Seasons customers Tie in with Four Seasons services with hot topics in town
  14. Facebook Apps / Games Chivas Micro Movie by Wong Ka Wai Quaker Oakmeal Stamp Collection Microsoft Facebook Game
  16. Our Tasks • App Concept, from creative direction, user experience to interface design • App Development, technical development include front end transition, back end content management system and integration with banking and database system Compass Visa – Compass Rewards
  17. Compass Visa – Compass Rewards Members Login • Non-members can skip login and visit the rewards pages Compass Dollars Balance • Check the balance instantly Purchase and Redemption • 2 ways to do • 100% redeemed by Compass Dollors • Purchase by cash + Compass Dollars
  18. Johnnie Walker – Social Location Mobile Price Redeem Facebook Activities • Like the post • Sharethe post • Check-inat particular location + Miles Earned Purchase • QR code assigned to every bottle of Johnnie Walker • Use the in-apps QR-code scanner to scan the QR code on the bottle • QR-code will be invalid after scanning
  19. Pacific Coffee – buy coffee by your mobile phone Thought of the Day • Nice design opening flash with start at “Though of the Day” Shop Locations • Locates shops nearby via GPS Calories Finder M-commerce via Perfect Cup Card • Inapt store value card • Paid by “Apps” by the bar code reading (QR code enabled) • Recharge money by PayPal My Photo • Insert users’ own photo • Insert graphics and own text • Save to photo album & sent to friends via whatsapps Silver Awards, BEST APP/CONTENT BY A CONSUMER BRAND, Mob-EX Awards 2012
  20. Nikon – interactive showroom iPad apps, which show the specifications and photo samples of the camera The apps is widely used at Nikon outlets and showroom in Mainland China Digital @ Retails
  22. Mobile Responsive – Web + Mobile
  23. Total Campaign Solution Mobile Responsive SMS Broadcasting for Sam[le Redemption Banner Ad. Production
  24. HKTDC – World Boutique A citywide event in HK celebrating World Boutique Allow user to share their street snapshots with social media sharing element for viral. The site is designed modishly, appealing to trend-savvy consumers. 2013 2012
  25. Video Animation Video Title: Asset Allocation Title: Selecting Investment Products Video
  27. New Chapter 1. Campaign Site 2. Share my dream in “New Chapter” 3. Share it at Facebook Scope of Works 1. Idea Generation 2. Creative Concept 3. Technical Development
  28. Scope of Works 1. Branding – Logo Design, Web Design 2. Product Mechanism • Idea Generation • Integrate “Group Buy” concept to deposit products • Sync with Social Media to enhance the “Group Buy Concept” 3. Production • Mobile Responsive to cater mobile and tablet users • One creative design to MOST of the digital devices • Various layouts to present the page in comfortable users experience • Technical developement Mobile Responsive at Mobile Social Media Plugin Popularity
  29. Personalize Wallet - Users’ own selection of wallet color • Personalize own wallet by selecting favor wallet color and able change the color from time to time • The green, corporate color of Hang Seng Bank, is the default color. On the other hard, interface flexibility is allowed by providing options to users Texture of Wallet • Using the texture of a wallet, relates the apps with payment. • Warmer touch with users Mobile - Hang Seng Mobile Wallet
  30. Pull Down Menu • Instead of back-forth pages, user able to view all wanted information in one page via “Pull Down Menu” Payment Process • Big button to illustrate how to pay • Coupon button right beside the payment button to encourage coupon usage • Sparkling button to let user know the payment is in process Number Pad • Ease and convenience to key-in digit Transition Record • Users most concerned contents. • List our clearly Mobile - Hang Seng Mobile Wallet
  31. Web Web Maintenance Login Page Revamp eDM ProductionDigital Strategies • Digital Strategic planning • Banner Ad. Creative Concept and productions
  32. Video Production Demo video at New Media ipoint Kisok @Central and Causeway Bay Screens Design
  34. One-One-Communication - Social 2. OA at wechat Channel 4. Share with friends 1. Official Accounts (OA) 3. Click to “details” Execution Flow
  35. One-One-Communication - Social Contents Interactive game with users Get prepared for the event “White” dress code to Happy Valley, redeem beer at Happy Wed Draw Traffic to Event Bring a friend to Happy Valley to redeem 2 free movie tickets Interactive with fans at Event Take pic at Happy Valley, present to reception and get the free headphone
  36. One-One-Communication - Social Functions Integrate with loyalty club API available to extend functions of the wechat channel Chat Room
  37. Klarity Performance includes no. of likes, comments and shares, plus Top Influencers, Top Wall Posts, check-in Using “Words Clouds” to present Popular keywords Performance comparison up to 6 brands Easy reading charts and tables Monitor over 10,000 pages in 8x social media platforms
  38. ibeacon A Retails solutions which enhance the shopping experiences and induce revisit and next purchase EAST SETUP LOW COST
  39. Project UX STEP 1. Pick a Template STEP 2. Select Services STEP 3. Finish Project UX is a template based idea, combine the basic need of websites CMS Responsive SEO Functions
  40. Zero Mobile Tailor-made Mobile Phones for your VIP clients Select your own hardware & functions Design your own mobile phone include the case and desktop theme Preload your own apps and bookmarks
  41. CRM Not limited to front end campaigns and promotions, New Digital Noise also in line them with backend CRM. Aim to understand consumers deeper via their behavior, categorize them, approach them by more targeted marketing solutions
  42. O2O and eCommerce Consultancy Platform Setup Front End Design Backend CMS and Payment Gateway Storefront Setup Taobao & Tmall Accounts Setup & Registration Logistics Marketing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Social Media Marketing (Weibo Management, Forum Seeding) - An eCommerce platform under NDN Group
  43. THE TEAM
  44. Team Structure CEO Andy Ann Social Media Editorial Casen Wong Account Servicing Alvis Fung Creative Frankie Yan Technical Herbert Wan General Manager Paula Yang
  45. The Teams Commenced his career aseditor at GamePlayer, both print & web versions. Casen then joined CRi in 2007 as Contents Manager, responsible for “903 forum:, social media channel “My DCC (大 操場), viral video for products selling ( 大玩派) etc. He then joined Next Media, looked after Facebook Fanpage of Apple Daily and Sharp Daily, produced “Take 24 (亂Up 24)” at Apple Action News Social Media Editorial Casen Wong Herbert has ben an entrepreneur in the tech. field since 1999 and has solid experience in eCommerce and CRM, establishing membership and CRM system for UA Cinema, Emperor Group and California Red – the first smart card loyalty program of its kin Hong Kong. Technical Herbert Wan Frankie got nearly 8 years experiences as Senior Multimedia Designer at Designer City. With solid experiences in web, mobile, social media, kiosk etc. servicing clients include , servicing CLP, The Hong Kong Jockey Club, K11 Art Mall etc. Creative Frankie Yan Account Servicing Alvis Fung Born and raised in NDN Group, Alvis debut his digital journey with hotmedia. He then responsible for various digital projects in NDN Group include kisok with Nokia, CRM with California Red, Online platform with Darizi
  46. Management CEO Andy Ann Andy commenced his career with Ogilvy & Mather, he quitted in 2 months and found his first company, New Digital Noise. He then found over 20 companies, which are digital focus and pioneer in the market. They include Darizi in 2007, hotmedia in 2004, Y5Zone in 2003, hotmob in 2007, Social Media Broadcast in 2010. He provides NDN clients expertise in every aspects of digital marketing through his found companies, from big data, strategic planning, creative, production, technology development, then digital advertising platforms. Andy was awarded as Winner for Innovation and Creativity presented by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (2007), Young Entrepreneur Winner of DHL and SCMP Hong Kong Business Awards (2008), and the latest one, Piaget Award for Excellence of Entrepreneurs’ by Entrepreneurs’ Organization Hong Kong. General Manager Paula Yang Paula’s first job was a Media Buyer with FCB. She then joined PCCW in 1999, commenced her digital life from here, responsible for eCommerce of Busniess Netvigator. Back to the advertising fields in 2003, Paula changed her role in publishers side, joined, launched Money18, ontv and mobile channels, head up the sales & account servicing teams, then put into top 3 grossing online media in Hong Kong. Paula back to agency in 2010, joined Dentsu Media HK, setup the digital arm, launched and leaded “iButterfly”. It becomes an signature product of Dentsu Inc by winning 20 awards locally and globally, includes WSA mobile summit, Grand of the Grand HKICT 2012, HKMA TVB Marketing Excellence etc. Paula joined NDN in 2012, rebrand and restructure New Digital Noise as a full service digital agency, which aims to provide a one stop digital solutions to marketers.
  47. Awards Bronze Mobile Agency of the Year Bronze Excellence in Use of Apps Finalist Excellence in Digital Marketing Excellence in Loyalty Marketing Excellence in Data-Driven Marketing Gold Best App -Creative Design – Compass Visa Silver Best mCommerce Solutions – Johnnie Walker Best Direct Response Campaign – benefit Bronze Best App-Creative Design – Hang Seng Bank Best mCommerce Solutions – Compass Visa Best CRM & Loyalty Progamme – Compass Visa Best Original Contents – Kee Wah Bakery Finalist Best Direct Response – Circle K Best Direct Response – shu uemura Best Apps – Creative Design – Johnnie Walker Best Apps – Creative Design – Kee Wah Bakery Best CRM & Loyalty Programme – Johnnie Walker Best Viral Marketing – benefit Best User Experience – Compass Visa Best App – Consumer Brand – Compass Visa
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