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Are You Ready

  1. 1. L 4 . ‘ _‘ l''j‘'. 'I$3
  2. 2. 3,1’. Empathetic Patient Care: we value our patients and the team who cares for them. We are committed to a compassionate and caring environment, and take pride in our dedication to doing whatever is necessary to understand and support each patient’: individual experience. At NDC each of our Associates has the opportunity to serve, on average, 900 new patients per year.
  3. 3. .. .to live your passion? I Passion: Our passion for dentistry and sewing others is at , the heart at everything we do. we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality service by working with compassion and respect for the uniqueness at every patient.
  4. 4. .. .to be a part of a diverse team? '1!’-'f~V‘~V‘§y. ’ W . - . . 2 , .: , V _ ~. .., / ‘ I 1 " I‘ h _n t ’) / Kai‘) T , /,5‘ V‘ i tr‘ Q A 2%. " gm ,1 ; _ ~ I‘ : ‘ krill if) i " if “g x‘. . ' " - -" ‘A " ‘¢"’ J %. ,aJ ‘Va. ’ v, x4 )/ ’/ /' A‘ .4‘/ . 2 1 u 7 ! ’ ‘ I Iv / ’ 1 Diversity: We are proud to be an organization of « . extraordinary people from all walks of lite. Together, we ' }. represent a multitude of backgrounds, experiences, ' { countries, national origins and languages. It is our diverse o A , population that gains us the competitive advantage of W’ - V broader perspectives and greater opinions. . _ , 1 1
  5. 5. ‘II I ' : -9 '* Differentiation: We take pride in being unlike anyone else. Personal, comfortable and convenient dental care for each patient that walks through our doors, are not goals; they are our guarantee.
  6. 6. qr, empowered to go above and beyond for a patient ’ ’ or fellow colleague. It is this empowerment that encourages one to add personality and character to what they do each day. It is what makes us different and encourages a sense of ownership and pride. ‘ Empowerment: Doctors and team members are
  7. 7. .. .to raise the bar? Excellence: We accept nothing loss than excellence. We am dedicated to constant. nnev-rr-«ending lrearnlng and continuous improvement in all we do. it is our promise to maintain an insatiable desire to make each experience even better than the one before. i—*—~. i ' . NDC utilizes state of the art technology and equipment, maximizing patient comlorl and overall experience. We provide our Associates with ample opportunity for continuing education ensuring we remain on the cutting edge of Innovation.
  8. 8. .. .to take charge? Unconditional Responsibility: We are accountable for whom we are, the choices we make and the services we provide. Our actions matter and we are liable for the consequences. We are unconditionally accountable for ensuring each patient experience is personal, comfortable and convenient. Integrity: We are ethically unyielding and impeccable with the words we speak. We inspire trust by speaking what we know to be right and matching our behaviors to our words. We take responsibility for our actions and communicate such to our patients, every step of the way.
  9. 9. Respect: We believe in an attitude of consideration and hold the highest regard to treating patients, doctors and team members with dignity and respect. We respect all for whom they are; valuing and welcoming diversity of culture, experience and thought. ( 1 ‘ a I‘ . 3 y x Ha: I. _/, N. . , _‘ . eclipse expectations?
  10. 10. J5: . be part of a collaborative team? E « “ ii’ A ' / ~ ’ Transparency? We are open and honest in our communications: and ‘ share the full. accurate and timely disclosure of information to all. We reveal results with clear and clean information to our patients and team members alike. Our transparency tells the story of who we are Neibauer Dental Care
  11. 11. l The Neibauer Dental Care mission is to change the way that dentistry is delivered, one office at a time. Dr. Nelbauer carefully handpicks and teaches the philosophy of Neibauer Dental Care to each doctor in order to consistently deliver the highest level of personalized, comfortable and convenient care possible. . make a GREATER impact? NDC is one of the highest producing dental corporations, per chair on the r- . .,_. East Coast. This dedication to excellence provides our Associates all the resources needed for success. The business aspect runs seamlessly allowing our Dentists to focus purely on their practice; creating unlimited earning potential. ‘V‘l? livlq¢l(; ; Neibauer Dental Care is a fast growth corporation that has grown more than 20 office locations in just 7 over 5 years. Our vision is to continue this controlled, organic ; 2 growth. We are slated to double in size within the next 5 years while continually improving the quality of care we provide to our patients.
  12. 12. Neibauer Dental Care 5630 Plank Rd. Frederlcksburg, VA 22485 ’ , - , T: 540.548.3602 F: 540.548.4029 www. neibauerdental. com